Comments for Marvel’s Failed Crossover Series Finally Comes to An End

Howard the Duck in What If...?

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Joel

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking they cancelled MODOK and don’t give any other non-MCU productions a chance. The way they ended the first season of MODOK begs for a better resolution. It ends the plot but leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It will fall under the list of “genuinely enjoyable shows that the company lost faith in and scrapped.” This is why I don’t like watching new shows anymore. The garbage ones get renewed forever and the good ones I want more of get the ax.


    Hulu and Marvel very wrong for cutting such a important character to the m.c.u. I only hope that they recognize their mistake……..

  3. Jeremiah

    I wondered why nearly all of the mainly marvel youtube reactors weren’t mentioning these too series at all.

    I really hope they bring back characters from all the other Hulu , Fox & FreeForm Marvel shows that would be awesome. Like Helstrom , Cloak & Dagger , Legion , The Gift & The Runawys.

    Also would be super cool to bring back characters from The New Mutans. Such a shame to waste all these awesome characters.

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