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  1. Patti

    This website should be called Inside the Cut and Paste Function.

    1. James

      But then theor stories would be about one sentence long. If that.

      1. Moishe Pippic

        The thing I would like Universal to learn is how to spell the word WHOA , as in stopping your horse . WOHA as in their ads is more like an army battle cry .
        Or they have an ignorant ad agency.

  2. Seth

    With this incident there can only be one song to describe the situation hot n cold. by. Katy perry

  3. Ted

    Hi Andrew,

    Good info, but please check your grammar. You used the term ‘user’ which is singular ( and other singular words – but then you used the plural ‘they’. If you unsure of the gender of the person you are referencing – proper grammar is the male is the default, so ‘he’ would be correct.

    However you want to refer to the person, you need to keep singular and plural straight. Bad grammar takes away from the quality of the article.

    Good luck!


    1. JR

      Some people now a days don’t want to be identified as biological gender so they use “they” instead.
      The first time I heard someone say “ they didn’t want mango tea” instead of she, it caught me off guard.

    2. Ted

      Your stupid

      1. P


        1. Chris

          Grammar cop being checkmated. Classic.

    3. Liliana

      What a male complex that the you think the noun for “user” is still “he.” If there’s no gender context (AND I SAID GENDER CONTEXT) then the noun is “they.”

  4. Larry

    Why get on a ride to puss out and make else wait another hour. I would be pissed

    1. Cindy

      I would be livid if standing in line for whatever amount of time (usually over an hour) and then add an hour to that because of some idiot.

      1. Kat elliott

        Me! My family and I had waited over an hour to ride!! We were close to the front and finally had to get out of line so we wouldn’t waste anymore time. That was our first time there and we never did get to ride it. I asked about getting an express pass to ride later but they wouldn’t hand them out. So frustrating! Ugh

    2. Concerned

      Stop it… Take into account a different perspective please. I’m a sped teacher and I have a child with Autism. Perhaps the person wanted to try and then couldn’t. Sensory processing disorder is very hard to manager.

      1. Alexis Oteng

        Hi so I was actually on the train and sat directly in front of the guy when he decided to back out! He was in the third row and my friends and I were in the first and second. The ride was literally just about to start and launch when at the last moment he started freaking out saying stop stop stop. Everyone around us at first thought that his seatbelt wasn’t working and so we didn’t mind him flagging down the operators to stop the launch but then when he claimed that he wanted to get out and the operators let us know that the whole ride would have to be shut down in order to get him out we started trying to convince him to go through with it. It was frustrating he claimed it was cause he was scared of heights and upon learning that it wasn’t A height coaster he said that he had vision problems and that he couldn’t do it because of it. So the operators at Universal have a policy in which they cannot force to guess to continue with the ride if they don’t want to so they had to let them out. What sucked even more was that they were able to quickly escort him and everyone behind him off the ride immediately but my friends and I had to wait over 30 minutes to get out because where are rows were located there was no safe way for us to exit the ride they had to pull out a portable platform and get the OK from the tower to let us off the ride it’s called a rescue in our case but it pissed me and my friends of that one guy caused a whole ride to shut down. I have photos and videos of the whole event luckily though at the end we were given passes to skip the lines once it reopened.

  5. PleaseBeKind

    I’m really looking forward to going to Universal next month with my kids. This incident does seem frustrating. I would be frustrated, but who knows what was going through his mind…? Out of curiosity, why are some bent out of shape about grammar? It’s simply misuse of a pronoun and we all make mistakes. I’m sure I’ve made many mistakes in this comment. It is ok though. I don’t really care. I just wish we could show more kindness in this crazy world. I mean this with utmost sincerity and respect.

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