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  1. Tracey

    There were four of us in the cart and we too were stuck twice on that ride. We were there on Thursday, May 19th, 2022. It was so scary. It stopped moving twice and both times we sat there with our legs dangling and strapped in super tight for it seemed like an enternity, but was only like 5 minutes each and that was bad enough. That ride was the scariest ride I have ever been on. It jostles you around so much every which way and goes super fast. I had my eyes closed the entire ride.

    1. So I take it everyone was fine? All we know someone yelled for a medic. Was it a tactic to hurry up (not judging, I wouldn’t want to be stuck that long)? Claustrophobia? Medical emergency; were they upsidedown, or other circulatory problems?

      1. Universal Dad

        My daughter and I got stuck on this ride just as it swung around and our feet were about a foot higher than our heads. After a few minutes it becomes a struggle to breathe and gets worse as time goes on. Although no injuries occurred. And being trapped with no sign of relief is very stressful. We were that way for about 45 min. We are both very healthy and fit, I can’t imagine someone larger in that spot.

  2. Ashley

    2018 my family and I got stuck at the top of the first lift hill on the Log Flume ride Ripsaw Falls. At that point it is quite steep, you can lay back and feel like your launching into space…or after 45 minutes feel like your log is going to topple back over. And the lap restraint is not comfortable and at that angle pushes down. We could see and hear that the log below us at the bottom of the lift hill got evacuated. Yet at the top of the hill, with stairs still next to us and a camera clearly on us, we did not get out. Stuck for 45 minutes, my 7 year old nephew started to freak out, try to keep him calm, my sister freaking out, I’m claustrophobic and your at a steep angle and I’m starting to freak out. We yelled several times, motioned to the camera and yet no help or even a Hey we see you your okay, etc. Finally it started back up, by then the 7 year old is crying. We get off, had some choice words, haven’t been back to Universal since.

  3. Jason Wills

    This is terrible writing and editing. You have the same exact lines/topics on paragraphs back-to-back. Are you simply trying to fill space?

    As you can see below in a TikTok shared by @xxoodee, quite a frightening situation unfolded:

    The people two carts to our left were freaking out yelling for a medic no one came for about an hour. ….

    The people two carts to our left were freaking out yelling for a medic no one came for about an hour. ….

    ♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

    As you can see, Guests were allegedly left dangling in the air for nearly two hours after an incident caused the ride to stop. The caption accompanying the video reads, “The people two carts to our left were freaking out yelling for a medic no one came for about an hour.”

    The Guest called Universal Studios informing them that there was an emergency. Eventually, Guests were able to evacuate the ride and no injuries were reported.

    1. Heidi Claire

      Welcome to ITM! Luke Da Man writes the best articles!

    2. James

      Just showing his bias! This writer does nothing but attack attack attack Universal. Almost as he’s a bot. Good luck, hope you find peace someday. Find something real to write about.

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