Comments for ‘Toxic Tolkien Takes’ Engulf ‘Lord of the Rings’ Due to Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel (left) and Elijah Wood as Frodo (right)

Credit: New Line Cinema


  1. Fiona Morgan

    Are you familar with other works that Tolkein wrote? There is history before the LOTR and the Hobbit. Try to read some to where you will understand what is going on in the Rings of Power.

    1. Marcus

      You should probably learn how to spell Tolkien properly before commenting on his work.

      1. Gavin

        Galadriel as a warrior is weird. Seeing her falling and jamming a knife in ice is laughable. She must be the strongest person in the realm. I will wait and see, but not hopeful after seeing the influencers, with one wanting to turn Sauron as queer. I hope it isn’t gping to be hijacked by woke messages

      2. Kathie

        What does one have to do with the other?

    2. Backcountry164

      Very, very little of what Tolkien wrote will be featured in this series. For the most part it will just be the names that can be directly attributed to him.

    3. Ale1294

      First of all nothing that happens in the rings of power happens in any of Tolkien books because Amazon doesn’t have the rights to anything that happens before the hobbit so they’re just using the names of the franchise to sell the series because those writer are failures that don’t have the skills, talent or even ideas to create something good without tarnishing someone else work

      1. Bruh

        Not actual Tolkien story, and the huge possibility of it being a woke hot mess…they’ve wasted millions of dollars for something all the advertising in the world couldn’t possibly garner interest for true Tolkien fans to show up for. With The Simarillion, Children of Hurin, etc as stories to tell not being told, that’s just a huge slap in the faces of Middle Earth lovers worldwide.

      2. Joshua

        The sheer hubris of this article is amazing. “Peter Jackson’s legacy”? Really? What about Tolkien’s legacy? Why is it that fans are toxic but the billion dollar mega Corp blatantly “modernizing” classic fantasy literature just gets a free pass?

  2. Bob Chapek

    What does this have to do with me not making money?

    1. SB

      How much advertising did Amazon buy for this shill piece?

  3. Bob

    Saying that the new show doesn’t match the history isn’t toxic.
    Btw, female dwarves have beards.

    1. Billy ho

      Also how do they get black skin living under ground? What happened to the Hispanic elves and black dwarves in the fellowship of the ring and the hobbit?

  4. Craig

    I’m confused. The tweets shown and debated in the article are about Elden Ring, a video game that has NOTHING to do with LotR. Whoever wrote this the epitome of clueless.

  5. English Lady

    I have a problem with the new characters because they don’t seem to remotely take account of the lore, nor of the care Tolkien took with creating his non human races. Take Bronwyn and Theo for example. He’s meant to be a half elven child of a human mother and elf father.

    Tolkien was very sparing when it came to human elf pairings because there were all sorts of practical considerations involved.

    Would the offspring of a virtually immortal being that can live for thousands of years and a mortal that only lives for a few decades be mortal or immortal? In Tolkien’s canon the. Valar had to intervene when it came to the offspring of such pairings and give them the choice of a mortal or immortal existence.

    There’s also the simple fact that Tolkien’s Elves don’t do premarital sex. Literally not at all. There’s not a single case in an Elf being born outside wedlock or having a child out of marriage because thier view of sexuality is so strict. They also aren’t capable of adultery. It doesn’t happen as Elves are purely monogamous and it’s even been speculated they could only fall in love once in thier lifetimes and that was with the person they would marry.

    So Theo is the exception which breaks the lore. Remember last time someone tried to create an Original character love interest? We ended up with that Tauriel and Kili awkward forced romance subplot. Elves don’t fall for Dwarves. It just doesn’t happen.

  6. Art

    I have no idea what m she u means

    1. Mike

      Before female empowerment: MCU is sexist

      After female empowerment: MCU is feminist

      It’s people being stupid…it’s supposed to mean the the recent marvel stuff is all feminist drivel.

      1. M.

        I would like to say that I’m a girl, and I don’t like how things changed either. It feels to me that the MCU replaced characters I love and find interesting with characters designed purely to make a statement. Besides, I wanted it to portray partnership and equality, not arrogant Mary Sues (Miss Marvel) I can’t help but hate. For example, over the girl power walk in End Game, I would like to see a group of about equal guys and girls having a cool moment.
        To put it simply, it feels cheap and forced, and I would rather have characters I know. Plus, I’m not sure if not having a whole bunch of female characters counts as sexist. The female characters in the first Avengers onward were all awesome, plus Peggy. (Note that I’m not including Jane Foster. She’s kind of non existent, in my mind.)

        1. RDA

          Thank you. You wrote what I was going to.

        2. Indifferent

          You left out an important detail. The male heroes are not just replaced… They are made to be incompetent fools who can’t do anything right, while a young inexperienced girl can do anything with the power of “believing in yourself”. It’s pathetic and disgusting. Look at the most recent example… DR. Strange didn’t even defeat the villain of his self titled movie. He want even in the same fight. Instead we got a young girl who didn’t even understand her powers saving the day because she believed in herself. You know that She Hulk is going to embarrass Matt Murdock in her show. Most likely will get him disbarred too. It’ll probably be some lame new young girl hero who wants to press charges on some guy that Daredevil is representing. They’ll do a stupid twist where the defendant is lying to Daredevil (and it will be painfully obvious but DD won’t notice because he’s a white male in the MCU phase 4.

  7. John T Schmidt

    I dont know how anyone can comment positive or negative when nobody has as of yet seen it.

    1. Marcus

      Imagine that a new Mickey Mouse movie is announced, and nobody has seen it, but the studio puts out publicity on the new movie showing that Mickey Mouse will now be portrayed as a transexual albino koala. That’s how people can comment.

      1. Tito


      2. Dd

        Hold on….you might be onto something

    2. Backcountry164

      If I tell you that I’m going to kick you between the legs do you really need to wait for that to happen before you’d be able to form an opinion regarding??

  8. D

    I’m just gonna guess anything resembling a criticism towards the show is labeled toxic…. awesome.

    1. January Jones

      It’s toxic because Amazon is using it’s influence to try to silence the negative parties because they want this series to be a big revenue and subscriber generator, if this show ends up not being successful it will be a huge issue.

  9. Mike

    Toxic??? So now disagreeing with the treatment of classics that we love and are a part of our lives is toxic now??? Ok then since I’m toxic might as well jump in head first. This show is going to be one of the stupidest things in the history of television. They can’t do anything correctly because they only have the rights to the hobbit and lotr and it’s appendices. They also can’t contradict anything that Pete Jackson established in his 6 films. That said who are they to tell us that what they are doing to Professor Tolkien’s work is ok and that they know better??? That sounds toxic to me…just not gonna watch. “But fear no more! I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway. Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo.”

    1. Katie

      Aww beautiful Faramir quote

  10. Stitch

    These folks who label us fans as “toxic” need to stop projecting their faults onto us. For a little context:
    Elves are white. Eru Iluvatar created them before Arda had a sun. They existed for years under STARLIGHT, before the sun was even created. There is an in universe reason for them NOT to be dark skinned. Certainly an elf could have bread with someone from Harad, but as someone else mentioned, mortal/immortal pairings we’re rare. If Amazon really cared about their precious representation, and if they were really fans, they would know about the Haradrim and Easterlings. Boom. Representation…but representation isn’t really the goal…their goal is to vandalize Tolkien’s world and have a moral high ground to stand on while doing it. To quote Gandalf, “he who breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.” These people don’t know how to craft their own original I.P.’s. They only know how to destroy. To deconstruct. To “subvert expectations.”

    1. M.

      Would like to add that elves don’t even need to have the same color range as humans. They’re a completely different species. Kind of odd for people to expect Tolkien to make them have that. If the creature does, awesome. If not, doesn’t matter to me, also awesome.

  11. M.

    I’m afraid that they’re going to take Tolkien’s art and do or say something with it that he did not intend. The idea that his art has to represent everyone is kind of restrictive, unfair, and limiting of free speech. Is writing a good story not good enough, he has to make sure every group and minority is represented?

    1. Backcountry164

      Not anymore. Because “progress”…

  12. Jason

    If they want to have minorities in the show there is nothing wrong with that. However, they should be humans because humans come in a range of colors and ethnicities in Middle Earth. Dwarves and Elves do not need to be changed to include other ethnicities. Also, why is there a half elf in this? Elves are so strict about marriage before sex and only falling in love once in their entire immortal life. So few half elves were ever created in Middle Earth that in the Third Age only four were around; Elrond, his two children, and Aragorn. Elrond’s children weren’t even half elves. It makes no sense to change this lore either. No one was asking for more half elves in middle earth. Dwarves have beards no matter their gender if they really want to include women dwarves they should include them the right way but I guess Amazon isn’t woke enough to allow women to have beards. I hate using the word woke because to republicans I would be woke but I hate when companies/hollywood take a loved world and change the lore in order to be considered wome and then fail at it miserably, to the point of destroying the lore of the world.

  13. Andy

    I see that some one here took Disney money and is writing propaganda for them, what a shame

    1. A.

      Damn, I meant Amazon

  14. JOhn

    They are right. The gender weirdos and racial segregationists at onering.Net don’t represent the vast majority of fans that already know and like the thing that Tolken and the Lord of the Rings represents.

    Forced love stories, made-up characters, strong female Warrior protagonist where none existed, and forced diversity are not things that most people enjoy let alone Tolkien fans want forced into their stories.

  15. Kevin

    The past predictor of future performance is past performance. Those if us who love Tolkien’s work have seen how other fim franchises were hijacked and destroyed by ideological activists masquerading as creators. Their tricks are well-known, especially when it comes to the efforts to deceive, discredit, and dismiss the core fan base. We don’t need to wait for the actual series to have more than enough red flags to know that something wicked this way comes. By every measure, Amazon is getting mauled in the run-up to launch. That won’t change for the better once this crappy forgery of Tolkien’s world is dumped on hapless viewers who tune in.

  16. Max McLennan

    Thats what everyone in streaming does. How is that toxic? Is it hurting anyone being racist or changing the world or atleast an environment for the worst? No shut or better yet use that energy for something that matters. Like anything other than arguing online about what you think toxic means.

    1. Mike

      So we’ll wait till they ruin something you love and wait for you to not complain then??? Do the rest of us a favor and go piss up a rope.

  17. Serbo

    “That thing you love; we just destroyed it. If that bothers you it’s because you are racist.”
    -2022 Hollywood

  18. Morgoth

    I need to learn how to short a stock.

    Amazon is going to lose soooo much money on this.

    This will be the most epic failure of all time.

    Bezos might need to get a job at Starbucks. LOL.

  19. Caribulou

    Wow what a bs article. The people being critical know the lore better then the produces and hack writings. The so called influencers pumping up this fiasco of a show are paid to do so. This is the same bs you pull everytime a property is reimaged with woke ideals. You blame the true fans and call them toxic. Without them this franchise will die.

  20. Nelson

    There’s a huge difference between toxicity and genuine criticism or concerns. The author of this…’article’ seems to be blatantly overlooking that in favor of a far more sensationalist perspective.

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