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Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Matt Eldredge

    Clearly the fact that Leia she’s 10 years old is not at all what she’s talking about. Also the show was made prior to her statement. It’s silly to even point that out.

    1. Grady

      “Also the show was made prior to her statement. It’s silly to even point that out.”

      This was my first thought upon seeing this article. Apparently the author needs a timeline to keep all this straight.

      1. Lars

        Why is this even a problem, Obi Wan Kenobi, Uncle Owen and aunt Bero was recast in episode 1-3.

        1. Cal

          Also, they recast Luke for this show too, by that logic.

          1. Jeff

            This guy is a frigging idiot!

    2. T


      And thank you for typing my thoughts. 👍🏻

    3. Logan

      Shhh don’t try to use logic. They don’t like that lol.

    4. I thought the young Leia nailed the tone of Carrie Fisher on several lines of Dialogue, so much so I got chills and believed completely. Speculating on future projects of teenage Leia is also just silly.

      1. Gracie

        I enjoyed the first two episodes and will watch all of them. I am disappointed that they only Star Wars show that is truly exciting and different is the Mandalorian. I am waiting for that with great anticipation.

  2. Matt

    Here is the difference – the recasting of Han Solo was made with a combination of poor acting and wrting. So far, the appearance of young Leia is a delight and honors the original character portrayal by adding depth and nuance instead of merely fan service.

    1. Matthew

      Agreed! I don’t mind this at all. I didn’t like Solo, but it was because we were supposed to be getting Han at least relatively close to his age in ANH, but the Han we got didn’t look or sound much like Harrison Ford. They really should have used Anthony Imbruglia, who plays a young Ford in Age of Adelaide, and who Ford was amazed with concerning how much he sounded and looked like himself as a young man.

      Recasting Leia is a different story, though. She’s playing a much younger version of the character, and though I haven’t seen it, it sounds like they might give growth to the character.

    2. Sleet

      The problem was never recasting characters. The problem was poor writing + poor casting. Also yeah, idk how anyone expected Lucasfilm to deepfake 10 year old Leia without anything for an AI to work with.

      1. Sleet

        Oh darn I didn’t mean for this to be a reply. Welp.

      2. Luke

        No the problem is to much SJW woke narrative

    3. The whole show is a recast

      1. Bret walker

        Technically your right!

  3. Bob Cheapskate

    Kennedy is blaming the Solo movie bombing on fans not liking young Han recast. The same fans that were fine with Ewan McGregor playing young Obi Wan in the prequels. What really happened to cause Solo to bomb is fans flocked to see Last Jedi not knowing it be terrible and then boycotted the next Star Wars movie which was Solo. The Blame for Solo bombing rests not on the fans but solely on Kennedy and Johnson and the poor choices they made with episode 8.

    1. Boba

      Cry me a river whiner. Solo was not a good movie at 69% RT, end of story. Last Jedi was great, more daring and put together by far than the fan-homage mess that was Rise of Skywalker.

      1. Kevin

        Who’s more the whiner? The whiner or the whiner whining about the whiner?

        The sequel trilogy was a convoluted mess of hot garbage. Had no coherent voice, direction or story. Last Jedi was not “daring” in the least. It was JJ Abrams almost shot for shot fan-homage retelling of A New Hope. Solo was 10x better than any of the sequel trilogy movies. Hands down.

        1. Jake

          I think you mean The Force Awakens when you say Last Jedi.

          1. Kevin

            You are correct Jake. I did indeed mean Force Awakens. The three sequel trilogy movies meld into one giant mess for me and I forget which was which sometimes.

        2. Logan

          Agreed! I love Solo and Rogue One.

        3. Kent H

          100% agreed. Solo was a good movie. Rogue One was great. The sequel was lackluster

      2. Cosmicdog

        Why would 69% positive reviews mean that a movie isn’t “good”?

      3. Hozer75

        You actually use RT as a basis for weather a movie is good or not. A movie critic is just a failed screen writer with a chip on their shoulders

        1. Logan

          Pretty much haha

      4. Mr Redfield

        The last Jedi was great, so great RT gives it a 42% audience rating.

        1. Devin W.

          Guys, why are we even arguing.

          Disney throwing out the EU and going out on their own, throwing away beloved characters and disrespecting others is ALL ON DISNEY.

          They took something and because George hung on to his merchandise rights Disney did away with a lot of characters and or altered them in some way.

          They could have stuck with an amazing story line which was ALL CANNON in the EU thanks to George but they decided not to.

          The Sequel trilogy should become LEGENDS not Cannon.

          Hats off to the actors who did their best with what Disney as screen writers gave them to work with.

          Making up new characters and trying to come up with back stories.

          reusing OLD villains because they were too damn stupid to come up with something more exciting. Snoak was a JOKE, and bringing back Palpatine was also a joke.

          Killing off Ben Solo was also ridiculous, naming the movie RISE OF SKYWALKER when it was clearly the FALL OF SKYWALKER and the end of their story. Ben should have lived, Rey should’ve died and the Skywalker line would’ve continued.

          The best thing that has come out of Disney studios since they have obtained it is ” The Mandalorian” and ” Rogue One”

          Kenobi shows promise as it involves characters we love in a timeline we know.

          Other than that, Star Wars needs a major Retcon and Kathleen Kennedy removed and an actual Fan and follower of Star Wars in the creative seat.

          Give Star Wars to Kevin Feige.

          He has done right mostly by marvel studios thus far.

      5. William H. Kiss My Bonney

        That wasn’t whining pal & the fact is you can go look up the old Solo videos from all the Star Wars YouTubers who covered it & those will verify that’s exactly why Solo bombed.

      6. Robert M

        Both were terrible imo.

    2. Luke

      Thank you Precisely. But of course they will never admit to that. Bob Iger had to take the fall for them

    3. Eric

      100% agree with your entire comment!

  4. Drew

    The recast Leia and Luke. Same episode.

  5. Nolan

    I did not like solo the first time I watched it because of all the hype surrounding it’s release. But when I saw it again with realistic expectations it was much better and I don’t mind the movie now. As for recasting main characters, of course they did you can’t have a ten year old Fisher in a new show when she was an adult when entering star wars. What do you want them to do find an old pic of Fisher when she was ten and copy it and cgi the face over a child actor. Give me a break this article is a wast of time!

    1. William H. Kiss My Bonney

      I can agree with all of that. I actually had low expectations for Solo so I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. Shane P Dalton

    Utterly ridiculous if fans are making a big deal about this. It’s Leia as a child, they didn’t recast Leia we all know and love. I swear, social media is the worst thing to ever happen.

  7. Pat

    The last Jedi rocked. The only original movie in the whole bunch. The problem with solo is the same with the upcoming problem. Exposure. When you pump out 5 Star Wars movies in 3 years they better all be the same. Just like now. We are getting 5 Star Wars shows over the next few years. When one is great, the mandalorian, if the other 4 aren’t the exact same thing, then it’s no good. The internet wants the same thing over and over in a different box. If anything is original or strays from expectation, it is doomed to fail.

  8. Nick

    What were they supposed to do, cgi Carrie fisher as a 10 year old?

  9. The voice would have been amazing.

  10. Backcountry164

    ?? Why would anyone trust, believe, or even care about anything Kathleen Kennedy has to say?? She’s so full of BS she could fertilize a 60 acre field. Easily one of the least trustworthy people in Hollywood, a place where no one can be trusted to be honest about anything…

    1. David Nicholson

      Alex Kurtzman says hey lol.

      1. Brian

        Those who can do.
        Those who can’t do teach.
        Those who can’t do either criticize

        1. Donald

          I think it’s: those who can, do. Those who can’t, cuck.

  11. Hand solo

    Are we really supposed to believe this kid is 10 years old?. She looks like she’s about 6. Han solo was a good movie as were all 9 star wars movies. All you movie critics need to go away. If you’re going to a star wars movie expecting gone with the wind or schindler’s list, you might as well stay home. People put way too much thought into things that don’t even matter and instead of enjoying the movie, go in looking for something to find fault with.

    1. Mr Redfield

      So, I guess there’s no such thing as being disappointed with a movie you desperately wanted to love?

    2. Bo

      You are correct. She isn’t 10. She is 9 in real life and won’t be 10 until June 4 of this year.

      She doesn’t look 6. She looks age appropriate. Because she actually is that age range in real life.

  12. BadWolf

    This is an ignorant debate. People age or die. Some may not want their faces CGI’ed onto someone else. Others may not care. This version of Leia is a child. It’s not technically a recast. We never saw her as a young child. It doesn’t matter.

  13. T

    It’s when Leia was a young lady. Besides, the young actor did a fantastic job.

  14. Hand solo

    Oh and the main problem with any of the new star wars shows and movies are directly related to putting a woman in charge of programming meant for men. Same goes for the marvel movies. Most women I know think these shows are stupid and would never watch them. Now we’re overrun with female characters and love stories that most men don’t buy as legit. Kathleen Kennedy is not a star wars fan, she’s a female executive that thinks like a woman and so all heros are going to be women now. Who don’t need saving by men.

    1. Jesus H Christ

      Well this is a horrible, misogynistic take🙄

    2. Dawn

      WTF?!?!?!?! Seriously, go crawl back into your cave. I am a woman and have LOVED both Star Wars and Marvel since I was little. I even have the original score on record (still wrapped) from 1977 as well as an R2D2 that I never built still in the box (had to keep him in perfect condition). That was extremely rude and misogynistic, you do realize that Star Wars was created for kids, not just for boys… but all kids. And Marvel, well Uncle Stan created comics because he wanted people to accept diversity and just love people. Comics started out for kids as well, and grew.

    3. Joel

      I completely agree… these movies have become woke. Some of these force changes come off so cringe. I enjoyed these first two episodes but im waiting for todays politics to come in to play in these upcoming episodes.

    4. Stephanie

      lol please… I was 4 when the original came out and have heard this crap my whole life and I will tell you that there are plenty of female fans.

      I’m glad they are giving young Leia screen time. One thing that really irritated me about the prequels was how Padme was turned from a badass queen and senator to this weepy hormonal Prego chick because her, apparent, usefulness in the story was nearly over.

      My daughter adores Padme and it got her mad as well.

    5. Luke

      Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your post sums it up in a nutshell

  15. Starkiller

    Well, I’m guessing Carrie Fisher wasn’t available to play her 10 yr old character in a series set between episode “3” and “4”, so re-casting was needed (#sarcasmoff). It would be a little difficult to tell Obi-Wan’s story without having a “Leia” and “Luke” as children since he swore to protect them. I’m beginning to think that the people who get really upset by this kind of thing think soap operas are about real people.

  16. cobrastatus

    Kathleen literally made that promise after the announcement of obi wan. So they didn’t break any promises.

  17. AMC

    This is another glaring example of why Star Wars fans are among the most annoying fans of any franchise.

  18. Mr Redfield

    The problem with Solo wasn’t Alden Ehrenreich, the problem was that it was a B grade over-exposing movie, replacing the much loved expanded universe material, and riding the tail end of the downright disaster of the last Jedi. By all means, recast the OT characters, just respect their legacy by telling good stories about them.

  19. Bo

    Somehow I don’t think there any way to make existing footage of Carrie Fisher look like a 10 year old.

    Anyone who gets upset of them finding a child to play a child version of Leia can go jump off a cliff as that sort of toxic fan-ship is not needed nor welcome.

    Stupid article.

  20. Beinir

    Carrie Fisher is dead….

    Gotta recast her 🤷‍♂️

  21. Beinir

    And Carrie Fisher died. Can’t forget that. But oh no, can’t recast Leia even with that 🙄

  22. Scott

    I’d be more concerned with the quality of the show rather than the actors – Ben Kenobi is the same plot and flashbacks as The Mandalorian but no one’s bothered about that … if you’re going to be purist then lift the game on storyline’s and give us something new.

    1. Connor

      I just want the to STOP SHAKING THE CAMERA!!!

  23. Bill Kilpatrick

    Who cares? Does anybody think they’re going to dig Carrie Fisher up or de-age Billy Lourde by a couple of decades? It deepens the story to widen the focus beyond Obiwan Kenobi, who spends the first two episodes moping around in the desert. If you need a little girl, you cast a little girl. This one was great.

    As for why Solo went sideways, it’s complicated. Alden Ehrenreich wasn’t a dead match for young Harrison Ford, though for my tastes, he was close enough. It was the script that got in the way. Young Harrison Ford looked and acted like Han Solo long before he was cast as Han Solo. Look at that ’69 episode of Love, American Style. But the version of Solo we get – for most of the film – is not the Solo that made teen girls swoon. This Solo is young and unsure of himself. He’s more like young Luke than he is the world-wise rogue and scoundrel who steals Leia’s heart.

    If you look at the reaction to the Prequels, one reason for the fan revulsion was the first generation’s disappointment with Anakin. While all the main players in Star Wars had their fans, Vader was the breakout character nobody could get enough of. But Lucas made us sit through six hours of Prequels to get to Vader. Anakin was nothing like him. As the guy who would become Vader, Anakin was young, unsure of himself and whiny – even when he went pathological. The ending of Rogue One gives us more Vader than Episodes 1, 2 and 3.

    Second-generation fans actually liked the Prequels, because they didn’t have all these expectations from the Original Trilogy. Trashed at the release of the Sequels, the Prequels are enjoying a renaissance. Such will likely happen with Solo. If Constantine can get a second look, so can Solo. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if Kathleen Kennedy’s comments – about not recasting any of the originals – date out. With each passing day, that First Generation (and its unbendable demands) becomes a little less relevant to the future of Star Wars.

  24. Jason Gilmore

    I love they went this direction, it fills a giant plot hole over why Leia would seek Obi Wan’s help in A New Hope if he has been in seclusion for years on the planet.
    And she is doing a fantastic job as a young Leia.

  25. Brice

    You know, I blame Jedi mind tricks 😜

  26. Nix

    ….. since when did we ever have a young Leia to “recast”? She’s a child!! There is a difference between Solo and what they did here…..

  27. Matt

    Problem is now they totally contradicted New Hope. At 10 years old Leia would have remembered Obi One. In New Hope she acted like she never met him. Even in her message she just mention that he fought with her Father in clone wars

    1. A fan

      Maybe, just maybe it can be explained like this. She is asking for help from someone, that 1. She is not sure if he remembers her. And 2. she is desperately trying to get him to help by pulling at memories and heartstrings.

  28. Zubs

    The difference between the need to cast a young Leila versus a young Han Solo is that her character is part of the story from the moment she is born, whereas Han Solo has nothing to do with the Star Wars saga until Episode IV: A New Hope, so his backstory seemed a bit forced. It makes sense to show Luke and Leila’s character evolution since they are the back bone of the original trilogy. And casting a child is not the same as recasting an adult role.

  29. Laura

    Oh yes, how dare Disney not travel back in time and cast Carrie Fisher at 10 years old. Very lazy of Disney.

    /sarcasm, if you needed to ask

  30. acg

    All these so-called Star Wars movies sucked since Disney took over except Solo!! I loved it and Ron Howard is a great director which is the only reason why it was good!!!!

    1. A fan

      He was the third director brought in. The first one, it was rumored, was doing it as a Ace Ventura style comedy.

    2. Luke

      Rogue One was much better that Solo. No sjw/woke politics.

  31. Brad

    It’s quite obvious that she meant recasting an adult actress to replace Carrie Fisher. It’s very different than casting someone to play a younger version for prequel types of series. I mean if Fisher was still alive would you expect them to use cgi to make her 10?

  32. Lee

    It’s silly not recast characters for movies, like what they are never going to remake Star Wars A New Hope Ten or Twenty years from now?

  33. Eric

    There’s a massive difference. Leia in the Obi-Wan show is a child. You have to cast another actor and we had never seen Leia as a child. While I actually enjoyed Solo – the actor brought in was still playing Han as an adult and we’ve seen Han as an adult so there’s a disconnect especially when you have such an iconic actor originally playing the role. You wanna recast General Madine? Go for it. Actually that could be interesting.

    1. DC

      This is nothing more than an opinion piece by some star wars geek like us!
      Difgrence being his opinions suck.
      Who is this fool im sick of these ,so called articles written by unknowns who are just speaking there view.
      Well at least make that clear stop printing these as though they are done by some professional journalist who as actually done some research etc.

  34. Krissppy

    I dont think the author of this story is much of a fan considering the amount of errors and inconsistencies in the write up…..
    It left me so confused I thought I’d been smoking the devils cabbage all morning…..
    If you want to make money as a critic do the groundwork unless, major mistakes in your work make absolutely no difference, like this,
    Because this got posted by paid professionals and its got more holes than an Amber Heard bed time story……

  35. Vince Gonzales

    Let’s ALL be honest here – “Star Wars” is – and has always been, at least by time of Return of the Jedi – a Money Machine. Fans can nit and pick about how the story is evolving, but ultimately the end goal is Profit for the Studios. It didn’t start with Disney, it started with Kenner action figures and Ewoks (and Lukas himself). I’m pretty sure after 20 – 30 years from now (or sooner) every Star Wars character will be re-cast, re-digitized and re-used in any way, shape or form the Studio honchos choose. As much as I love Mark Hamill being the only Luke to ever exist on film, TIME pretty much demands a new remake/reboot/revision where old roles get re-cast. That is just reality.

  36. Chris

    What a silly thing to complain about. The Leia here is 10…how could she compared to Luke or Solo? If the portrayal of an adult Leia have taken place, you’d have a point. Good luck de-aging Carrie Fisher’s likeness to 10 years old just to avoid a recast. In fact, it isn’t a recast when hiring a younger actor to play the younger version of a character, something completely normal in TV/movies. Pointless article.

  37. Reaper

    And solo although entertaining was sub par it wasn’t the actors fault but the decision making process on that film was flawed. Like as example nobody ever thought why is hans name solo? It was a bad call to even have a scene in the film naming him that. That time could have been spent with beckett actually moarning the loss of his lover for more than 3.2 seconds. And thats just one of many bad decisions put into the film that hurt the quality and pacing of the film.

  38. Terry

    Wow the pressure to create content must be huge because this article is more irrelevant than Peter Gabriel’s Barry Williams show song. There is soo much wrong here

  39. Gagaloj

    There is a huge difference between how a person looks at 10 and 20. On the other hand, there is only a slight difference between how a person looks at 20 and 30. That’s why I’m okay with kiddo Leia. Also she’s adorable. Ehrenreich’s Solo on the other hand, well, i would forgive the recasting if the film was any good. But the film was so bad not even Woody could save it, so I won’t.

  40. It’s weird how this article seems to forget that Obi Wan Kenobi as Ewan McGregor was a “recast” by using this same “logic” of Kid Leia being a “broken promise”. If that’s the case.. I must admit I would love to see Carrie Fisher alive performing the same character lmao.. imagine her with makeup and on her knees pretending she’s a kid.. wow!

  41. Timothy Shaw

    You’re trying to tell me you’d buy having Carrie Fisher play a ten year old? The hell, dude? Pretty sure they’re not asking Mark Hamill to play the ten year old Luke…

  42. Scott

    Are you stupid or something?

    1. MEG

      The short answer is “Yes”

  43. Terry Bogayong

    In my opinion, they need young Leia to tell a story. Carrie Fisher could never have played that part so this isn’t a recasting. It’s a casting of a young actress to play young Leia. As a matter of fact I would only consider any Leia to be a recast if the actress plays a Leia older than any Leia that Carrie Fisher ever played.

    1. Dan

      Excellent point!

  44. Nunya

    Oh? So what were they supposed to do? CGI a 10y/o Leia. Jfc dude. Like if you hate star wars this much then just quit watching it.
    (Strectching is also a good practice before reaching far as you had to in order to find something to cry about.

  45. Nunya

    Also, I really regret the fact that I even gave you my click. You don’t deserve to get paid for this BS.

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