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dress coded guest next to the Disney World castle


  1. Ben Y. Dover

    Jasmine doesnt like competing for attention k?

  2. Cookie

    About time! I see some awfully questionable attire on some guests while working as a CM. Some is very revealing. Glad she was turned away and not just given a free shirt. People complain about Disney raising prices and giving away shirts is just another reason why.

  3. Angelica S

    It does happen even at Disneyland in California my husband was told to get a new shirt or turn it inside out which he did then we eventually got him a shirt inside

  4. Mike

    I am glad that they cal out people that expose way more of their bodies than necessary. I remember when people used to dress up to go out. Now it seems that people dress down or think that everyone wants to see all that excess skin hanging out. Sadly some bodies are not meant to be shared

    1. CalledIt

      All the problems in the world and you are checking skirt lengths at the door. Great.

      1. Rusty Shackleford

        “How dare you care about enforcing dress code at a family-oriented private park? There are children starving in Africa for God’s sake!”

        1. Lori

          How dare they call themselves family friendly.

    2. EB

      Should also stop the people from walking around with beer in Epcot !

  5. Susan

    Oh, SO NOW they care about “family values?”

    1. Everett

      My thoughts exactly!!

  6. Lori

    So grooming k-3rd graders is ok but if you show a little to much skin you need to leave our park.

    1. Rick

      You’re correct, they’re not “grooming kids”. They are saying they are going to press the FL legislature to overturn the law preventing teachers from “grooming kids”. Huge distinction. And meanwhile, while LGTBQ is welcomed in the park, we can’t have clothing that is not “family friendly”. Can you sprain that to me Lucy?

    2. KMAN

      Unfortunately Jordon you are the misinformed Disney’s Corporate Trans. Officials have come out in support and Charles Disney against the
      “Don’t say Gay“ that has nothing to do with the bill or is mentioned ( you really need to read it instead of copying others ) it protect the very young . Then there’s Disney’s enthusiasm of support the Woke generation and The programming on Disney + .
      The indoctrination is strong at Disney, this is the main reason Disney’s
      Stock is at a 5 year low .

      1. KMAN

        That’s Charlee Disney

  7. C L ZR

    Cover your cleavage and do not advertise your bedroom choices and you’ll be fine.

  8. AWood

    Disney’s upset about showing too much cleavage, but still I see females walking around with half their ass hanging out the back of their shorts🥴 So much for “family values”

  9. Sam

    Why would you dress like a ho to go to a family theme park? GTFO

  10. Bking

    The littler mermaids attire though😂

  11. gennie

    I hope they continue to follow tbrough with this..

  12. Denise

    Although I agree with a proper dress code, it does not jive with their otherwise perverse attitude towards other things.

  13. Vicki

    Like it or not, there are gay people in this world. It says a lot about you from some of the comments made on here. What are you going yo do if (or when) your child or grandchild comes out? Who are you going to blame? Like it or not, it does run in families…perhaps you are more to blame than anything a teacher says? Be careful what you say….it may come back to bite you in the a$$!

    BTW, I am not gay nor do I have any gays in my family. But I have known several in my 68 years on earth and I can tell you….most of you couldn’t hold a candle to them. Some, not SLL, are Christians who actually know what the Bible teaches . Remember, Jesus never mentioned homosexuality and it was well known in his time.

  14. RoC

    I am sick and tired of Tik Toks influence on our civilization. The self absorbed individuals show a sad state of the direction of humanity.

    1. Deb

      Roc the one true comment in a sea of c_ _p

  15. Daniel Mullen

    I’m assuming they allow 2-piece women’s bathing suits at the water parks, though, right? And those are probably just as (or more) revealing. Mixed signals.

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