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Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Wing

    The word controversial has been, tossed around so much it has lost all meaning. As for this yeah I know this trailer was going to be a joke the whole show is. I highly doubt they’ll let never let She Hulk be her sexy self. It’s done by the same stupid SJW writer who complained about South Park

  2. Krighton

    The CGI for her face would look good 10 years ago, same can be said for the hulk CGI.

  3. MuTru

    “The rumors were wrong” does not mean “they shortened the series.” It means the rumors were wrong.

  4. Jose

    The best movies ever made and be the family members and friends you enjoy. Always support you and be safe. Thank You!

  5. Thugster

    This is so stupid

  6. Normalguy00

    It should have more episodes. I am no fan of the MCU, I think they have watered down the characters too much. But so far with She-Hulk, looks like they are staying pretty close to the source material. Therefore Im looking forward to this one.

  7. Robert

    Love Tatiana Maslany. She is a beautiful and talented actor. I will definitely watch every episode just to see her performance. 🇨🇦

  8. DB

    Those that are complaining, whether it’s about there are too many episodes (boohoo), they don’t like the CGI (it’s SO much better that the Eric Bana Hulk/Abomination CGI!), or about the implications of her carrying a man to the bedroom… if you don’t like it don’t watch it!

    I prefer more episodes. Instead of trying to cram the storyline and action sequences into a handful of episodes or less. A friend of mine quits watching most series and movies because they don’t get to the action quick enough. I’ve learned to appreciate the time taken to lay out the story as well, because that’s what they all are, stories we see and hear instead of reading.

  9. Bubba

    I wonder how many of the people complaining know that the She-Hulk series is more of a comedy than a super hero show. It’s letting you know about the character. Also the CGI is because they have a streaming budget, not a multi-million dollar movie deal.

  10. EntitledPrincess

    CanC3l th1$ noW3!!! If iT d0Snt ApPeel to mE Th3n nO oN3 ShuD WaTCh iT!!!!11!

    D1sN3Y shUD St1Ck tO Pr1nCeSs3es cOs I R3LatE To th3M!!@1!(

  11. John

    Phase 2 of the mcu universe has gotten ruined by wokeness. Figured mcu would of learned but with disney owning the rights they have no chance.

  12. Janon

    If I had a super power it would be that every time a moron says “woke” online they lapse into a coma.

    1. Bobby brown

      But then you would be in a coma.

  13. Shawn Rogers

    As many y as you want to make for a great story. Haters are going to hate and you should not bow down to every so called fan request or dislike. You will never ease 100% or the people 100% of the time. We need to stop letting others bad behavior dictate your art.

  14. Kdub

    Is it me or are women taking over scifi. All of my scifi shows are turning into soap operas. WALKING DEAD, Halo, Star Trek discovery, picard and so on. The Madalorian is the only show that has it figured out. I am so glad we still have that. More action less girl talk please thank you. 4 episodes would be fine I am almost certain.

    1. 0n3ph

      It’s you.

  15. CatOnCrack

    How could Matt Murdoch appear when this show takes place in CA ? The poster for the show clearly shows palm trees

  16. Shane

    Omg!! Seriously. Such a HUGE controversy!!! Who thinks this idiocy up….
    It doesnt matter how many episodes. If yhe show is a good, accurate representation.

  17. Dustin

    I am just not interested in this show. I don’t like lawyer courtroom shows and the trailer didn’t look appealing either.

  18. Sean-Paul Bobadilla

    I still don’t understand what’s controversial about the trailer. It was pretty bland for a marvel trailer.
    It may not be epic but it looks good and I’m looking forward to it.

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