Comments for One ‘Doctor Strange’ Scene Probably Ruined the MCU For Fans

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Jack

    I hope John Krasinski comes back!! He was fantastic (no pun intended) for the few minutes he had on screen – magnetic charisma, drama, looked great in the costume, etc. It was devastating to see him die so soon after his intro. I’d love to see him develop the character more in an entirely different universe. Reed is hard to access in the original comics, but his brain power keeps things so interesting. If anyone could ground the character and make him likable and accessible in modern times, it would be Krasinski.

    1. Aaron

      That scene was dope. Not at all ruined.

      1. Aaron

        Sorry was meant to be a general comment

      2. CourtneyB

        Agree! It’s a variant group in ONE universe so the MCU can still do plenty with the characters and/or actors. And it was rated PG13 for a reason. I raised three kids. It’s up to parents to check things out. When I worked in a library, I had one parent get pissy when returning Antz because of some mild swearing. It’s rated PG not G. Read the box!

  2. Junior

    To say that fan favorites die and would be afraid to see MCU is a stretch. If anyone saw what if.. they knew what was coming.

  3. Jason

    Show me you didn’t understand the Marvel multiverse without telling me you didn’t understand the Marvel multiverse 😂

    1. CalledIt


  4. Pere Jackson

    John Krasinki’s agent shouldnt write movie reviews. And to complain of character deaths in an action movie? That’s what the hell happens!!

  5. Axauv

    She was never cut in half, where did this rumor get started? you see her start to fall fully intact, both halves together. all they did was rewrite the laws of physics for a really stupid cinematic moment that made no sense. the shield hit her hard enough to kill her, but didn’t even knock her down.

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