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Chris hemsworth as Thor

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Darren

    Please elaborate how the worst Thor movie is Ragnorak?

    1. John Carman

      I was wondering about this too

    2. Minge

      Lmao, I came to make the same comment as everyone else and stayed for the show. RAGNORAK was the best Thor movie to this date.
      This guy made this post because he knew it would cause controversy and bring him attention.

  2. why tho

    exactly lol

  3. Clint

    “Worst” Thor movie…?
    You have no taste.

  4. Kraut

    Um. You spelled BEST Thor movie incorrectly.

  5. Erik

    I’m sorry, but you misspelled “best.”

  6. Jay

    Really. You obviously forgot about dark World.
    Ragnarok is by far the best Thor Movie and close to being one of the best Marvel Movies to Date…

    1. Narly

      This guy knows ^.

      1. Tom

        This dude just disqualified himself from having any relevant MCU opinions with one stupid word. Guess he never saw “Dark World” lol.

  7. Tyler

    Anyone who thinks Ragnarok is the worst Thor movie does not deserve to share their opinions on anything MCU

  8. Matt

    This is the best Thor movie. Come on man!

    1. Seriously?

      Was this written by a child?

  9. Tiffany

    Did you even watch the movie? It’s by far the best.

  10. Pete

    Umm… I was expecting this to be about Dark World. Why are you calling the best Thor movie the worst?

  11. Giin

    Came to see why The Dark World was going to be important moving forward. Left confused over all the talk and imagery about Ragnarok, popularly considered the best Thor movie.

  12. David H

    I thought Dark World was the worst Thor movie.

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