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  1. EricJ

    Oh, so Universal acts like an online dixter to EVERYBODY, then, and it’s not just a private local grudge with Disney?

    1. CalledIt

      That is what happens when you are Burger King. You get to pick on everyone else except McDonald’s as you just make the Sideshow Bob noise of him getting hit with the rake whenever it’s name is brought up to you.

      1. Bryan

        Universal actually does pick on Disney. You can see it in other stories on this site and even in some YouTube channels like on that is called park hoppin.

  2. Adam C

    If I had 2 days free to visit 1 theme park and 1 water park from the 2 resorts, I’d probably choose Seaworld & Volcano Bay. So WDW wins as I’d probably spend 10 days there.

  3. billnyenotascienceguy

    I guess everyone forgets about the horrid things Seaworld does to marine life. #blackfish #thecove

  4. K

    LOL I’m sorry but I went to Universal last month for the first time since 2007 and besides Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster they don’t have much else to brag about. I’m not a HP fan but those lands and rides were fantastic. Everything else seems old, outdated, irrelevant and the exact same motion simulator ride. RRR was awful after the first drop and is need of a major paint job. Hulk was rough and not nearly as good as I remember. There is just so much going on & theming is all over the place – my kids kept asking what these characters were (healthcliff, woody woodpecker, Fievel, etc.). Disney does it better! The only things I really enjoyed that Universal did right was the hour early entry and unlimited express pass (even though it doesn’t include the 2 best rides that I actually wanted to go on more than once).

    1. k

      *Heathcliff (autocorrect)

    2. Bryan

      I wouldn’t be to sure when I was six, I barely knew any of the characters I saw at Disney, but I did actually know about Woody Wod Pecker, but even then all Woody Wood Pecker has is one small kid attraction.

      And I actually like how much theming is in Toon Lagoon and even though I don’t know the characters, the rides do a great job, showing who they are and how they act, at one point I was even enticed to check out some episodes of the characters of dudley doo right. And even though the characters might be irrelevant, I do like the comic and newspaper theming in Toon Lagoon. And it reminds me of a fun fact I heard of, that Islands of adventure is all based on books.

      Super Hero island – Marvel Comics
      Toon Lagoon – Newspapers and comics
      Jurassic park – the Jurassic Park books
      Harry Potrer – The harry Potter books
      Suess Landing – some of the Suess books

      So even though the characters might not be relevant, they are still based on books, comics, or newspapers. And the theme of books, newspapers and comics, I think works really well, and I do still do believe books and comics are relevant today.
      Don’t get me wrong it is better of you know the characters, but you don’t have to, I haven’t been to Disney for a long time (and don’t plan on going any time in the future) but I still had fun even if I didn’t know the IPs because the rides showed how the characters act, what there personality is like, while going with there own stories. Disney and Univeral also show some of the cartoons on the TVs in the queue that show different episodes, and sometimes they tell the stories by having it actually written or using props. And in some cases the ride is the book.

      Sorry if there are any spelling errors.

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Universal sure has a lot of stone to toss out. Glass houses…just sayin’.

  6. Chris selm

    SeaWorld IS the coaster MECCA of Orlando. No one boasts a trio like Kraken, Mako, Manta.

    Icebreaker is just ICEing on the cake!

  7. CoasterLady

    SeaWorld has Discovery Cove and Aquatica??? Universal is tripping.

    Team SeaWorld all day baby. And Busch Gardens kicks Universal into the gutter too.

  8. H

    Seaworld is the only park still actually affordable. Plus the preschool pass they have for smaller kids. And the new sesame Street area my kids love! I would honestly chose seaworld over universal anyday.

    1. T e

      That’s a nail in the coffin for Disney not universal. Their motives for education have been led astray. Very sad during these times. Gotta please everyone or you miss the point of being universally ALL-inclusive. Business IS ALL-inclusive. Otherwise your losing money from a group that helps make your your brand profitable. Universal is strictly for entertainment. Education is not their goal to their parks. Sea world educates and entertains. Their theme is All-inclusive. The sea IS the greatest form of edutainment a park can truly have. They seaworld, do a great job at that especially since they rebranded themselves since their days they were hit with some rough spots in 2013. Seaworld is the underdog of the 3 great parks of Florida.

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