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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. TotalDramaDisney

    Me thinks Disney is winning their war with Desantis.

    1. Jarvis

      Then why is their stock price down?

      The very popular Governor Desantis, just offered several tax breaks for Floridians to offset the dementia disaster in the white house.

      1. CalledIt

        All stocks are down as it’s a market correction that should have happened a long time ago.

        And no DeathSantis is not popular except among the white bigots.

    2. The Patriot

      What a great boycott. Keep at it!

    3. Vicky Shoulders

      Nope, I live in Florida and we got this. No more free ride for Disney, Florida resident deals has slowly been cut. So pay up

      1. CalledIt

        LOL! Your state is a swamp without Dinsey LOL!

    4. I wish DeSantis and Chapek go have a couple of beers and work this out would be better for everone it’s the only place on earth we’re you can take a break from the world for a while

      1. Arturo

        May is not summer…

  2. Glad to see they finally are bringing back the extended evening hours for resort guests. The 30 minute early opening that have been doing is ridiculous. You can actually ride lots of stuff in the 2 or 3 evening hours.

    1. Ed W

      Deluxe Resorts only though remember. Until Fort Wilderness is included I will not be back again.

  3. I can’t feel sorry for these people who Pay thousands of dollars to wait in these long lines and to buy ridiculously overpriced items I’ve been there many times and it’s out of control price wise and making reservations to get in the park What a joke I like the old Disney better. You get more for your money at Universal that’s where we will be headed

    1. Arr

      I am always astonished by the people there with really young, kids, stroller age or babies. Take them when they can actually enjoy and remember it. Lots of money to lug a cranky baby around in the heat.

  4. Krysti

    I recall the CFO making an official statement it will never be what it use to be pre pandemic with the reservation provisions in place. Which is it?

  5. Just the Facts

    Well people pull their “reading below their grade level” kids out of school to go…thats why it’s crowded.

  6. JW

    Not crowded according to the wait times on my Disney app. Only certain rides have long wait times! Do away with the park reservations system and return Disney back to the way Disney was meant to be enjoyed

  7. Jom

    The worst Disney gets the more people go..the world is upsidedown

  8. Jerry

    Might as well jack the prices up an extra $100 per person, per day. Why not? It seems people will pay anything. No one has a limit. Might as well make some profit. Country is heading towards recession and everyone is overspending at Disney world. Typical America!

  9. Leeann Jacket

    9AM. Why so late? Disneyland opens at 7AM.

    1. CalledIt

      Can’t find the employees. But don’t tell that to the Republicans who don’t understand low wages means nobody wants the job…except immigrants who they hate obviously.

  10. We were there this past January, half the shops not open. 1/3 of tides were down. Park was no where cops city and long lines because of this.
    DiSantis had nothing to do with this. Put lots into Disney over the years, we are truly done.

    1. CalledIt

      Omicron cut into the staff but really it’s because nobody wants to live in a swamp that is Florida especially for crappy wages.

  11. Darren

    These extended hours don’t go far enough. The parks need to be open at 7am across the board to help spread out the massive crowds

    1. Steven

      Only just come back from florida 2 days ago and Disneyworld has gone, no more magic, all money money money. Prices too high, and it was packed full of children whose parents couldn’t control them, parents who were just as out of control and rude. This is the first time in four visits I don’t want to go back Disney. Go universal

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