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Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Polly Ticks

    I’d rather them shut it down for unexpected maintenance than have what happened in Icon Park happen a few months ago. Especially since this is a child’s ride.

  2. Sam

    They should build a version of this that everyone can ride. It looks so fun but I don’t have a little kid to ride it with!

    1. Roy

      Indeed, after all the kids aren’t the ones paying the money, us adults are.

      1. Sophie

        Considering that there are more rides for adults than kids, and this is meant for them. How about stop trying to take every child thing away for your selfish adult needs?

        1. Liliana

          Tellllll theeeeemmmm!!!!

        2. Sabrina

          I believe the Disney parks are more suited for the little kids……….. Universal for the older kids and adults we’ve had our fair share of Disney my children are all 12 and over now we don’t go there any longer only Universal

      2. Jess

        From how you write I wouldn’t be surprised if you stole bites from your children’s desserts, were disappointed because they couldn’t reach the peddles on adult bikes that everyone has to share, refused to give them any toys there age because you can’t play too.

  3. Liliana

    In all honestly though, this ride needs to go down. It costs them more to maintain it than it does to operate.

  4. Rich

    Disney is constantly closing multiple attractions on a consistent basis without notice . This becomes heart breaking to families planning there trip to a magical place. Disney knows in advance like any business when repairs and maintenance is going to be done. The right thing is for Disney to take care of their quests and lower ticket prices on all their theme parks.

    1. James

      Disney usually announces maintenance closures ahead of time actually, there are plenty of blogs and Youtube channels that share those updates 🙂

  5. Sora

    I’m glad it’s just maintenance. Better safe then sorry.

  6. Rachael j Rizzo

    Just get RID of fast n furious ride. It’s literally the worst thing ever.

    1. Scott

      Felt sorry for workers who had to explain to every single adult why couldn’t ride- the sign explaining this was behind the workers, should have been before them

  7. Zev

    Totally hairy bush news.

  8. Matt short

    I was just there the place is hi price and the express pass is a wast of money waited over 2 hours to get on a ride and the food thay rip you off on it wast of money

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