Comments for Theme Park Removes Endless Meal Deal After Being Exposed on TikTok

burger and fries in front of six flags coaster

Credit: Six Flags/Facebook


  1. Kadams

    People like that ruin it for others who don’t take advantage. I won’t be able to afford the season pass again.

  2. Phantom Gourmet

    I’ve had the meal option on my season pass for years, and it is possible to take advantage of it. However, I don’t go often enough to do so — nor would I want to because 95% of the quality of the food there at Six Flags is comparable to basic school cafeteria food. There are exceptions, when all dining options are actually open for business, but the Six Flags Magic Mountain park closes half of the food vendor options anyway rather than pay enough staff to have them open. (And don’t get me started on their overall customer service.) So the underlying issue for generating revenue from food service options isn’t really the passholders who take advantage; it’s the lack of quality, appetizing food and competent staff to operate the kitchens. If they improve that aspect of their business, people won’t mind paying for quality meals/snacks and good service.

    1. EMaza


  3. Maniac

    Once again some scumbags ruin it for everybody because they are poor losers looking for viral fame. Sad but true. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Steve-O

    It amazes me that there wasn’t at least one person involved in this decision that said “wait a minute, the math doesn’t work here, and there’s bound to be people that figure this out!” I have a hard time imagining that there were still enough people in a position to do this that they lost more money than they were planning. Seems silly to cancel it all due to this. Unless they found out some people that would never have stepped foot in Six Flags were buying it and only coming in and eating? Either way that still got them in the door, so not really sure what their reason for cancelling this would be?

    1. Mel

      Basically they could eat 2 meals a day for only $150 a year. So 20c a meal if they come every day and they get to ride the rides. That’s a huge loss.

  5. Helene

    I like the fact that when I had the dining plan and I would take my kids I wouldn’t have to worry about having to bring money with us because everything was prepaid and I could let the teenagers just go off with their friends and not have to come look for me at dinner time

  6. ms. english

    bring bck meal dining just 4 members only! that should wrk already paying monthly fee …
    add on r good business

  7. D

    They throw food away every day after the park closes, so they can’t be losing money on guests that eat there. What did they expect some guests would do? If I had the meal plan, I’d want to get my money’s worth and go as often as I could. This is just an excuse to raise prices and not get blamed for it

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