Here’s How To Opt-Out of Disney Selling Your Information

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Personal privacy is a hot topic these days, and with more and more sales, communications, and business dealings being done online, people are wanting to take back control of their information. Facebook, Twitter, and a hundred other useful apps all have various policies on privacy and selling information (and what types of information they collect) and Disney is no different. Here’s how to opt-out of Disney selling your information.

Here’s How To Opt-Out of Disney Selling Your Information

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Right on the bottom of each page of the Disney Parks websites, you’ll notice some very fine print. It’s here that you will see a clearly marked “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” URL to click, leading you to Disney’s Privacy Web Form.  At the top, Disney clearly states that this form was created as a part of following the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which

“permits you to request to opt out of the “sale” of your personal information to third parties. Please provide the following information so that we may process your request. You can learn more about Do Not Sell My Information Rights here. To submit a request by phone, you may also call: (877) 466-6669. If you are an authorized agent making a CCPA opt out request on behalf of a California consumer, please do not use this form. Instead, please visit to submit the request.

By submitting the form below you will be exercising your Do Not Sell My Personal Information right.”

We tested the form, as even as a non-California resident, the form was accepted with another state’s information. If you are interested in exercising this “Do Not Sell My Personal Information right”, we recommend you try the form!

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If and when your form submission is successful, not only will you be told on the screen, but you will also be sent an email confirmation to your contact email of choice, notifying you of your submission and giving you lots of other information. You may print or store this email for your records.

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This whole process is very important, given that in April of 2021, Disney came under fire for selling the information of children who were using their smart device apps. The lawsuit was settled and confirmed that Disney, “Viacom, and 10 advertising technology firms have agreed to remove or disable certain advertising software from their apps to address the accusations that they violated the privacy of millions of children.”  The same story was told in 2017, as preceded this lawsuit when over 42 apps were discovered by parents as “spying on children” and selling information.

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We’re glad to see this option clearly marked on Disney’s website, and hope you use it, should you choose. You can read more about Disney’s privacy policies, including audience measurements (Nielsen ratings), social media opt-outs, internet-based advertising, and more on their pages.

Do you consistently opt-out of the sale of your information? Leave us a comment below!

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