Comments for Multiple People Hospitalized in Shooting Near Universal Orlando


Credit: Universal


  1. Russ

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Universal, at all.

    1. Erik Jeffries

      Right?! I mean what poor reporting. It could easily say another shooting near the hood and it’s more accurate.

  2. Lee

    Because that area is just crime infested , stay on property , don’t venture off..

  3. bob smith

    I go to orlando all the time 4 times a year and will never ever stay near Universal cause of the hookers the drugs and the scum that are within a 5 mile radius of that area. if you go to orlando look on websites the crime rates are all bad near that area. just google escorts they all are in that area which means pimps and drug dealers and near also. it is a horrible area

  4. Joe Coffee

    Pimps and drug dealers?

    Count me in.

  5. Brian

    Why is the article describing attractions and not the suspects?

  6. Curt

    4 am, at a Waffle House down the street from Universal!! Horrible reporting!

  7. Joe

    Absolute garbage and it happened 4am smh, and people wonder why news isn’t trusted, if I was universal I would sue.

  8. Arnetta Lane

    This has nothing to do with Universal Studios at all! This is a trash article and whoever wrote it should be ashamed of themselves! Like, just wow! Shame on you!

  9. Lisa C

    I know this area well, as I grew up around here. It’s sad to see this area going downhill, as it never ever had any problems like this before now.

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