Comments for Oscars In Shambles, Online Bots Slashed Marvel’s Chance For An Award

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man (right), Tom Holland as Spider-Man (middle), and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man (left)

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures


  1. Blu

    Marvel movies didn’t get nominated because they are terrible films – stop kidding yourselves lmao

    1. Kae

      Boo. I gather you are not a lover of Marvel, nor know the history of it. If you did, you’d be able to appreciate the hard work that has been produced by ALL of the talented people that work ON and IN The MCU. What Marvel Studios has been able to do that FOX and SONY keeps getting wrong is AMAZING. DC keeps regurgitating the same old team, never developing anything new. But I guess that tickles your fancy. And the fact that DC fans used bots tells that even they know their own universe sucks. MCU=INTEGRITY
      More Class Undisputed
      Don’t Care Underhanded

    2. Kang

      It’s called punctuation.

  2. Rcf72

    What a ridiculous article. The reason why Marvel Movies don’t win the top academy awards is because they aren’t worthy of doing so. These films are meant to follow a formula that will make them money. They are not meant to win awards.

    Besides. Who cares? Are more people going to see Spider Man because it was nominated for best picture? Are more people going to watch the Oscars if Marvel films are nominated? The reward for the hard work of the Marvel team is gobs and gobs of box office.

    Despite what you read more people watch the Oscars than any other non-Soorts tv event or show. Why should the Oscars cater to an audience that doesn’t care, never cared, and won’t care.

  3. G

    Snyder movies are trash hasn’t been a good one so far. I guess stealing votes is the only way they were going to win

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