Comments for Shareholders File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Netflix

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  1. MSG

    There just isn’t as much these days on Netflix I want to watch so that is why I only subscribe for a couple of months a year . Much of the content is far too woke for me to enjoy and I just can’t be bothered to watch the newer shows because so many get cancelled on a cliffhanger without a resolution . The constant price hikes don’t help matters either .

    1. Joem

      Constant price hikes? The price has gone up once in four years…

      1. MSG

        Its twice within 4 years but that aside its gone up 6 times since 2014 . Its standard subscription has gone up from 8.99 to 15.50 in that eight years when you look at it like that its roughly a 40 percent increase in that time period ( well above the rate of inflation ) . I don’t think it would be as big an issue if they maintained the quality of their programming but they haven’t . Very few new shows make it past the first couple of seasons ( many are cancelled without a resolution ) , while that happens a lot on broadcast tv as well given Netflix is a streaming service they platform is now littered with numerous unfinished shows to disappoint subscribers anew again and again over the years . So now you have a catch 22 situation where many people are not willing to invest time in a new Netflix show which also means that there is an ever bigger chance of more shows being cancelled . Its a vicious circle Netflix have created for themselves which will only damage them more and more in the coming years . Then there is the “woke mind virus” as Elon Musk called it , while there is a place for this type of programming its not something that has as broad an appeal as those in charge of Netflix obviously think it has . Lets face on average half of the population of the west votes for conservative parties and its very likely that means at least half their subscribers oppose such programming . I am not actually conservative myself , I am a center ground liberal and even I am finding it too much . They still do have content I like which isn’t woke like Better Call Saul, Ozark and Stranger Things but its a lot less that it used to be so I don’t feel the need to subscribe for more than a month or two each year . In fact Apple plus even though it only offers 4-5 shows a week produces more on an annual basis that I enjoy than Netflix does . Netflix is going to be the Blockbuster of the 2020’s if they don’t wise up soon .

        Only a fool would hang onto Netflix Stock now , its not going to get any better .

        1. JLM

          And you can get Disney+ cheaper and still share it with 4 or 5 people. Netflix just isn’t worth it anymore.

  2. Shepp C42

    Or could it be that wallstreet is completely corrupt by market makers and hedgefunds… and over leveraged. How about how the very hedgefunds that invested so heavily in streaming also shorted the movie theater industry and when that didnt tank like expected, netflix being one of the biggest in the streaming wars took the first blow… lots of questions as to how are market is being ran, PFOF, Dark Pool (off exchange) tradinc and the the countless other issues going on the the SEC and Gary Gensler are turning a blind eye too… i highly recommebd anyone reading this comment to talk to some #APES and @unusualwhales about all weve uncovered as far back as 2017… oh, and dont let me forget all the insider trading by our congress right now… id be surprised if this comment even gets posted.

  3. Jojobe

    How can they blame account sharing when they 1. Specifically allow you to share with up to 4 family members and 2. literally charge you extra to be able to share?

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