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  1. Polly Ticks

    Scammers ruin everything. If you know a scammer, kick them in the nuts and tell them to get their life right.

    1. CalledIt

      You do realize the biggest scammers are billionaires particularly the fake ones like DJT and Elon.

      1. Polly Ticks

        I disagree. The biggest scammers are democrats and left progressive movement.

        1. Tom

          That’s a bit too broad. That’s like me saying all Trumpers are mongoloids. It’s just not true.

        2. Billy Boiani

          Yes! Bringing politics into your sad pathetic life.

  2. jimmy

    Looks like maybe some are still confused as to how bad a shape the U.S. economy is in? DJT and Elon can “Make America Great Again”. The only scammers I see are causing record crime, record inflation which is causing crazy prices at the gas pump and grocery stores, no baby formula because it has been stock piled for illegal immigration, bad foreign policy etc. etc.. The list goes on, on, on. Vote accordingly in November so we can correct all the wrongs that have been done by the real “scammers”.

    1. tatty


    2. joem

      Trump is the one who ran us into the ground. Musk is only in it for himself and not for America. What has he done for anyone?

      1. Brandon

        Can’t we just lynch a couple of scammers together like the good ole’ days? Why does politics need to be brought into it? Scammers steal your credit card numbers, Amazon packages and try to steal money from your grandma. Now that’s something everyone can get behind!

        1. Bob

          Gonna guess the secret service stops people from doing that to Trump and his family.

      2. Gary

        I totally agree.

    3. Jimmy is gay

      Blah blah blah blah. You know you posted that drivel for no one to read, right? Get bent.

    4. GaryG

      Absolutely, don’t let Trump and his idiots destroy this country anymore

  3. Chris

    Funny, the Arkansas article read that they had saved to visit Disney with no mention of Universal. Someone looking for a handout?

  4. Redrum

    And they would have gotten away with it to if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

  5. My senior class got taken in by the old Christmas tree scam. We put a payment down of around $800 USD for Christmas trees to be delivered for the annual sale and never heard from the guy again…

    1. Josh

      Must have been one of those Jesus hating lefties.They probably took your money paid for a bunch of abortions to distract you while they took your guns. First there’s money missing off the dresser next thing you know your daughter is knocked, I’ve seen it a thousand times.

  6. Paula

    Was on vacation in Branson when this happened. The people of Branson stepped up and helped the students out. They may have missed out on Universal, but they were invited to places in the Branson area free of cost or at a reduced price. The students were on local tv telling this information. Way to go Branson.

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