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  1. EricJ

    How long before they start saying that to their rapidly bailing customers?

    (Me, I’ve ALWAYS hated Reed Hastings, but more for his getting rid of the disk-by-mail service to begin with.)

  2. Pocho Villa

    Netflix took a brave stand but I hope they don’t back down like Chapek did at Disney. But what did Disney learn Go Woke Go Broke.

  3. drew who

    Maybe Netflix realized that after their recent downturn that woke content was at least partly to blame .

    Now if only they learned the same lesson about cancelling so many of their original drama shows on a cliffhanger after one or two seasons .

  4. theresa

    It’s very interesting that the vast majority of comments on various Mainstream News Media articles about this particular situation, AGREE with NETFLIX actions!

    The ‘Woke’ comments are few.

    Maybe people are tired on the non-stop ‘SJW Gender Drama’ and the overall ‘Social Mood’ is shifting back to a moderate position?

  5. Chris Doerksen

    Netflix is perfectly within their rights to tell their employees that this is the job and if you don’t like it go work somewhere else. Since when do employees get to decide how a company operates? You don’t like it? Hit the road pal!

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