Comments for After ‘Doctor Strange 2,’ Fans “Wish Marvel Studios Didn’t Own the X-Men”

Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Dave

    There are several typos in the article that probably would have been caught by a spell check software. Obliderate? Not obliterate? The X-Men are now a part of the MCU, not “apart”.

    Lastly – does the sentiment of a few Twitter users really determine the sentiment for the X-Men in the MCU as a whole? It seems to be a long shot at best to assume this.

  2. Fu

    Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

  3. Daniel Lawrence

    Typical. Talk about a short memory. Here the Marvel universe has been the best selling franchise for 13 years straight and folks still want to complain because they want R rated content. Get over it. Dr. Strange was a Hard PG-13. I saw articles asking how the movie escaped an R rating. Disney isn’t doing R rated content and most 90% of Marvel IP wasn’t conceived as R rated content. R rated content doesn’t sell well except for a few exceptions. Hollywood stopped greenlighting R rated content except for horror movies and a few specialty films years ago. The Batman with all of its violence was PG-13. The only uber successful R rated comicbook films in years was Joker and Deadpool. Suicide Squad 1 pg-13 746 million Worldwide. Suicide Squad 2 R rated 167 million workld wide. I get it was a pandemic but if it was PG 13 it would have at least made half of the 1st movie. Unless it’s a character like Deadpool and Joker no R rated film is coming from DC or Marvel.

    1. Tim

      Logan and the Justice League: Snyder cut. Short memory!?

      1. InnerRise

        Oh $h%#

  4. Spencer

    I will go further than that. I wish Disney didn’t own Marvel.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. 🤨🧐

    2. SlurpyTodd

      That’s a Bingo

  5. James

    You mean “fan” one damn fan, not fans. Just stop

  6. Jak

    So “fans” wish the studio that created X-Men no longer owned it? Ok.

  7. Isuzu

    I hate this website.

  8. Terb

    Terrible. Take a lap.

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