Comments for Sony “Erasing Spider-Man,” Andrew Garfield’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Gone Forever

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. John

    The original tweet is a lie. There have been no revisions to theatrical content.

    1. Setnakt Spears

      Disinformation! I thought that we were supposed to be protected from that!

    2. Manda

      Except Spiderman hasn’t been completely erased. Just saw Morbius yesterday (5/13), and low and behold in the mid- credit scene Vulture meets Morbius and blames Spiderman for the shift. Any other theories?

      1. Vinodh

        @Manda, you’re right: Spider-Man was clearly mentioned in that scene, so this is yet another BS article by the same writer who just posted some nonsense about Bucky Barnes being erased.
        I’m blocking this website from now on. Just not worth my time 🙄

  2. USAgent Black

    Worth mentioning that Morbius is a complete and utter FLOP and widely known as the worst Marvel- associated movie bar none. I hope this failure repeat persuades Sony to STOP trying to milk the Spider-Man franchise and let Marvel make the movies. I’m not seeing, nor taking my kids, to even one of the SMU ones!

    1. Ricardo Montleban

      Clearly, you didnt see ‘Captain Marvel.’ That disappointing dumpster-fire made ‘Morbius’ look Oscar-worthy.

      1. Setnakt Spears

        Captain Marvel made over 10xs what fake Dracula did. We get it, you hate women. Consider therapy.

        1. JS

          Wow. Just because a movie did bad doesn’t mean someone hates women. Project much?

        2. Light

          Sensitive much? Maybe you should take you own advice and seek therapy because clearly your negativistic thinking is obviously triggering you and lead to a paranoid path. It was trash because Captain Marvel was OP. She had no real challenge to deal with. Superhero movies are great when the protagonists actually have antagonists on their levels to square up with. It was bad due to the complete opposite of your thought process.

      2. Chris

        Or the reboot of The Fantastic Four a few years back.

    2. Ricky Ritardo

      Nah it’s not Morbius levels of bad unless you have an agenda unrelated to the movie itself which it sounds like you do.

      1. Elieva

        Morbius is terrible, but I’d honestly rather watch it again than certain other Marvel movies like Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, etc

        1. 0n3ph

          Captain Marvel was crap, but Shang Chi was awesome. What’s your beef with Shang Chi?

          1. Matt

            He’s racist

      2. Martin

        There’s no agenda captain marvel’s bad film has Nothing to do with her being a girl 👍

    3. Ace

      Morbius? Nah. Externals was the absolute WORST in terms of lore. The planet has a giant head sticking half way into the atmosphere now.

    4. Noel

      Worse than Daredevil, Electra, Fox’s most recent Fantastic Four??

    5. FrackingItUp

      That’s your opinion..NOT A KNOWN FACT😜🤪
      Most people have liked it.

    6. Jeffrey Smith

      Love that ther was no mention of the Falcon or War Machine . I see you, we see you…..

      1. Sean

        At least falcon got a series. Nothing for poor war machine….

  3. Ricardo Montleban

    Garfield seems like a RL jerk, so good riddance.

    1. Kalli

      he’s actually very sweet if you take the time to get to know him but ok

    2. Tony Soparano

      I met Andrew Garfield while he filmed both the ASM movies. It was filmed next to where I lived at in NYC. He is undoubtedly one of the nicest actors I’ve met. He would come out in full spidey outfit and play ball with the kids. He would skateboard around and talk to people.

  4. TSC

    I think he came to the wrong conclusion, I think Sony is trying to isolate Morbius from their universe, not Spider-Man, think of it like a virus, he’s being isolated because Morbius was so bad they don’t want anything slightly good to be associated with it.

  5. Kevin

    You clearly haven’t been keeping up with news on the matter…There is a lot of talk going around about Andrew Garfield having another Spiderman movie in development. Morbius has nothing to do with this…they simply decided to keep it self-contained.

    1. oreo

      Alex’s articles always have him just spouting incorrect info, unresearched info, or flat out lies from his ass. Dont go expecting that to be different here.

  6. Hello

    Andrew was offered the role and turned it down.

  7. Ryan

    I think it is Necessary to point out the end scene from no way home showed Holland on the TV Venom is watching. Garfield doesn’t want to come back that sucks but okay. McGuire’s died; but Holland is still around. The MCU will most likely bring him back.


      Tobeys Spidey is not technically dead if that is what you meant. Over, yes

  8. Chelsea

    This is not the last of Andrew they are going to put it on Netflix

  9. James

    Who knew this is a comedy website. That they wrote everything is well received and beloved by virtually every Marvel fan. Too funny! You ought to do stand up!

  10. Gareth O'Toole

    MUCH prefer Garfield’s original Spider-Man film to Maguire’s woeful effort. Way more accurate, two better leads as well.

    1. 0n3ph

      Completely insane.

    2. FrackingItUp

      Absolutely correct!! He had the quirkiness nailed!! And better looking.

    3. jp

      i’ll grant more accurate. i’ll even let slide the treatment of maguire’s acting which i liked more, but how the hell is willam dafoe not the greatest lead in a spiderman movie ever. oh wait you were talking about dunst. guess i forgot about her. guess i’ll concede that point too

  11. Michael Simpson

    That really sucks….screw disney

  12. Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m not sure if I’m spelling this correctly,” and then typed it into google to see what came back?

    1. FrackingItUp

      Have you thought of not wasting time here and becoming a grammar teacher? Maybe there people will care about your opinion 🤔 🤷

  13. Rob

    That’s impossible. I have them on DVD..how you gonna erase that??

  14. Jeffrey Smith

    Love that ther was no mention of the Falcon or War Machine . I see you, we see you…..

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