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magic kingdom crowds


  1. TotalDramaDisney

    How’s that boycott going?

    1. MoreDrama

      How’s being able to teach a 5 year old your homosexual ways going?

      1. Robert Katz

        25-yr veteran, at WDW last wk with fmly…5 days in parks. My conclusion: Disney should NOT have reopened yet. Short staffed, inexperienced staff (CM), WAY too many attraction stoppages (NO EXCUSE FOR THAT), singers/ dancers NOT GOOD, Genie+ causes UNDUE STRESS, food (including major sitdowns) NOT as good as in the past… and did I mention, prices for EVERYTHING are HIGHER! Disney can SAY that all the changes are to “make guests’ experience more enjoyable”, but we (highly experienced WDW travelers) had to work WAY TOO HARD to enjoy our trip. Not the Disney we used to know. Oh, the crowd question… we carefully select parks based on crowd-predictor sites. So each park was about a “5 out of 10”, but standby waits for MANY rides were much higher than our personal limit (about 40 min) so we had to skip some “lesser” ones in order to snag our must-do. That’s not how it used to be at all!

        1. Stephon

          “That’s not how it used to be at all!” – Times change, things change, the world gets bigger and more populous. Being a veteran, you should know that things never have and never will be the same. Grow up Peter Pan….

      2. Jane

        Comments like yours should get deleted.

        1. Jane

          Dont know why my deletion comment popped up where it did. I was referring to MoreDrama comment.

        2. DumbJane

          You’re part of the problem. Everything you don’t agree with shouldn’t get deleted.

        3. curious

          just curious, do you demand that everything you don’t like gets cancelled or deleted?


        Seriously dude…No one,is indoctrinating kindergarten children….
        So if two lesbians have a 5-6 year old child,don’t you think the kid realizes he/she had two moms….he/or she aren’t allowed to discuss what their parents and him/her did over summer vacation because you can mention gay lifestyle???
        DiSantis wants to indoctrinate the children,to believe there is never been slavery,and he is homophobic,he is also as dangerous for our freedoms as #45 is…
        I just wish this country could nominate decent canidates….

        1. Melissa

          That law has nothing to do with not being able to discuss what you did with your parents over summer vacation. Please stop trying to make it out to be something that it is clearly not. If no one is indoctrinating kindergarten childrent then who cares if the law is passed or not! It literally won’t be effecting anybody if what you say is true!

    2. Denise

      Well, something must be working since Disney’s profit margin has been decreasing. These “crowded” stories are also in conflict with Disney not operating at full capacity and limiting the total amount of people who can come into the parks each day. Which makes one wonder if these “crowded” stories are simply BS to deflect from the reality of what is really going on in the Disney structure.

      1. Brian

        Dunno about Florida, but I’ve been at Disneyland twice this year and it’s been as busy as ever. So many new ways to pull money out of you too. If Disneyland is having any financial issues, its related to wage inflation and general inflation, not because of a lack of interest.

  2. Kinda odd that you report massive crowds but the wait times for rides on Disney apps does not reflect that. Only at Hollywood is long lines for Star Wars!

  3. Frank I.

    Was at MK all day yesterday. Limes weren’t awful. I’ve seen much worse at Christmas time.

    1. Frank i

      Limey. Spellcheck strikes again!

  4. Lee

    As a local I can say this is all normal. These parks aren’t anymore crowded than they usually are. Crowds are relatively easy navigate and the biggest wait times are for food at prime times.

  5. Brooke

    The parking lots are crowded as they typically are this time of year. What’s causing these artificially long lines are the lightning lanes.
    They’re all creating a false demand, as are the reservations. Chapek want’s the parks to look like they’re busier than ever, no, they’re just more expensive than ever. We are also paying more and getting less. Can’t wait for his contract to expire in February. Hopefully he’s shown the door much sooner. He’s now talking about charging for housekeeping.

    1. Suzy

      I went in end of April. There were long waits. I miss Fast Passes. All that protest against Disney didn’t do anything. I was hoping yes complain so there be no lines. The joke was on us.

    2. Pat C

      More drama hows your homophobia coming along. Ridiculous attitude.

      1. AH

        Lefties always say someone is phobic about something they do not like. In this case the person did not say anything about Disney’s gay agenda.

      2. MoreDrama

        Hasn’t changed in 20 years. I still feel the same. I’m sure you’re one of the people who preach “everyone should be accepted for who they are” and that includes me too!

  6. Heidi Claire

    One time, a Guest had to wait in line at Disneyworld.

  7. Dan

    Park is a joke make reservations so not crowded . But you need to add genie pass because all rides are 80 minute wait times. Oh and if you go to Hollywood studios make reservations if you want to make your own Droid or lightsaber otherwise your out of luck . Disney is way over priced . Walt Disney made Disney to be affordable for everyone but corporate greed at its finest is running Disney world now. Enjoyed Universal studios and islands of adventure over Disney World.

  8. Heather

    Ummmm it wasn’t crowed this weekend. I was there and lines were even better than normal. Of course certain lines are always long. And you can’t judge the day by rope drop. If you’ve once been to a rope drop you should know this.

    1. TruthSeeker

      Crowds aren’t any different from pre-covid days. Only difference is no FastPasses now. Some even say it’s not that bad. I’ll be finding out in June when I visit for a week.

  9. Heidi

    My husband and I took our 5 year old granddaughter for her birthday the last week of April. Magic Kingdom was so crowded, extremely long lines and now Disney Parks allow line jumping. People get in line and then text others when they can get in line. Disney employees can’t say anything we were told. If my 5 year old granddaughter can stand in line for 1 1/2 hours, so can anyone else. This needs to stop!! The whole atmosphere has changed. Expensive, long lines, park isn’t as clean as it use to be, and rude people. Nothing Magical at Disney anymore. At Be our Guest my granddaughter was brought out a “special birthday drink” that had an ice cube that flashed different colors. She was excited, I thought, that was really nice. Then I see it was on my bill $15.99. Ridiculous!!!!

    1. AH

      Reminds me of going to a disney store in Branson a few years ago. They were giving everyone plastic disney bags as you entered and then charging you for them when you checked out.

    2. Jane

      You should ask to speak to the manager!

  10. Me

    I have no use for Disney anymore. I refuse to buy their grossly over priced tickets, and deal with scorching heat, annoying crowds and tourists. My Disney days are over for good and I could really care less. All they care about is underpaying their staff, over charging their guests, and making money. Far far far from the model it used to be. No thanks, I’ll go to theme parks up north where parking is free and admission is at reasonable rates. Disney is not the happiest place on earth. Two thumbs down. 👎🏻👎🏻

    1. AH

      Holiday World in Santa Claus IN. Has free parking and drinks are included. They have drink stations throughout the park. You get a drink before you start feeling thirsty. Cleanest park on planet earth also.

  11. Pat

    Is this news?? Disney is busy! Omg!!! I’ve been waiting in lines at DW since the 80s. Hours sometimes.

    1. TruthSeeker

      Exactly. This has been happening for decades now.

  12. T

    I was in Disney last week with my family. It was extremely crowded. So many attractions are closed which makes the lines even longer. What we observed (and heard cast members say) is that lightening lane is priority. So the stand by lanes rarely move if anyone is in the lightening lane. On toy story mania only one family would be allowed to go and then it was filled with lightening lane guests. I understand that they paid extra for the lightening lane passes but there was no regard for the other guests that also paid much money to get into the park we just didn’t pay extra. The wait times were also very inaccurate because of the way they were handling the lines. I had an enjoyable time as I was on vacation with my family but it is disappointing when looking back at all that we did not get to do because of the line situations.

  13. evan

    We just returned 5/10-5/18. In Parks everyday, rode all the rides we wanted, didn’t buy Genie+ or LL, longest line was for ROTR, rest of the lines not bad. We were there @ rope drop every morning. Because we were WDW resort guest, got in during Early Morning Hours & Parks were unofficially opened before stated times

  14. Went right after Christmas. Never to return because it took 2 hrs to get from parking to front gate. Soooo crowded! Stand in line for hours to ride. Park worker shoved my daughter (literally) backwards at the parade. No thanks.

    1. Jane

      Christmas is the busiest time of the year. I strongly suggest a few hours of research before planning a trip. Learn about crowds, weather, marathons, when rides may have annual refurbishment, etc.

      Does everyone save their crappy stories for here and never ask to speak to a supv or Mgr.? We had a miserable time with cold food at Cosmic Rays a few yrs ago. Mgr was useless so I went over her head. Everybody can do it!

  15. Rob

    I go to the parks at various times of the day almost everyday and have not noticed any unusual crowds. Most days the crowds are pretty light. Yes I am an annual passholder and have been for many years. Last evening in studios the wait times were right around 20 minutes for most attractions. Of course Tower is only half working and the times are higher. Other than that it was business as usual.

  16. Noah Beam

    Look at the pics, has anyone been to Disney??? That is a pic of a rope drop, that is NOT A MASSIVE LINE. Why are the pics right up, on top of people, why can’t you see a full view.😂😂 GO WOKE GO BROKE!!!! The only people believing these pics are people who never been to Disney!! DVC member and annual pass holder, from Lancaster Pa, my family and i spending the summer at Universal

  17. steve jenney

    After 100 visits in over 30 years WE ARE DONE with Disney. The prices are out of control. The add on Genie is a mess. The hotels have no maid service and the amenities are overwhelmed with people. Even the pools are JAMMED so bad you can’t find a place to sit. They have done away with “handicap access to rides” If you can stand you CAN WAIT IN LINE like the rest of the people I was told last time there. Yes I can stand…I am not obese…I am respectful in my ECV yet they told me….no more handicap access pass. Even WITH PURCHASING the Genie they still deny you handicap access. It is an ABSOLUTE RIP OFF NOW!!!!

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