Comments for SeaWorld Orlando Lures Guests With Impossible to Refuse Free Offering

SeaWorld Orlando aerial view

Credit: SeaWorld


  1. I feel bad for the person who considers a free beer an offer that’s ‘impossible to refuse’.

    1. Gorillahands

      Right!?!? I’m refusing with prejudice!

  2. Gorillahands

    If you think a measley 7oz (not even a 12oz beer) beer is enough to drag me into SeaWorld, you’re crazy.

    “Yay! A free mini beer!… Whelp, that was gone like a shot of liquor. Lemme get another one….. How much for another tiny child sized beer???”

    No thanks.

  3. Sue

    At least they give people something for nothing. Unlike Disney.

  4. Odojoe

    It used to be free beer all the time

  5. Lotta

    First send all animals on rehab, then I celebrate with beer.. …at home

  6. Car

    Disney will sell you a souvenir cup and not fill it or refill it. Was told to buy a large drink to dump in it.

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