Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Not Happy About Darth Vader Reveal

hayden christensen as darth vader

Credit: Lucasfilm



    What a tragic comedy to be a Star Wars fan. Never satisfied. I’ve been here since 77 and I really hate how the “fans” have become so ridiculous and vocal. I suppose it was a better time when there were six movies and a cartoon.

  2. Harley

    1 lame brain on Twitter don’t speak for millions of fans that are excited to see Darth Vader again

  3. Bon

    Star Wars fans aren’t happy about anything ever .. why we still write these articles.. everyone is excited about obiwon. Can’t go wrong .. But Guaranteed in a month . We will see article after article about what star wars fans don’t like about it .. #1 worst fan group in the world ..

    1. JS

      But that was the best part of the trailer. I’m a huge Ewan fan and loved every moment of him in the trailer, but I was holding my breath during the Vader reveal. This show is going to be epic. Been waiting years for this moment.

  4. Jayronron

    Tell me you have absolutely nothing to write about, without telling me you have absolutely nothing to write about.

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