Comments for Disney Park Announces New Paid “FastPass” For Select Attractions Beginning May 19

(l-r) donald duck, mickey mouse, pluto, minnie mouse, and goofy with tokyo disneyland castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Laura Hutcheson

    I would love to visit Tokyo Disneyland! One of my bucket list dreams is to visit Japan and Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are certain to be one of my first stops. Thank you so much for showing some pictures from inside Tokyo Disneyland!!

  2. James

    Why does overseas Disney handle genie plus so much better. Yeah it cost more but ultimately it allows for easier use. We used it in Paris and while it cost considerably more for a ride there were fewer people choosing to buy the pass which means we flew through the line.

  3. Kev

    Another pay for service to enjoy your visit (if you are affluent) for the rest, we don’t care……

  4. Manny

    The French will actually protest something and not bend over and take it like the average American.

  5. Barbara

    I think since a paid a ridiculous amount for my tickets.. that should be ENOUGH!! GREED!!!! How sad!! Walt would be turning in his grave

  6. Mimi

    Disney has become greedy money grubbing enterprise. Do they discount prices when several main attractions are closed at same time? No ! Everytime you turn around they jack up costs. Add in over priced food,drinks, souvenirs lodging you could actually go to Europe!

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