Comments for Universal Permanently Closes Beloved Classic Monsters Experience

Universal's Classic Monsters Cafe

Credit: Universal


  1. Bill

    Boo! i love this place. Best atmosphere in the park for eating…Maybe it will be re-done in Epic U.

  2. AlisonH

    Very sad and shocked by this sbrupt closing. So thankful that I ate my last meal at the park there in February. It is just not right to announce closures like this ahead of time. The Minions idea will be a money grab but only small children will likely be interested in it.

  3. Rodger

    There are supposed to be making a classic monsters land at the new park, it will probably wind up there.

  4. Ken Frye

    I really liked the Cafe and will miss it. However Universal usually replaces something like that with something better and more current. So since that is a prime location , I’m hoping for another cafeteria type of restaurant. I’ll see in November.

  5. CJ

    Well Credit Universal Studios Orlando for keeping their Classic Universal Horror Cafe longer then Universal Studios Hollywood’s ….

    1. Chris Wood

      Its safe to assume that this monster cafe will be rising from the dead in the new universal epic world.

  6. Thomas Chmielewski

    What jackasses decide to close that down that was a cool place probably replace with gangster b*******

  7. James E Snyder

    I’m not very happy with this decision to close Monster’s Cafe.. That was one of my families favorite places to eat while at Universal. and the atmosphere in the building was amazing. Couldn’t they have just left it opened until Epic Universe was opened. Sad to see it go , but will be happy when it is reborn in the new Universal Monsters Land in 2025..Fingers crossed..

  8. Luther Diamond

    Don’t forget the Hanna Barbara cartoon motion ride.

  9. Elaine

    Sad, always loved this place. It was for a more mature audience. All of the classic monsters. Nothing anywhere like it.The food was not great, but we always went in and had something for nostalgia. Taking away more of what made the park different.

  10. Mr White

    Bet if offend some ethnic minoirity and so now we get the non descript and sanitised minions

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