Photojournalist Defends Marineland After Massive Ban

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Beluga encounters at MarineLand

Credit: MarineLand Park

We recently reported a massive ban from Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, towards a group of lawyers, scientists, and even a filmmaker, presumably due to a complaint filed against Marineland last fall. The complaint came after the organization Last Chance for Animals sent videos to Niagara regional police in September 2021, who charged Marineland for allegedly using dolphins and whales for entertainment purposes, for which the Park denied. You can read more about this story by clicking here.

Sky Screamer at MarineLand
Credit: MarineLand Park

However, photojournalist Beth Baisch (@PuffinsPictures) recently posted a video on her Twitter taking Marineland’s side in this conflict, claiming that “The kinds of people who demand donations to ‘free Kiska’ from Marineland are the same people who pushed through legislation that leaves her unable to get all the enrichment and companionship she needs.” In the video, we can see Kiska, an orca whale that has lived in Marineland for nearly forty years, interacting with her caretakers.

You can see the video below:

What animal rights activists don’t want you to know:

The kinds of people who demand donations to “free Kiska” from Marineland are the same people who pushed through legislation that leaves her unable to get all the enrichment and companionship she needs.

Kiska has been known as “the world’s loneliest orca,” as she has been the sole inhabitant of her tank in Marineland for the past ten years. Kiska has even developed ritualistic behaviors that experts consider atypical, circling her tank slowly and repeatedly, trashing her body against the tank wall, and abruptly stopping to resume her slow swimming, sometimes even lingering near the surface of her tank motionless.

Beluga encounters at MarineLand
Credit: MarineLand Park

A video from one of these episodes was shared in September 2021 by Animal Justice (@AnimalJustice) on Twitter, catching the public’s attention and concerning activists.

The video may be graphic or disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

You can see the video below.

DISTURBING: New footage shows Kiska the orca, who lives all alone at Marineland, slamming her head against the side of her tank. We’ve shared the footage with prov. authorities, who’re investigating our legal complaint about the mental suffering we fear she’s enduring. #FreeKiska

A petition was started around the same time this video came to light and, as of the publication of this article, has gathered 487,021 signatures in efforts to free Kiska, the last orca held in captivity in Canada.

However, Beth Baisch argues that while efforts are being made to free Kiska, activists are not thinking of the whale as she remains in captivity. She adds that due to a legislation created after initial complaints were filed against Marineland, Kiska can’t participate in the higher-energy training sessions, which are vital for her mental and physical health, nor can she either be moved someplace she can be with other orcas or bring another to her for companionship.


These controversial statements sparked a heated debate, with some viewers supporting Baisch and others strongly disagreeing with her. At the moment, there is no official information regarding Kiska’s condition or future plans for her.

Beluga encounters at MarineLand
Credit: MarineLand Park

While Marineland’s debate continues, the Park reopened its gates to welcome Guests for the season on May 21st.

More on Marineland Park

Marineland Park describes itself as an aquarium, a zoo, an amusement Park, a family day out, and a family holiday destination, as stated on the Park’s website.

Lady bug coaster at MarineLand
Credit: MarineLand Park

With Orca and Beluga whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, and North American mammals, including black bears, bison, elk, and deer, Marineland Park has plenty of animal encounters to fascinate Guests on their visit to the Park. And with over a dozen attractions for the entire family, including Orca Screamer, Bumble Bee, Ocean Odyssey, Sky Screamer, Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster, and the upcoming Eagle Tower and Star Voyager, Marineland is a great destination for the whole family to enjoy!

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