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river adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Michael

    This is old news, almost a year old now. They’ve been selling River Adventure merchandise with the JW logo since last May/June. Also, it’s quite a stretch to say that the Jurassic World re-theme was a “big hit” in Universal Hollywood. The re-theme received a lot of negative reviews, particularly regarding its use of screens and lack of nostalgia. Many people, myself included, prefer the traditional Jurassic Park theming. While updates to animatronics, paint, etc. are always welcome- many people prefer the Jurassic Park aesthetic & story over Jurassic World.

  2. Dillan

    They prefer using “Jurassic World” over “Jurassic Park”, because it is completely owned by Universal and Amblin, whist “Jurassic Park” isn’t (book publishers Alfred A. Knopf and a company called Range Media Partners co-own it). I think all there is to this.

  3. Shirley Evans

    From the first time I did this ride I thought there should be a less thrilling option for visitors with younger smaller children so they could still have thrill of dinosaurs but without scare factor. Do think its time for an upgrade though

  4. Mr. Yellow

    Cool artikel.

  5. CJ

    It’s inevitable that Universal Studios Orlando’s Jurassic Park Water Ride will be updated to Jurassic World …. I join my fellow Park Guests who prefer animatronics vs digital screens (I don’t mind the splash at the end).

    There’s the final Film in the 2nd Trilogy to promote (so I would expect New Swag to feature the last Film).

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