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SeaWorld Orlando

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  1. “…SeaWorld woke up and chose violence.”

    This made me belly laugh, well done. 🤣

    1. Walt

      “But of course, this wouldn’t end there because, as many users claimed, SeaWorld woke up and chose violence.”

      Speech is not violence. That is a woke trope.

  2. Good morning everyone I LOVE ROLLERCOASTEERS sign me up for the ice breaker & all the new I’d love to ride all of them

  3. Stephanie

    Would never go to Sea World! 1000 penguins and 2 rides!

    1. Walt

      beacause wokeism ruined it.

      1. Susan B

        Lots of sea lions. Love it! Just spent 3 days there. I think 5 coasters? Also Icebreaker won? It’s barely ok.

  4. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    The comments on this page act like being woke is a bad thing. It is time to stop this reverse-language.
    Woke means caring about something bigger than you. Woke means doing what is right, even if it is at your own expense. Woke means being better. Heck it really means trying to “Be Best”.
    Wear the Woke banner with pride, it means you are the better person, the better company, the better people.
    Woke is the opposite of Selfish.

    1. HP

      Yeah keep telling yourself that. Woke is being a pretentious self-hating simp.

      1. Pg

        Don’t you all have better things to do???

    2. Tessy


    3. Ben

      No. Woke us having deep psychological issues and projecting them onto others, using the faux righteousness you clowns set up for yourselves to pretend you’re good people that care about others and the world when the only thing you care about is your ego.

      1. CalledIt

        Meanwhile you people are bigots hence why nobody wants to be near you.

        1. Nosecone

          To them, woke is terrifying because to them it means one more person who is no longer on their racist team.

    4. Denise

      Woke means you have no idea what you are talking about, and you couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Woke = Hate, insanity, lunacy, crazy, racist, ungodly, faithless, etc.

      Woke people are also easy to instigate and manipulate.

      1. CalledIt

        No Denise you are just a bigot.

      2. Vince

        Denise, how do you feel about Igbt people??

        1. Candy


  5. Tessy

    Exactly 💯!

  6. The Voting Majority

    Being woke is better than sleepwalking.

  7. Denise

    We live here in Kissimmee/Orlando and have been to every theme park. I would rather go to Universal out of all of them anyway.

  8. CJ

    I’m fine when the Twitter accounts at Theme Parks are playful with one another (after all, every single Theme Park in Florida relies on each other to fulfill the needs of tourists). I’m not fine when Theme Park Fans get a lil’ toxic , just happy America has got some quality Rollercoasters (stay safe and happy everybody).

  9. Sue

    If you believe woke is good then you need help. Woke is another word for liberals. At least universal and sea world stay out of politics if Disney would only do the same. I hope the governor tears Disney a new a—. They need one.

    1. B

      Why because of the can’t say gay? You do know that is why the governor is going after Disney. Because Disney stood their ground. ON that, when a reality The governor should be going after them for what they did when the lockdown happen and Disney fired so many employees claiming no money to keep them then turned around and brought land and gave suites raises. BUT no that was perfectly OK. Right!?! Let’s focus on people’s sex life and sexuality that is more important to politicians. I have boycotted Disney since the lock down because of what they did to the employees not what our governor is going after them for. So when you want to talk politics and Disney make sure it is something worth saying and not something stupid as sex.

    2. Bill

      Sue, if liberals are a bad thing, what does that make narrow minded conservatives?
      I’m gonna borrow from another commenter above.. I’m going to start calling you all “sleep walkers”.

  10. Kat

    SeaWorld had their passholders and ambassadors “stuff the ballot box” rather than allowing the competition to flow on its own. They sent multiple emails to current and former passholders about this and posted it in passholder pages every day. Universal allowed fans to vote organically without being “in your face” about it. SW is just jealous Uni has won without all the tactics so often in the past. Plus they have to recoup all the money they spent on IceBreaker.

  11. CK

    Meanwhile, Disney is like “What’s a roller coaster?”


    No, I go to Sea World to enjoy the animals and sea life. I’m getting too old to ride roller coasters.

  13. JOSEPH

    Busch Gardens is literally a Sea World park, owned by Sea World. It’s also even more boring than Sea World. And Sea World can’t talk about coasters being torn down. Sea World San Diego has had practically every ride it’s made in the last decade fail to work and sit there not running for years before being torn down.

  14. D Massey

    Good read, I only frequent #Cedarpoint, had no idea #SeaWorld added rides, have not been there since the 80’s

  15. Babz

    The roller coaster sounds fun, but I won’t be going to SeaWorld. Whales need Room! Go ahead, call me “woke”!

  16. Phil

    Who wants to pay money to see a bunch of captured sea life ?

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