Comments for Universal Confirms Retired Rides Are Returning in New Experience

Universal Orlando Resort

Credit: Universal via Twitter


  1. Anthony Perrone

    Meh. I know I may be in the minority, but the Tribute Store has just never done much for me. I mean, after all, as well done as it is, it’s nothing more than yet another revenue enhancement vehicle for Universal to separate our hard-earned money from our wallets. For me, I’d rather see more, and better, legitimate rides and attractions, rather than additional or enhanced retail venues.

  2. I love Jaws and I’m coming to Universal and can’t wait to buy anything Jaws thumbs up and when you go on Vacation you are supposed to spend money on cool stuff

  3. Tiffany

    In would rather see the rides come back. I don’t need another T-shirt.

  4. Patricia

    Not impressed, just another merchandise store, Jaws & back to the future, plus earthquake were by far 3 of the best rides in Universal Orlando and I was sad to see them replaced.

  5. Jake Hornet

    Would’ve been nice if they had Twister as well as the other classic rides being a part of the merchandise.

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