Comments for New Marvel Movie Removed After Violating Streaming Platform’s Policies

Michael Morbius (Jared Leto)conducting an experment

Credit: Sony Pictures


  1. EricJ

    …”It’s Morbin’ time!”??

    Yeah, I’m calling fake. Sony’s been trying to push the “Social-media plant” idea since the late 90’s, and they’re always sure it’ll work THIS time…

    1. R3

      You just hearing about this now? “Morbin” is the new “amogus” meme that everyone won’t shut up about despite not actually being funny.

      1. Morbidly Morbese

        Ok Morber

        1. Dr.Miachel Morbious


  2. Richard Kohler

    It’s not a Marvel movie, it’s a Sony film.

    1. Bekah

      Technically it’s both. It’s a marvel character under the Sony studio

  3. Brandon

    MOREbius sweep!

    1. Morbidly Morbese

      Can’t wait for the R rated sequel Lesbius!

  4. JackTaylor105

    Isn’t Jared Leto rumored to try to touch underage girls and its been swept under the rug? Dude needs to stop acting already. His movies and method of acting sucks!

    1. JSBrown303

      As much as I dislike the mouse trying to own everything maybe they should just but Sony so that the Marvel characters they own the rights to can get back under the Marvel banner and finally be done right.

      1. JSBrown303

        *buy* Sony.

        1. Jess

          I get what you mean but I’m quite happy that my PS isn’t Disney heavy or Disney exclusive.

          1. Bekah

            Agree the mouse should just stike a deal for the marvel characters Sony has lol

  5. LeSonya Williams

    The movie script completely destroyed any following that should have followed it. The writing was horrible! Horrible I tell you

    1. Morbidly Morbese

      You mean morrible. Plus, it was clearly one of the movies of the 21st Century, if you don’t agree you have no taste.

      1. Bobby Tony

        If you try to argue that Morbius was *not* one of the movies of the 21st century, you have no calendar.

        1. Morbidly Morbese

          Exactly my point. Glad you agree Morby.

  6. Tim Walser

    Personally I hope they do a sequel. Which they probably won’t because so many people seem to hate it. My father and I enjoyed it and I have seen it 4 times already. Sucks not getting sequel of the less popular movies.

    1. Lan

      Agree I enjoyed it. I saw it twice.

    2. TP

      I enjoyed it as well. I hope they do a sequel.

    3. Morbidly Morbese

      If Matrix can get a sequel with a fake Morpheus, there’s no way this wont get a sequel with the one true MORBIUS.

      Haters will be writing their morbituaries when this becomes a cult classic.

  7. Giin

    Worst Marvel movie? I mean, sure it wasn’t Endgame, but it’s not like it was Dark World 😂

    Besides, a Marvel property yes, but Marvel didn’t make it; Sony did. I rather enjoyed it.

  8. Angela

    I felt morbius movie was great. If Sony had not cut out important parts in movie that made it evan better. Not movie fault it Sony fault.

  9. ToddR

    Never listen to anyone on-line. I enjoyed “Morbius” very much that I saw it twice in the theaters. Those flapping their jaws on-line are just their opinion…. not yours.

  10. William

    I genuinely enjoyed Morbius. I do think they should have made it R-rated and gone a lot darker with it, but it was still enjoyable as it was. I liked that it was one of the few dark anti-hero superhero movies and that they stepped outside the typical superhero genre.

    Also great that they actually killed minor and background characters in it. Everyone knows that when Captain America smashes a normal human with his shield, that human is straight up dead, but Disney likes to pretend that people can’t ever die. Glad that Morbius didn’t hold back on that bit.

    1. Bekah

      Ok I agree with the captain part but disney kills people/characters every other movie lol
      Example: Up, Moana, lion king, treasure planet, beauty and the best, Bambi, bugs life, tangled, etc.

  11. Johnny On The Spot

    I’m going to be one of the few dissenters on here… My brother and I watched it last night and I actually really enjoy it. I hope they do a sequel. I’ve always enjoyed Jared Leto’s acting and think you did quite a fine job with this also. Even the bad guy was compelling.

  12. Rex Bovee

    You buried the lead with a deceptive tag line, which should have read something like: Bootlegged film removed from gamer tourism platform twitch because theft.

  13. Shauna

    Personally I really liked the movie because Jared Leto was in it. If he wasn’t in it I probably wouldn’t have given it the time of day because I am not a big fan of those kind of movies. But I will give this movie two thumbs up.

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