Comments for Photojournalist Defends Marineland After Massive Ban

Beluga encounters at MarineLand

Credit: MarineLand Park


  1. Walt

    These are the same people who’ve been going after Knott’s Berry Farm for years over the horses and other animals at the park. These people have no proof of any wrong doing, but of course they get plenty of airtime from the media and the cooks online.

    1. Dean

      You are misguided.
      There is all kinds of proof including video and testimony from former Marineland trainers and staff. If you have ever visited Marineland you would see for yourself the decrepit condition that all of the animals are forced to endure.
      It’s sad that in this day and age people are still willing to exploit animals for entertainment.
      Sometimes it’s a result of a lack of awareness and sometimes it’s just pure ignorance.

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