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magic kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend

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  1. Kindelan

    My husband and I were at Disney yesterday and it was overcrowded. The cast members do not hold a candle to our last experience 5 years ago. They appeared to lack the Disney experience training the company has been known for. I was disappointed in the lack of knowledge they had and being told to use the Disney experience app for questions cast members should know.
    The merchandise prompted for the 50th anniversary was hard to find or was sold out since January we were told.
    There was not a Mickey Mouse stuffed character to be found anywhere. I think this was our last trip.

    1. Rogerthat

      I agree with Kindelan. It hasnt been overly crowded this weekend. I think the woman who wrote this was being paid by Disney to hype it up because their woke-ism isnt working and people are boycotting in droves.

      1. Jill E. Bean

        But you are not boycotting them since you still go, right?

        1. Julian H

          Kindelan did say above I think this was our last trip. So you have your answer.

        2. DADesigns59

          Woke ism? Bahahaha! Hilarious! Guess you didn’t

      2. Reading is fundamental

        Kindelen is saying that the park IS overcrowded. Learn how to read you dope.

        1. Noreen Lyons

          Why the insult? Cant you be nice? Why does everyone have to be SO rude these days? He made a MISTAKE…look it up.

      3. Debbie

        My first thought as well. Propaganda to try to boost attendance.

      4. Beth

        I agree. Disney isn’t magical anymore. Our trip in March was awful and I’ve never had that experience in my many trips prior over the last 25 years.

    2. J J Bastin

      Over crowded over priced haven’t been there in 10 years now they support rainbow heads and child predators and I live in Florida! Take your vacation elsewhere

      1. What child predators does Disney support?? Rainbow heads, what year are you in??

        1. Capt. Based

          2022, when disney went all in with cali woke politics in FL. Overall I agree that there shouldn’t be a groomer law. As a father of small children, I don’t need a law to keep predators from grooming little kids. Do with that what you will.

      2. Force

        Florida man strikes again. Too many racist Trumpers make it unlivable except for hard right nut jobs.

        1. Capt. Based

          indeed. ots awful here. you should stay in New Jersey where its…safe lolz

      3. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        Ummmm. Nothing but false statements. Maybe you could try with a fact or two.
        1. Over-crowded- no, the capacity is lower and folks are turned away on a daily basis. Maybe more people than you want but not over-crowded.
        2. Over priced- No, the park sells out on a daily basis so the Demand exceeds the Supply so the market price is too low. Basic Economics.
        3. Haven’t been there in 10 years- If you have not been in 10 years then you do not know if it is either over-crowded or over-priced.
        4. Now they support rainbow heads-No they support Americans of all stripes, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Africans, Indigenous, South American, North American. Only thing they leave out is bigots.
        5. And child predators- Disney has neither supported child-predators nor even condoned them. In fact, they do there best to fight child-predators. But they do not support bigots that want to end age-appropriate discussions of human relationships.

        1. cb

          We live here Stop Lying Pinocchio

        2. Dave


      4. Joem

        Haven’t been to Disney in ten years yet you still troll their website?? Kinda sad.

      5. Benson Stein

        So sad that Disney went Woke and now supports childhood grooming and sex-change operations… I would not spend one penny to that evil and greedy corporation.

        1. WD

          Excellent. The parks are too crowded as it is. Please do stay home.

      6. DADesigns59

        Is that DeSantis speak? Get a clue.

    3. Veronica A Griffin

      50th Anniversary items were sod our last year in November before Thanksgiving when I went to Disney.

  2. Rox

    We were at MK yesterday and the crowd seemed pretty light for a holiday weekend. I figured everyone was over at Epcot for the new Guardians coaster.

  3. bob smith

    They keep lying there are way more people now then i have ever seen, Disney springs is horrible. They are trying to tell people there is a number of guests lower than normal bullcrap they are tyring to make enough money before they do a political stunt again and shutdown again

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Hey Bob Smith
      No they are not lying. But you can also try to do some math.
      IF the capacity were 100k per day at Magic Kingdom and Disney lowers it to 85k. then look at attendance.
      IF typical daily attendance is average of 45k and only hit 100k on two or 3 days at year at Christmas. They only used to hit 85k on the busiest non-capacity days a few days more in the year like the week between Christmas and New Years and holiday weekend but now they hit that 85k on a daily basis due to increased demand.
      The overall capacity is lowered. There will never be a 100K day again, but because demand is up they are hitting the lower capacity days more often. But they are capped by the new lower capacity. See how that works

      1. nebskram

        no, can you explain it once more?

  4. Liza

    I have been going to Disney a couple of times a year since it opened. This is always how Disney looks. Honestly, it doesn’t look packed at all, for being a holiday weekend.

    1. Veronica A Griffin

      I love the place, was there this past November and went back in March this year. Planning going back again in November this year.

  5. Avril Found

    We’ve just returned from Disney in LA, California. We had a 4 day pass, and we booked our reservations for the 2 parks.
    The crowds were at an alarming level; we understood that capacity would be monitored, but the parks seemed to be busier than we’ve ever seen, having visited Disney in 3 different locations , at the same time of year in the past.

  6. C

    Disney is suppose to be the greatest place on earth. A place where dreams are made and fulfilled. Mr.Disney would probably be appalled over what happening at his parks ,his magical place.

  7. Charlie

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and we travel twice a year aprox to Disney, the last one in January, and was awful and impossible to enjoy non of the parks….What’s more, we suffered. What doesn’t enter my head is why they released the FastPass…?!?!? To tell the truth, we all know that ir was removed for a matter of wanting to earn MORE money with the LightingPass (horrible and extremely expensive). For a while we will not go again, although I know that this will not affect Disney at all, but the last time it was totally disappointing and subtracted more than it added…

  8. Noreen Lyons

    NEVER. WILL. GO. AGAIN. UNTIL. THEY. STOP. THIS. INSANITY. It used to be a max #, a REASONABLE max #, when Walt was in charge. Cars would wait outside the gate until someone left….not anymore. This is NOT. FUN. NOPE. FL heat, you cant get drinks, food, lines are HOURS long. Cast is stressed, parents are stressed. NO LONGER ANY FUN. Greed ruined Walts dream.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Noreen Lyons,
      you do realize that those Max Capacity days with phased closings were larger crowds then you see today on a sold out day. You have obviously never attended on a phased closing day. I have. Cars did not wait outside the gate till someone left. They were turned around and sent to other parks. And guess what, Lines have always been long. 5 years ago this weekend, I waited online for 6 hours for Flight of Passage. 3 years ago this summer I waiting in line outside the park for 2 hours to get in the park to then get in line for Smuggler’s Run for 5 hours. In December of 2019, I waited in line for 2 hours to get into Hollywood Studios to get into the park, get a boarding pass and then get to ride Rise 6 hours later.

      1. Capt. Based

        jeez what a maroon. what a sucker. while you’re visiting fl, I’d like to sell you from swampland. its extra money and a huge wait if you want to see it tho…

    2. Imagine paying those prices and waiting in line for hours to go on a ride- if it doesnt break down just before its your turn to ride

      1. @ Mary….That’s exactly what happened to us. So over crowded. We went to Universal same. The Disney magic has fizzled thanks to greed.

  9. Went last month. Will not go back. Lightning lane is ridiculous! Pay more. Just makes it harder to get on rides. Was very crowded, expensive and not fun at all! Six months in advance you have to make reservations for the parks and restaurants. Food was subpar at most of the restaurants! Never again

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      I guess you did not go last week, because you certainly did not make reservations 6 months in advance. Lightning Lane does not change the line times any from wait times with Fastpass or Fastpass+. Ride capacity did not suddenly change due to Lightning Lane.

      1. chuck

        Nobody listen to this Tide Pod eater. I live 10 minutes from Disney and have friends that work there that isnt too happen .PINOCCHIO ALERT

  10. BD Bodily

    We went to WDW last year and reasonable crowds during covid. We went in March during the National Cheer Competition and was horribly crowded, the worst we have ever experienced. I always loved Fast Passes and I hate the new Lightening passes. We paid the fees but I hate feeling nickle and dimed after paying a lot for park passes.

    And now Disney is getting involved in Florida politics and sex being taught to young children in school? I appreciate that conversation but Disney should stay out of politics that is a no win with their customers on one side or the other.

    After the longest ride lines I have ever seen ( countless visits to both WDW & Disnyland over years) and their new Lightening pass, we are done going to WDW or Disneyland for many years to come, and hopefully not going back until we have Grandchildren. I hate to say that as I have always liked Disney and considered myself a fan including having worked at Disney when I was younger. Just better places to travel and spend the money than the experience we had in March with 2+ hour lines on a significant number of rides, not just the newest rides.

    While Disney Executives will pat themselves on the back for increased revenues from Lightening Passes, I think they will lose far more unseen revenue from U.S. guests like us who will not be returning as often and choosing other destinations as we plan to now.

  11. Rob

    The photos you are referring to as “crowded” are pinchpoints in the MK. These areas are always “crowded” even on light days. Crowded to me is when the pavement is completely hidden. As an annual passholder I frequent the parks almost daily and have yet to see crowded conditions. Someone needs to get into the parks and see for themselves how crowded the parks really are. Not take the word of infrequent visitors.

  12. I’m not mad when I can’t get a reservation for a day I want. I’m mad when I get a reservation and the park is too crowded for enjoyment. They now have the tools to avoid that, but they don’t. They need to do better.

  13. Bonnie

    Breaking news! Disney is crowded!

  14. Kathy

    I am super disappointed in my Disneyland and Disneyworld trips since Covid. It may not be at capacity but it’s still miserable, not fun. We were passholders for decades and even before Covid it was going down hill. Now Mr. Paycheck has pretty much finished the crash. Politics has nothing to do with it.
    It’s a bit depressing. I loved going there. It was such great place to de-stress. Now it just makes stress worse. Maybe in another year or so maybe, MAYBE, things will calm down a bit. At least not be so insane.

    1. Erwim

      As a Disney Passholder and Florida resident, I’m so glad my husband surprised me with a beach vacation to Sarasota instead of Disney world. An hour drive away from Tampa,Florida and beach parking was free!

  15. Jessica

    I was at the parks on Tuesday and Thursday of last week (5/24 & 5/26). They were all SOOOO crowded. There is no way they are limiting park capacity. The reservation system for your first park of the day feels manipulative because of it since it’s not actually a cautious thing to keep people safe and crowds lower. It is impossible to maintain any kind of social distancing. I was being cautious, but unfortunately my mask broke on the first day I was there, and I’m now sick in bed awaiting Covid PCR test results.

  16. Andrew

    Disney busy during a holiday weekend?? Who would’ve thought!

  17. Debbie

    Propaganda to try to boost attendance; trying to make people feel that they are the only ones to object to Disney’s agenda. Just don’t need Disney, Universal Studios is better anyway!

    1. WD

      It would be interesting to have some proper impartial polling done, but my best would be that at most 35 – 40% of the US population object to Disney being in favor of equality.

      If you haven’t read the law they said something about, go read it before you form an opinion – and if you don’t see the problems, read a bit from commentators who do instead of just believing what the empty talking heads on cable TV tell you.

  18. sam

    I’ve been to Disney parks when they stopped letting people in due to capacity limits in decades past. Valentines day in the mid 2010s, and then Thanksgiving in the mid 1990s.

    these crowds rival those. if the parks reservation system is to control attendance, they need to rethink their numbers.

    they need to implement a process like airlines, you pick your flight, then you pay for the ticket. they can then price to tickets according to how full the park is already, discount tickets for days that are under capacity like the cruise lines do, just to fill seats, or scale prices for days as they reach closer to capacity.

    seems like this would be a great idea.

    1. Kje

      My suspicion is that if Disney implemented that kind of system, the same people would be here complaining that Disney is just trying to gouge them.

      Let’s be honest, half of the complainers here have no idea and are here to stir up dissent based on an issue completely unrelated to crowd counts.

      The rest? They went to a major attraction on the week leading up to a holiday and were surprised that other people did the same thing! It’s a holiday weekend during the anniversary promo push. I would expect ridiculous crowds. (Spoiler Alert: There might be heavy crowds around the beginning of July, too – shocking, I know!)

  19. Jill

    We went to Disneyland last month and it was disgustingly over crowded. If that’s not capacity I don’t know what is. Horrible experience. What is the point of reservations if they aren’t going to cap it before capacity??

  20. Linda Marie Gonzalez

    I’ve been going to Disney World since it opened. Then it was fun. Now with the crowds,reservations,new pass policies Disney is just another money making business. I recently went and it was a nightmare. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

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