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Disney arrest

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  1. Linda McKee

    Not an arrest but pretty shocking. At Disneyland a couple of years ago and suddenly these two middle aged very large women start beating up each other, on the ground and running after they would be separated then lunge again at each other. Security (very brave) finally were able to calm them down. This is in front of their children, husbands and about 200 on lookers.

    1. JoAnn

      My son in law was “detained” and brought to a private room where he was grilled by the sheriffs department and Disney security for abuse to his wife. My daughter saw him being taken away and followed. It was a case of mistaken identity and the only way that security tried to verify that they had the correct person was by asking if was Robert (which is also his name, so he replied that I was). We almost missed our flight home because they didn’t do their due diligence in detaining him!

      1. Ron Desantis

        But did your miss your flight though?

        1. Ron Desantis


        2. notassmartastherealron

          Let me help you, I believe “almost missed our flight” means they didn’t miss their flight. I totally can see how that can be confusing.

    2. Victor

      Disney security is exceptional and proficient. Anyone who thinks that fewer people performing security and keeping the peace makes a community safer is simply incorrect.

  2. Jo Blow

    “Children” such as this are capable of unspeakable atrocities. We have no idea what was going on here, so we have no reason to be outraged by this “shocking” arrest. My family has been to Disney 5 times. We’ve had items stolen from us. You have to watch your belongings like a hawk.

  3. Marty Forrest

    Disney is no longer for children. Walt is rolling over in his grave. 😒

    1. CalledIt

      Tell me you don’t know a thing about Walt by not saying you don’t know a thing about Walt.

    2. Alan

      Are you saying this because you’re lamenting the crimes that happened at the parks, or do you mean you believe that young adult is a small child who’s being arrested for no reason?

  4. Becky

    The four Disney Cast Members you mentioned were NOT arrested for human trafficking – they were arrested for soliciting a prostitute. It just happened during Grady Judd’s human trafficking sting. Next time get your facts straight.

    1. Sam quill

      I would not call this shocking. With that many people in one place there is bound to be certain things happening. This happens at the mall at Walmart and other places all the time. It is not shocking. Disney took care of the issue and that is all.

    2. KM

      I’m sorry Becky
      We do appreciate your participating but the facts are Four Disney employees were arrested in a massive undercover operation targeting human traffickers, child predators and prostitution.
      Xavier Jackson, 27 was soliciting a minor 14 yrs old ,
      Ralph Leese, 45; Shubham Malave, 27; and Wilakson Fidele, 24. They were all charged with soliciting a prostitute All part of an undercover operation targeting human traffickers, child predators and prostitution.

      Please get your facts right before you engage in telling someone to get there facts right .

  5. Sheryl

    Not only do you need to get your facts straight you need to start promoting the rehire of Johnny Depp when he wins his trial it’s sad that he was proven guilty before trial. Everyone please boycott Amber heard in certain petition to get Johnny Depp rehired $3 million and 100 alpacas lol

    1. KM

      I’m sorry Sheryl , Johnny Depp , Amber Heard both have self reported on the Psychotic , drugs and alcohol abuse and addiction to get them Black lusted in any entertainment industry. Put pure pathetic individuals .

  6. Mr White

    Good to see security doing what Disney will not and keeping the parks safe. These “undesirables” need to be held to account.

  7. Mr White

    This is exactly what the police should be doing, because Disney is encouraging these thugs to turn up now

  8. Let me guess…locals?? Most incidents involve locals, fighting, stealing, cutting lines, etc…usually locals. Quit giving price breaks to locals!!

  9. Lisa Y.

    Not only do “locals” and “Guests” do troublesome things while in the parks -causing havoc and grief, but this begins the prime season for the visitation of roving bands of gypsies or the Rom (yes, I did say gypsies!), who sneak into the Parks and make for the merchandise, Guest belongings, etc. Security is aware of them and this only adds to the problems Disney Security faces.

  10. Ren A

    People think it’s all rainbows and unicorns at Disney World. They leave their stuff sitting in strollers thinking nobody will go near it. Entire strollers are stolen, bags are gone through, merchandise bags are taken, pickpocketing happens. There are locals that go in there as groups and sit and watch and wait to pray on the trusting tourists. Disney has tons of plain clothes security walking around to try to mitigate this.

  11. Byron

    This is poor reporting.
    You have no idea what happened and you posted a video that can identify a minor.
    You should remove this until you know the truth of what happened.
    Just spread stuff you know nothing about.

  12. SusieB

    This has been going on for years. I was walking out of a Magic Kingdom restroom in the mid-eighties, when a lady holding a baby came out of a stall and started wailing that her diaper bag was stolen. Apparently, she left it on the changing table while she used the facilities. Unfortunately, every cent they had (all cash), was in that bag. I felt really bad for her – hard lesson to learn about trusting strangers.

  13. Noname

    Snake in a purse hanging on a stroller might be an idea!

  14. Buck Fiden

    Not at all “shocking”. Last I checked, Disney doesn’t require a minimum IQ to get in. So occasionally some morons will enter the park and then proceed to act like morons.

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