Comments for Marvel Attempts to Rescue ‘She-Hulk’ From Disaster

Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. anton gonzales

    How can you save she-hulk from the fact that nobody was even interested in watching a live action show about her to begin with. They can even get normal Hulk right, how they supposed to get she-hulk the respect it deserves?

    1. Devin

      Exactly. This is what I’ve been saying. Phase 4cis full of second rate “B” and “C” heros getting the limelight when Hulk has been disrespected with no new film or series since 2008. WTF is that all about. If Marvel can make a deal with Sony to get Spider-Man films created, what’s taking so long to make a deal with Universal to get done much more desired Hulk content versus some lame ass She-Hulk content that most Marvel fans could care less about. Hey comics usually sucked and never really sold well. That should be hint enough that Phase 4 is mostly characters that no one cares about. Where is the Fantastic Four, where are the X-Men, where are the Thunderbolts, where are the Masters of Evil, where is Doctor Doom, where is the Silver Surfer, where is Firelord, where is Morg, where is Mr. Sinister, where are the Mauraders, where is Onslaught, where is Bastón, where is Warlock, where is the Phalanx, where is X-Factor, where is Alpha Flight, where is Baron Zemo, where is the real Taskmaster, where is the Serpent Society, where is Bullseye, etc…

      1. Krysten

        I have long been a She-Hulk fan and I don’t understand the negativity.

  2. Nick

    I don’t understand the problem. Do people have some highly refined eyesight I don’t know about? Looks totally fine

    1. Devin

      It does look fine if you don’t care about staying true to the look of the character in the books. Comics are visual so that’s one of the easiest things to get right thanks to all the visual references provided by years if not decades of books these characters are based on. It’s even more laughable when most of the look of the character is achieved by CGI so it’s not much to blame on the actor’s physique.

  3. Joseph

    Still looks like absolute trash

    1. Chris Wood

      Then marvel can breathe a sigh of relief they won’t be hearing from you ever again.

  4. A

    It is a trailer and the special effects were not complete yet. This is nothing new. Instead of “Second iteration of the effects is looking sensational”, they inflate the issue and add word count. Time to block this.

  5. BadWolf

    This is a joke, right? Literally no difference. And I can now recognize the author’s style of writing in the first paragraph as I’m reading. This guy never has anything good to say. Repeating the same criticisms is getting tired. Just as much as reading them.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Fiona? Shrek warned you about messing round with his swamp gas.

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