Comments for Disney Darling Neil Patrick Harris Under Fire For “Disgusting” Behavior

neil patrick harris taking selfie with mickey mouse

Credit: Disney


  1. Arlankford

    Perversions on parade

    1. Troll Destroyer

      Lemme finish violating your mom and I’ll reply to your childish comment.

      1. jal11180

        My mother will most likely fill you up with more leaf than a radiation bunker if you dared to try that with her. The person that you replied to was right. Now as for the actions of the bigot that you are defending, sure, Amy Winehouse was, not surprisingly enough, a drunken train wreck of a human being, but Neil honestly is a jerk to do the thing that he did and I hope that his end is worse than hers, that his co-deviants also has a similar ending, that both of them happen as soon as possible, and that the children will get a good, strong, and heterosexual family to care for them, as well as get actual therapy to rid themselves from the brainwashing of the LGBTQ movement cult.

        1. jal11180


        2. Stayebound

          You want to see a bigot? Look in the mirror. I can’t imagine wasting energy hating who someone loves when it has absolutely NO affect on me.

        3. Utukxulbarra


        4. P.K.Valor. Valo

          By outing yourself as a bigot homophobe your opinion no longer is valid to anyone. Go back to drinking your Trump Kool aid and dating your cousin

          1. Eman Laer

            More valid than your own.

        5. Jess

          You have your head so far up your bum it’s no wonder you can’t think clearly.

        6. Zombieavalanche88

          She should’ve gone to rehab….

          1. Frank

            NO NO NO

      2. Dave

        Who. Effin. Cares. People who have nothing to do with their own existence that they have to look for stuff on social media to be offended by? People who front like they give a crap about people online and ignore them irl? Damn people, pay attention to your own kids, your own families, your own selves… We live in a world of fkn sissies, where everybody has to think about what they say 50 thousand times before saying it, and still get harassed online by the cowards sitting behind their screens feigning outrage at the stupidest things. Get over it.

        1. Louis Bailey


      3. Louis Bailey

        People need to look in their own closets at their own skeletons.
        Do they want those rattled publicly?
        Thought not…so let’s leave doogie be,and get offended at the baby formula shortage,rather than what some millionaire did years ago.

      1. Mark

        Big deal. Most of you carry on with your day without changing your underwear. My question is did it taste good? Possible chocolate marble cake?

        1. Vandevil

          I hope red velvet. Mmm.

          1. HereToday

            Rum cake. With extra spirits.

      2. So what. Amy whining house wasnt even good. People only care cause now disney is “evil”. The retardation of the states is almost complete.

        1. Tiffany

          It wasn’t a cake. It was a meat platter made to look like her corpse. If you’re going to get outraged about something atleast get the facts straight

      1. Bluto


    2. Mark L Sheldon

      Yes you are

    3. TemporaryInVanity

      Agreed! There is no understanding of decorum, self respect nor respect for others. Just simple vulgarity.

    4. Not a sheep

      Who flippin’ cares? What would be worse is if the cake really tasted like the corpse of Amy Winehouse. Was it in bad taste… yes. Was it funny… absolutely. The cake actually looks better than Winehouse.

    5. Alice

      Honestly, addicts get what’s coming to them. And if you’re actively searching for a decade old tweet, that’s on you.

  2. Thomas

    I am so sick of these people just looking for things to offended over trying to get their 15 minutes. Amy Winehouse killed herself get over it.

  3. David

    Might feel upset if this surface 10 years ago, but this seems like someone with a bone to pick with NPH.

    1. BlondeAgent

      I know! People need to stop with this garbage cancel culture!

      1. dxd

        That’s right. You can’t cancel the truth no matter how hard you try.

  4. ElRataAlada

    Classic gwar esque joke. I love it lol

    1. Jack in Burbank

      Amy Winehouse has been dead for over a decade. Who gives a damn about this really? Find some real issues to be offended about. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it came to light that the whole woke movement was an NSA plot to provide the information challenged with distractions from the real issues plaguing our country and the world.

      1. Mazie

        Why did they wait so damned long to say anything about that cake? So they have a thing for PNH?? Seems like it. His humor at Halloween is well known for years, but you don’t wait 10 years to talk about something someone did you object to! Talk about a lack of brain cells for time management.

      2. de

        I believe that those who truly loved her and miss her daily like her family, parents, friends etc, this was a vile disgusting 3xcuse for ” humor”…
        If it were your child, wife, mother, sister, friend etc..you might get why this is disturbing beyond a decent human with compassion. Our society is now immune to compassion for anyone but themselves.

  5. William Cravens

    Why are we surprised? What do we expect from weirdos and freaks, but weirdness and freakiness?

    1. Troll Destroyer

      We, weirdos and freaks, run the world. Get over it, and bow down!

      1. Lr

        I mean, this happened in 2011, time to get over it.

        1. Phillip Steele

          Correct! A “ONE HIT WONDER “ who sadly took her life YEARS AGO!!!

      2. Not a sheep

        I don’t think you do.

      3. Glenda Tuerck

        With what is going on in the world, this isn’t something worth while mentioning. It happened a while ago and I’m sure they have learned from this.
        Who hasn’t done something we regret. We’re human and it happens.
        Let’s concentrate on real problems and come together to help solve.

        1. de

          It’s more than regret. Why would anyone even think that was numerous? Neil sounds to me like one sick puppy.

      4. Carl

        Once I thought I saw a freak
        But then it turned out to
        be a geek
        But hey they all look alike right 😳

      5. jal11180

        No, YOU bow down to YAHWEH EL ELOHIM and His Holy Word, or you will have anything and everything that you value, hold sacred, hold dear, idolize, worship, and love not only turned and used against you, but that those things will also be destroyed alongside yourself at the same time… your call, you intolerant bigot.

    2. Mark L Sheldon

      the only people who are not considered weirdos or freaks are the people faking it let christians the most evil people in the world are religious

      1. Phillip Steele

        Correct! A “ONE HIT WONDER “ who sadly took her life YEARS AGO!!!

        1. Morons Everywhere

          She wasn’t a one hit wonder and she didn’t take her own life. You’ve embarrassed yourself there pal.

          1. jal11180

            Speaking of morons, here you are commenting. If you were smart, then you would quit talking.

      2. jal11180

        Ironically says the person that treats their deviancy as a religion, but, please, keep digging the hole that you are in deeper and deeper.

        1. Jess

          Wars fought over it. People pushing it on others still to this day, brainwashing people. There’s probably a lot more.

      3. True…..true…

    3. Pagan

      What “weirdos and freaks” do you mean? Or are you just putting your homophobia on display?

  6. Judith Haney

    Anytime someone gives Disney a headache, they from me get a virtual high-five 👏👍💅👠 It really does sound like somebody is setting up NPH. “And” that needs “Sorted”

    1. I do not see the what WDW has to do with NPH’s ” cake?”. Why is this Disney news? I do not care how squeaky clean you may be. If anyone searches for ” dirt” on you, they will find something. I do not care what other people do. I care about my family and myself. Keep the conversation going. Please stay safe, healthy and happy everyone.

      1. Andrew

        Next story, serial killer Dahmer loved Disneyland.

        1. Bennett Lavorino


        2. Mike G

          Incorrect. That would of be the Nightstalker Richard Ramirez

        3. Poo suck likes!

    2. jal11180

      It is just simply Game of Thrones in real life.

    3. jal11180

      Seriously, modders? Are you intentionally trying to make myself look bad by using Autocorrect against myself? What is wrong with using the words by and other normal words?

  7. Eunita Johnson

    Outraged about a Halloween cake photo that was put out 10 years ago enough to try to ruin a man’s career. -Nobody who is reasonable.

    That’s the modern clueless Marie Antoinette crowd who are grasping at straws to fire people who work at Netflix for political reasons.

    You can’t make this up. “Let them eat cake” indeed, while baby formula is tainted and nobody can buy it. 🤔

    1. Eunita Johnson

      And guess who doesn’t care? People who can’t have children.

      1. Eunita Johnson

        How’s that for identitarianism? How is intersectionality when it doesn’t serve you for once?

        1. jal11180

          What was the point that you were trying to make, you know, other than the one that is on top of your head?

    2. Eugene Gamblin

      Omg people have nothing better to do the dig up yrs old dirt people really need to get a life it seems very convenient just as NPH is coming out with a new show about a newly single 40yr gay man looks likes the right wing has it out for him. For god sakes get a life and leave David and Neil alone

      1. Michael L Clark

        Yes, just like Trump talked about grabbing women by the crotch from a billionaire was ignored by the women. That was 15 years before he was elected. Ever here how RN nurses talk when they think no man is near by. Make Trump sound soft. Yet dems couldn’t forget it.

        1. Minney22

          You’re comparing bad taste over a Halloween cake to raping 15 women? What planet are you from?

      2. Anna

        Disgusting fool. Ban him. But Disney doesn’t have the guts.

      3. jal11180

        The left has had it out on the right for years. What did you all expect to happen?

        1. TZ

          Why is it that Trump is always brought up in a subject that had nothing to do with him or never mentioned in it 11 years ago? N how do you know it was a right wing? Just have to bring politics into anything so you can get a dig in? Should we start bashing Biden who has nothing to do with this either?

  8. Are you a real reporter or just a troll?

    1. Eunita Johnson

      I was thinking the same thing. Total joke. With everything going on in the world, this is who we got folks.

  9. Eunita Johnson

    Sorry, I meant straight white men… I don’t know what you were just thinking about then. 😉

    Gotta keep the narrative.

  10. Michela

    I am really not mad about this. Can we stop being offended and talk about the real issue? Drug addiction has No prejudice and will take you rich or poor. Let’s stop pulling back and saying it is in poor taste to highlight the disgusting power that drugs have on people. Was the cake in poor taste? Maybe. Do drugs take away amazing people? YES! It’s like that meme: I will kidnap your loved one, take everything from them, and return them to you in a box. Stop being offended and try to be part of the solution.

    1. Marti

      Well said 👏

    2. jal11180

      I have to be honest with you and part of that honesty is that even LGBTQ people agree that they are even more trapped with addictions to drugs and alcohol per Capita than the rest of the general population. LGBTQ mindsets are steeped in lots of self-hatred, as well as the hatred of other people, despite their claims otherwise on the matter, as anyone that has more than one functional brain cell can easily see that they have all lost the plot.


      What if someone made a cake depicting sodomy?

  11. LwaPols

    NPH is an overrated actor. He was awful in Matrix Resurrections, just an awful performance. Not surprised to find out he’s a terrible human-being too.

    1. Mike G

      How exactly is a terrible human being? Just because you dont like his acting or perhaps his sexual orientation?

      1. Liam

        He probably doesn’t like his sexual orientation, but he doesn’t want to admit he’s a bigot, so he’s trying to find other things to be angry about.
        Or he’s just biased.

        1. jal11180

          Being LGBTQ is being biased but default.

          1. jal11180

            Being LGBTQ is being biased by default.

      2. Pagan

        He and his husband are lovely people. You, however, with your homophobia on display, are not.

  12. Nothing. Absolutely nothing is more worthless than articles such as this. Oh. Wait a minute, I am mistaken. Writing courses, writers, sites feeling that they are gaining readership, or providing anything but the lessening of our world and waste of our time. The best response? Make a note of both those perpetuating garbage, writers producing it. Blacklist, boycott both.
    My opinion, of course – but I did not have to attack anyone, or be a non accredited critic, imply anyone be denied work or simply perpetuate lies – beyond my inability to find real employment that is…..
    -jAnthony Perez, yes. It IS like that. Turn off offending sites.

  13. Sherri

    I don’t see any issues with the cake. Why is it so horrid that an actor displays it, or a reg person? People need to stop being offended by every little thing! Ur all sissies! Put a pair of big girl/boy panties on and grow up! Actors and stars deserve there private life!

    1. jal11180

      If you want a private life, then you should not be making public statements and expecting that you know will make people angry and that will most likely be a poor life decision. People that are like yourself are ironically the offended snowflakes here.


      Let’s make a cake depicting sodomy.

  14. Marti

    This was from 10 years ago. Why are people actively seeking things to get their panties in a knot over? The cake didn’t hurt me or anyone else, it was a Halloween cake ffs, who cares?

    1. jal11180

      You clearly cared enough to not only read the article, but to also comment on said article.

  15. Michy

    It’s hypocritical to say “that was bad!” And then share the pic on a comment I made about being happy about the project. As tho sharing it ten years later isn’t also horrible. This perpetuates pain. Nph shouldn’t have done it but the self-righteous haters are just as awful bc they want others to choke on their hate.
    Hate is a poison I don’t drink. Evolve.

    1. Anon


    2. jal11180

      Evolution is a lie, just like the ones that LGBTQ people live under and just like the one that Amy Winehouse lived under in her own life. “There is a way that seem right to a person, but in the end, it will always lead to death”. The demons are indeed infighting now.

  16. Cendra

    I crossed paths with the story and photo yesterday for the first time…… The fact that 10 years have passed does not lesson the revulsion I felt. Amy Winehouse was a brilliant talent gone too soon, and using that as fodder to get a laugh is revolting. At a minimum, it was disgustingly poor taste, something I would expect out of a 14-year-old boy who doesn’t know any better. It isn’t funny or clever on any level. I didn’t know NPH or any of his movies or shows. I don’t give a rats ass that he’s gay. But to me, this is a very clear signal that as a human being, he has a long way to go.

    1. Tiffany

      Are you foreign?

    2. jbdean

      The fact that you admitted that you know nothing about Neil Patrick Harris (other than he’s gay) but yet you have come to a conclusion based on one single incident – from 10 years ago, might I add – says more about you than this cake says about Neil Patrick Harris.

      You are judge mental and you are bias because you admit that you know the talent of Amy but you know nothing about Neil Patrick Harris’ talent. That statement says more about you and that YOU “have a long way to go.” Go do some personal soul-searching before you come online and bash someone that, by your own admittance, you know hardly anything about.

      1. jal11180

        Were you not ironically being judgemental with your own comment, you modern day Pharisee hypocrite?

    3. Liam

      Boy, the girl left rehab a million times. She would be alive if she wasn’t so gd stupid.
      Yeah the cakes in bad taste, but it’s forever old and who gives a crap? Oh no! *Clutches pearls* I am SO OFFENDED!
      The poster above me said it better than I could. Jfc get a job or something.

  17. Mikebob

    It was 10 years ago. He may have long since realized it was a mistake. NPH is a talented guy. He was great in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and on Broadway as Bobby in. COMPANY. This is James Gunn all over again.

  18. Chuck

    Omg … ewwww, get over it , y’all have nothing more to do but Squeal and get your panties is a knot about some poor joke that happened 10 let me say that again TEN years ago.. wow get a life …..

  19. Melissa

    It happened 10 years ago- get over it. Being offended over something that happened 10 years ago is pretty pathetic. Get over it.

  20. Abdullah

    Raping? Where’s the disinformation police???

    1. Attor Kneeatlarge

      Yaknow, if Amy Wino hadn’t quit rehab for the 20th time, then made a song about bragging about quitting said rehab when she needed it most, then she probably wouldn’t have died and this never would have happened.

      I don’t blame NPH for capitalizing on someone else’s stupidity.

      Amy Wino played stupid games and won stupid prizes.

  21. The Situation

    Harris has always been an angry little fag.

    1. Mike G

      Bigoted much?

      1. jal11180

        Ironically says the whiny intolerant bigot that is yourself.

    2. Liam

      Aww, leaky bum? I get it. It would make me grouchy too. Tell your boyfriend to go easier on you hon.

    3. Dear Reader

      Says the angry little homophobe.

  22. jbdean

    Firstly, this was a private party and no one was physically harmed. So basically if you weren’t invited to the party, it’s none of your business.

    Secondly, people nowadays just look for reasons to be offended. Was it distasteful? Yeah, I guess so. But did it harm anybody? Did it get put out there publicly for the world to see on purpose? No. No.

    So get out of peoples’ personal business and worry more about your own life.

  23. Corey M

    Seems like people are crying over nothing, mind your own P’s and Q’s and let others live. It was a private party, I wish I had a cake like that. It would not even bother me if he had a Betty White cake, it is all in good fun.

  24. LER

    Someone had to back dig back 10 entire years to find something mildly problematic about NPH, and what did they find from someone who does comedy? A old poorly thought out joke. Oh noes! Better not tell this person about any other comedian ever.

  25. Amanda

    This happened 10 damn years ago, stop hunting for things to get offended by and grow up!

  26. MJ Whitley

    Aren’t friends supposed to remind friends the consequences of doing drugs, Especially at a party, this woke cancel culture need stop before you are next victim! But we have come along ways 25 years ago would because he has a husband, Wait Disney is in Florida teacher K thru 3 teacher can read this in class now. But Disney believes they should. Bur may that is the point it is Adult Private party it’s nobody else’s business what happened. No laws were broke it is none of our Business leave the people alone.

  27. BlondeAgent

    Oh my goodness are you serious? 10 years ago? Stop trying to cancel people for stupid stuff they did in the past. I’m sure everyone of us have done something stupid in our past that you wish you hadn’t done that doesn’t reflect your current self that you probably wouldn’t want brought up because it isn’t who you are now so stop doing it to other people!

  28. Chris Wood

    Neil Patrick Harris and his Husband are certainly with in their rights to have a party that they see fit. Is it in poor taste to make fun of the dead? Yes! Especially a gay couple preaching equal rights and everyone should be treated fairly. But I’m sure that this isn’t the first time Hollywood and the elites did or said something in poor taste. Madonna, Kathy Griffin and a host of others.


      Petty and deceitful coming from a model of modernity. We need to shut off people telling us how to think and live when they show this arrogance.

  29. James

    What is wrong with you? How is a 12 year old Halloween tweet, however in bad taste it may be, in anyway relevant to this site or why people come here in the first place. Stories like this are why cost us a timely guardians 3 and the original vision of the phase 4 of the mcu. Shame on you for engaging in such sensationalize nonsense. Time to course correct.

    1. Zack


      1. RES

        Could you imagine a Michael Jackson 10 year old cake depicting a young boy on the cake with him. Would we leave that be just because it is 10 years old, albeit sickening?

        1. Frank

          False equivalence and rather stupid argument.

  30. Chris B

    22 years later lol.

  31. Zack

    I honestly wished we would stop acting like celebrities aren’t human beings and stop with all the backlash and hate…yes this is wrong and in bad taste but I don’t believe in constantly reminding them of things they do wrong or make errors on…they are people and aren’t perfect just like us only it seems because of them being celebrities they are hounded or constantly reminded of mistakes…


      Because they are constantly attacking traditional values and telling others how to think and live.

      1. Frank

        The “values” you pluck randomly out of a fairytale should never dictate how other people live their lives.

  32. Liam

    The poster was right, people are aggressively looking for things to get angry and offended about. Why else would someone give a crap about a non historical event about celebrities that was made ten years ago?
    Ukraine is under siege, Murikuh is taking away women’s right, China is rioting, North Korea has a Corona outbreak, but yeah. Let’s all dig up a ten year picture and whine about how offended we are.
    You people are either rich, children or/and suburban soccer moms with nothing to do. Grow up.

    1. Liam

      *12 year old photo

    2. Nicholas


    3. Gin

      Why does everyone put down suburban soccer moms? Ugh. What did they do? I wasn’t offended by the cake. See prior comment.

  33. mary

    untalented actor with kids that dont have is DNA thank god…if this offends you ..call me in 10 yrs

    1. jal11180

      You will probably be dead by then and I will be spared from your form of idiocy.

  34. Brass

    I think it would be more funny to see a dead NPH cake. Of course no one would eat it because it taste bad and smells funny. It would just be thrown away and looked at in disgust. Much like NPH’S career.

    1. Frank

      @Brass I bet NPH would think it was hilarious if someone made a hideous grotesque cake depicting his corpse for Halloween shortly after his death, especially if it also tasted disgusting. I get YOU don’t find humor in it, but who are you to decide nobody else should?

  35. Amy's undertaker

    Boo hoo. It was 10 years ago. Get over it. Or cry harder. I don’t really care.

  36. Indifferent

    I like that someone said that Winehouse had “more talent” than NPH. Define talent… Cause if we apply that to survival… I think we know who the real talented one is.

    1. Kayzar

      Damn bro, I’d say you killed her, but she did that herself

  37. Nicholas

    Yes I was aware. He already has criticized for it back when it happened in 2011. All you zoomers need to stop looking for things to be offended about. My God…

  38. Thomas G Robinson

    I love how his very one-sided article continues to bring up Disney not only in the title but throughout the writings. Are you trying to create a situation? Are you trying to get Disney’s attention so they will end their relationship with NPH over this? What is your agenda? Yes, it was in poor taste, but is it worth a rehashing all these years later? And is this the worst behavior of a person at all? I’m sure theees more crap out there that actually deserves you getting your feathers ruffled over. Insert eye roll here.

    1. Gin


    2. Gin

      And nice neck thomas

    3. Nancina

      Disney needs to just
      go away in all forms.

  39. Linda

    Super disgusting and gross that kind of mentality doesn’t deserve publicity

  40. Ann Doyle

    Cake doesn’t even look like her, but does resemble a dead drag queen or Trans person who was recently murdered

    1. Frank

      @Ann Doyle are you referring to the one in your trunk?

  41. Cary

    I love Amy and like nph enough. Common sense isn’t common. This is the 1st time hearing about it and that cake is offensive.
    Did he apologize back then? If not he should apologize now.

    I don’t believe in cancel culture but do believe in accountability for all.

    1. jal11180

      Hmm, I just remembered, oh, yes, LGBTQ people, things like this are reasons why Christian bakers do not want to promote your idiocy in the world.

      1. Wisdomguru

        Oh what ev. Bakers don’t want to do their cakes because of their own homophobic idiocies. They are missing out on a hell of a market. Some one who strictly does cakes for the LGBTQ community could really rack up in L.A. and N.Y. I wish I lived there, my ass would be said bakery for the LGBTQ and any other person that wants me of course.

    2. Jan

      Cary then you should be held accountable for your judgment as well!

  42. Mamamermaid

    He’s definitely more the nph from Harold and Kumar than this fake Disney persona..

    1. Frank

      @hammermemaid You don’t know NPH and you can’t determine who he is as a person from the characters he depicts in movies and on TV. It’s acting of course the “persona’s” are fake. Jesus Christ

  43. Jamie Coughlin

    Was it tasteless? (the joke, maybe the cake was good?) Yes. Is it worth ruining someone over? No. Jeez people get over yourselves. Not many people are so without sin they could withstand the scrutiny of the SJW mob, not even the mob itself. Heck especially the mob, they are the ones who attack people without mercy for stupid things.

  44. Gin

    Take it from a 60 year old. Poor choice. Hurtful to family if they saw it. Conspiracy theories for why this has creeped up after 11 1/2 years please. He must be a good guy. That’s who some people like to destroy. He didn’t do anything worse in the 11 1/2 years? Dang. Be good to each other. These comments are ugly.

    1. jal11180

      Being LGBTQ is not being good and the Luciferian globalist elite are considering who to sacrifice for their boss Lucifer. Also, the ugliest comments are originating from the people that are ironically claiming to not be judgemental, as well as being tolerant, open minded, progressive, and diverse, you know, the LGBTQ movement cult. You want people to be nice, then tell that to them because they were the bullies first.

      1. What?! I’m in a cult??! I always get bad news while taking a sh*t. Always!

      2. Frank

        @jal380 have you been toking the devil’s lettuce? Don’t you know marijuana makes you violent? You sound high and angry as hell. How many bong rips did you inject before spewing your violet hate all over this thread? Seek help before you murder your entire family with the fury of a stoner.

  45. Rteker

    Ok made no sense in writing about something that happened ELEVEN years ago, just a sorry jackass who has nothing else to write about

  46. Tc

    It was 10 years ago…STOP messing with people’s lives…it’s the social and news media that suck…

  47. Niki

    Oh ffs it was Halloween and she is famous. Talk about something important besides what rich people are doing on a holiday.

  48. Mort

    What does the 27 club have to do with NPH and Disney?

  49. Vicki

    If it had been a straight white man, say a Matt Gaetz , the Conservatives wouldn’t be saying a word! NPH is a gay man so he must be a horrible human being. Meanwhile, Gaetz is accused of taking a young girl across state lines for sex …but that’s okay! Maybe Conservatives should worry more about who is truly a pervert!

    BTW, the cake was gross! I would never have anything like that in my house but I don’t really care much for Halloween or scary things! My idea of Halloween is dressing up as a beloved Literary character and bring a living book report! To much blood and gore in this world already!

    1. jal11180

      I do not care who did what, if a person does evil, and they are unrepentant of the crime against YAHWEH EL ELOHIM and His Holy Word, then they deserve condemnation, as well as just punishment, period, full stop.

      1. Frank

        @jalarule11180 Full stop? FULL STOP!? You know who full stops?! Hitler! And probably teletubbies.

  50. DavidA

    Getting outraged over a 10 yo picture?
    Seems like you want to be outraged.

  51. Homer Simpson

    Amy would have loved it. Y’all need to lighten the f¥çk up.

  52. LoveYouNeil

    And yet here you are writing an article about it to try and help hype up this nothing to begin with story….. Slow news day or you have an agenda?

  53. Anne M

    Did that Florida governor start this? He’s mega mad at Disney and he hates gays. Just asking.

    1. Jan

      Stirring a pot are you Anne M? OUR governor has much better things to do besides judge what your snarky comments are and to be concerned about what someone that is clueless about our state other than what you are told in the liberal media think!

    2. Frank

      @anne that is exactly what i was thinking. This some kind of smear campaign against Disney and anyone they employ especially if they are LGBTQ.

  54. Amanda

    All the people mad about this now are ten years too late. Get over it.

  55. Stephen welsh

    Absolutely disgusting and in poor taste!

  56. Papelo

    Outrage cancel culture babies have nothing better to do. Thankfully this woke crap is ending as the majority of level-headed logical human beings are over the small amount of triggered folks crying when the wind blows. Land of the free and home of the brave not weaklings

  57. Jan

    How dare they be real people and not perfect because we know all of those that are so judgmental are perfect! Go digging and I am sure we could find something on every single person on earth! They are human and as such can make mistakes just like everyone of you!

  58. Sally

    *eye roll* Really? Isn’t Halloween supposed to be silly or gross? I mean if NPH did this for the sake of doing it ie: Kathy Griffin; that’s different

  59. Issa

    “Just a few months after the “Rehab” singer’s untimely passing…” Are you serious? This picture is from 2011. Faux outrage is not retroactive. Some of ya’ll are miserable and need to be mad and unhappy about something. SEEK HELP! Disney stop entertaining this.

  60. Laura

    I would like to thank you for being such a model Christian!! I can feel the peace, forgiveness and love for thy enemies. Jesus must be so proud to have YOU as an example of his love and teachings! 🤣🤣🤣

  61. VSW

    You know if you were a fan of Amy this display is campy and exactly something SHE would have adored and laughed her ass off.

  62. Brittany

    What a disgusting, pathetic, ignorant and selfish display of a little man’s need for attention. This is so disturbing, distasteful and foul! Just imagine if they had a child who died of an overdose and another childish celebrity decided to create this obscene cake and share it for the entire world to see!!! 😡

    1. Frank

      More false equivalencies. America please learn to form a proper argument.

  63. JohnJacob

    Poor taste but not that serious. People need to get a life and find more important things to be mad about.

  64. Gsjdkd did d

    It was an awesome looking cake

  65. Dr. Gonzo

    I’ll bet a lot of people saying “who cares” would be offended by a “Kurt Cobain cake” that depicted a shotgun and a blown out head.

    Honestly? It is repulsive and in poor taste. I’d have been visually disgusted if I was there.

    However, I was not, and it was 11, 12 yrs ago. Just be disgusted in passing and move on. No reason to get the witchhunt hate brigade going on Twitter.

    1. Frank

      @Dr Gonzo That actually sounds hilarious. Know who else would find that funny? Curt Cobain

  66. Kev

    Jal11180, you are obviously a troll and this comment is probably a waste of time but the few comments you made that actually make sense totally contradict each other and you seem to be the most judgemental commenter on this page. Please keep judging and insulting people in the name of Jahweh or whoever your God is and let me know how that works out for you in the long run. I’m sure a bigot calling people bigots and morons is exactly how your God wants you to act.

  67. Heat that melts the snowflakes

    So you’re such a snowflake you literally had to dig into an obscure post 11 YEARS AGO to have something to complian about. Also, if you were actually a grown up when Winehouse passed you would know she would have found that cake hilarious. Stop acting like you’re her moral counselor.

  68. J

    Disgusting, falls right in line with Disney’s normal vile behavior.
    Time for a total Disney make over, pedophile’s out and pay you all the back taxes assessed

  69. Sean

    On the plus side, Amy will bee drug free for 11 years in July. Proud of her!

  70. Mr White

    The snowflakes are out again, he hasn’t harmed anyone.

    Its a bit of a crass joke, but its not actually offensive and you probs wouldn’t go to he’s halloween part if you didn’t like this.

  71. No one should ever mock or disrespect someone who died so young and such a sad story….who could ever think that its appropriate or even funny???

  72. Mercedes

    I agree with him people who do drugs are lazy and are no good. Plural don’t see nothing in a fake corpse depicting an actress who through her promising life away for drugs. She had it coming. Yes she had talent but she obviously wasn’t a very brite person who did value her life and career.

  73. Blackgaygeem

    Here is tbe think this was a private Halloween party and someone made it public. What you joke about with your friends is between them noone else. Inside perosnally jokes. I guarantee everyone who outrage has joked about things to there inner circle, that wouldn’t be suitable for general conversation. Whether it’s telling then to jokingly kill themselves in response to banter, joking about each other sexual mishapse . Joking about gossip. Joking about our own trauma especially in lgbtqia community. Because alot of us have been through alot especially generation past. People arent perfect. Dark humour is therapeutic, it help me process abuse and depression. It help me process my actual suicide attempt. But like i said its about the circle and context. The difference between calling your best friend or partner a see you next Tuesday in a loving way or calling a strange it. The amount of times i joke about God doing another flood because he missed some people. Actors aren’t role models they are human. Bad taste private joke isn’t bad at All

    1. Doogie

      What does one expect from from a fudge packer in Hollywood? Decorum? Decency?

      1. GR

        Sounds like you talking about the lowlife trailer trash trumpanzees infesting the DeSatanis land of Florida lol

  74. John F

    No one cares! Find something better to write about!

  75. Don

    Boohoo! People are so damn over sensitive these days!

  76. Who me?

    It should be offensive to everyone. This was done in poor taste. What has happened to people. I didn’t search this picture or article out, it showed up and I read it. Halloween is supposed to be scary and fun, but she was a real person, with a real family…people who cared about her. The corpse could have been done without putting a real person’s name to it. Gory and sickening, but more appropriate than this. It was in very bad taste. When did we lose our caring and concern for others and their feelings? Just my thoughts.

  77. SM

    I’ve definitely lost any respect I had for him…not that I thought much of him one way or another. Obviously someone of very low character.

  78. NM

    I wasn’t a fan of his before seeing his cake which was the most vile disturbing thing I have ever seen. Something is seriously wrong with him and I think it would be a benefit to society and himself to get with an excellent psychiatrist.

  79. Ed

    Y’all need to seriously get a life! Bunch of pretentious twats who get the vapors at the least little thing. Amy Winehouse was a drunk & drug addict not a saint.

  80. Ed

    Y’all need to seriously get a life! Bunch of pretentious twits who get the vapors at the least little thing. Amy Winehouse was a drunk & drug addict not a saint.

  81. Poo suck likes!

  82. Poo sucka in the house bitces!

    1. Poo sucka gonna be by y’all toilets!

  83. Amy liked to suck on poop too ya’ll!




  87. Ohio

    We do realize this happened 10 years ago right?! Do we not have anything better to do with our time? (The cake was very well done 😆)

  88. Leaking bum

    Maybe he likes it rough. Can you help me out?


  89. Kyle

    Is there any non perverted people in Hollywood? Anyone that isn’t mentally sick?

  90. GR

    Like really ? What NPH did 10 years ago was indeed distasteful but it was 10 years ago…

    Anyone else think it’s just a little suspicious that him being at Disney and supporting it might have angered a trumpanzee / desatanis fan and that person dug it out from more than a decade ago.

  91. Frank

    @Brass I bet NPH would think it was hilarious if someone made a hideous grotesque cake depicting his corpse for Halloween shortly after his death, especially if it also tasted disgusting. I get YOU don’t find humor in it, but who are you to decide nobody else should?

  92. I was wondering how anyone would have the legal right to produce something using the likeness of another person without a proper license. Wouldn’t the place who made said likeness be in a violation and could get in a lot of trouble?

  93. Much ado about nothing. People srsly need to get a life. There are actual atrocities in this world for folks to get upset over, like the obscene amount of money our government spends on weapons, corporations and the rich not paying their fair share in taxes, people going hungry and homeless, people not being able to get the health care they need because they can’t afford it (health care shouldn’t be something you should have to “afford” just so you can live), our government manipulating foreign nations’ affairs, oh, I could go on ad nauseum. But what someone does at a private party with their decorations? Puh-leeeeze. If you are going to be that petty then go run for office. It seems the only folks in office are ones who like to divert attention from real issues with nonsense such as this. 🙄

  94. Cybele Marie Cotter

    I’m curious why the tweet of this is resurfacing after 11 years. Yes, it’s gross and in bad taste, but so are many Halloween gags and tropes. Neil Patrick Harris is a decent man. Leave him alone.

  95. Ted

    Oh please. Go on Pirates of the Caribbean. You see much worse. Neil is amazing.

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