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Rupert Friend as the Grand Inquisitor

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Walt

    Plot Twist…

    Rebels sucked… big time! Truth hurts don’t it.

    1. CalledIt

      Says someone who didn’t even watch Rebels. Truth hurts don’t it.

      And villains thought to be dead often come back in Star Wars (Darth Maul, Boba Fett etc) as it’s part of the Saturday serial episode George envision it being like.

    2. Steve-O

      Well, I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion no matter how idiotic or wrong it is.

      1. Chris Wood

        For a show called obi-wan, they spent more time on the focus of Reva. Who clearly isn’t a member of the inquisitors. They didn’t bother to call her sister so in so, but by her name. Clearly they don’t respect her and that is why she goes about bullying and threating people in the fashion that she does. Clearly the writers want to make her character such a bad ass, that she would attack the grand Inquisitor. If she had fought Obi-Wan she would have lost. She will be done in by the inquisitors for her betrayal.

        1. They literally called her the Third Sister.

        2. Brian Walters

          They called her third sister several times

        3. Nick

          Except during the first scene on Tatooine when she about slices Nari in half. Grand Inquisitor quite clearly calls her Third Sister. Don’t get mad just because you didn’t pay attention.

        4. Logan

          She’s the third sister and she was intentionally written to be annoying and insubordinate. The Grand Inquisitor will return, as he doesn’t actually die until Rebels season 1.

        5. Atarino

          He straight out called her 3rd sister. Psy ataintion.

    3. Logan

      That’s your opinion and many fans, myself included, strongly disagree. I loved Rebels and enjoyed it more than most of clone wars. Maul, Ahsoka, the inquisitors, Vader, and Thrawn are awesome villains. People are going to freak out when Thrawn appears in the Ahsoka show.

      1. Fairburne

        I agree with you. Rebels was excellent. First season not so much but each season got better. The live action sequel AKA Ahsoka should be fantastic.

  2. Shane

    They’re not going to kill off Reva. She’ll be the LAST character to bite it. Trust me.

    1. Clipz

      Spoiler alert .……………………………….

      Reva is killed by Vader once she realizes what really happened with the Jedi’s/Order 66 and she tries to save Obi-wan

    2. Logan

      Nah Vader’s definitely going to kill her. She’s insubordinate and, more importantly, knows that Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Vader REALLY doesn’t like people knowing that.

  3. Wudchuk

    The Grand Inquisitor isn’t dead. Nobody in Star Wars dies from a gut shot. Well, except for Qui-Gon, no major character has died from a gut shot.

    1. Wise_Jedi

      Qui-Gon didn’t die of a gunshot. Darth Maul killed him in their duel on Naboo.

      1. Elan

        Read what he said. Gut shot is a lightsaber to the abdomen which is exactly how qui gon died. Read it over before responding.

      2. Fairburne

        He said gut shot as in stabbed in the gut with a light saber. Wise Jedi you are not.

    2. Julio Figueroa

      Does the name Greedo ring any bells? Or how about Tobias Beckett?

  4. Nino dicosola

    The grand inquistor isn’t dead. He shows up in rebels which is based AFTER obi-wan. The only thing that bothers me is the cannon aspect of obi-wan and Leia. In a new hope Leia talks like she doesn’t know him when she sends her message with R2. The only way I see this changing is obi-wan does sort of a mind wipe or her memory of him. Otherwise they screwed that up

    1. Andrew

      Not technically, he introduces himself as Ben Kenobi to her in the show. She sends the message with R2 to obi wan Kenobi. Kenobi could have possible been a somewhat popular last name. Luke didn’t make the connection when he saw the message between obi wan and Ben. When Luke rescues Leia on the ship he said I’m here with Ben Kenobi. He didn’t say obi wan. She got excited and said “BEN KENOBI, BEN KENOBI IS HERE??!!!” So she knew Ben but didn’t necessarily make the connection to obi wan. So it’s not technically a plot hole, and she won’t need her memory wiped. It actually works out in a way.

  5. Wise_Jedi

    Qui-Gon didn’t die of a gunshot. Darth Maul killed him in their duel on Naboo.

  6. Jerry Hazard

    The Reva character is the biggest mistake in Kenobi, and history won’t treat her well.

    1. Julio Figueroa

      She really is a bad character and this has nothing to do with the color of her skin. She’s just so cringy and out of place. Every time I saw her I thought she was from some low grade action flick and not a part of SW.

  7. Fairburne

    “Even if the next episode shows that the Grand Inquisitor is recovering, Star Wars definitely ruined the character by making him look super weak in the series as if he could do nothing more than wave his lightsaber and bark orders at others.”

    I have 2 problems with this. Bad writing. If you are going to state your opinion you should phrase it that way.
    The second your opinion in my opinion sucks. It’s not hard to believe the GQ was over confident and let his guard down. And if you disagree with that you are trying to hard to not like the show which makes you almost as bad as a common troll. Of course these are just my opinions. I don’t like to state things as facts when they are just opinions.

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