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  1. I was there that day so you are lying I went there and did that park

  2. D

    That’s what Disney World will look like once DeathSantis, and the rest of the Florida GQP run the largest employer in the state out of town with their antics.

    1. Glenn

      Really, get a clue. You must be in fantasy land if you think Disney is every leaving Florida

      1. Mike

        Well I was Disney park in Shanghai approximately 3 years ago and we left after a few hours because and unfortunately I could not handle the unruly guess that would cut lines constantly. The food was awful, the people were worse and we decided just to leave this it was getting very frustrating

    2. LibsWearBibs

      Blah blah blah “DeathSantis” blah blah blah “GQP” blah blah blah. I see someone drank their Dem/Lib kool-aid today like a good little sheep.

      1. chuck

        Agree LibsWearBibs

    3. chuck

      We as Floridians happen to love our Governor .Since you do not and really dont know what is going on here do not come to Florida .

    4. Thad Castle

      Disney doesn’t look like that in Florida because we allowed them to reopen quickly in 2020

    5. Romyeaux

      You do realize that you’re thinking is not logical. Disney cannot afford to move, and that was just a scare tactic aimed at Governor DeSantis. The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is not aimed at guys, but restricts educators from instructing young children about sex at all. Read the damn bill before you react from your gut.

  3. Walt

    Yes – criticize Ron DeSnatis but say nothing of the lockdowns in China that left people literally locked in their apartments, their pets confiscated by communist agents for slaughter, people rioting in the streets for food and the removal of basic rights. yes makes complete sense to me. Disney got in bed with and bows to a totalitarian communist regime – it gets what it deserves.

    1. LibsWearBibs

      EXACTLY Walt! This site is so biased and one sided it wouldn’t surprise me if it was owned by CNN.

  4. LibsWearBibs

    Honestly, the park didn’t really look all that nice in the before pictures. F— China and the totalitarian regime that the Disney Corporation bows down to.

    1. Idc if this is fake….but this is very sad to see/not see because i cant even look at the pictures the one person has on here. Bit still, very sad

      1. Bon

        China doesn’t give a dang. Bet they make major bucks off it compared to USA parks.

  5. Jen

    Well – has anyone left their house to go on vacation for a week or two? The shrubs and grass are disastrous! What else did you expect after a shut down? Sure, blame chinas govt but everyone else in the world shut down too. Some countries were more strict than others. Sorry not sorry

    1. Bon

      A week?
      Gosh hire someone if it gets so bad, China apologizer.

    2. LibsWearBibs

      Disneyland, Disney World, the Disney park in France all didn’t look that bad when they were shut down. Is the Chinese Regime (sorry, government) paying you for your post? I hope so.

    3. Babeemo

      More strict? As in you can’t leave your home to buy food, so starve to death? Is is “for their safety”? “For the greater good”? Blows my mind to see clowns sticking us for communist china.

  6. Nikki

    A weedy flower bed is “something out of a horror movie”? What kind of horror movies are you watching? 🤔 🤣

  7. Babeemo

    I guess this was to be expected since they’re locking the citizens in their homes will full force and starving them to death.

  8. RoC

    Shanghai Disney, home of Mickey Mao.

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