Comments for How to Save HOURS Waiting for Star Wars: Rise of Resistance at Disney Parks

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Inside the Magic Alex Lue


  1. Andy

    We stayed on site, giving us early park admittance. We followed the crowd to rise of the resistance – I’m pretty sure it’s where everyone was going. It seemed like we were going to be waiting a while since there were so many of our fellow Disney resort stayers, but it was worth it since it turned out to be a 20 minute. We got off the ride and went to smugglers run, which also had a 20 minute wait.

  2. Chris Kinney

    Glad to finally see a positive Disney comment! I had a similar experience last December. Rope dropped Hollywood Studios, and they actually opened the park a little earlier than 8:30. By 8:50, we had ridden Rise and Smuggler’s Run. Low wait times CAN happen!

  3. Oscar Meyer

    I heard there is something called the Lightening Lane do you think it can help

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