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Captain Jack Sparrow (left) and Captain Teague (right) with shrunken head in Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney


  1. Patty

    There is no Pirates w/o Johnny Depp.

  2. LISTEN UP….JOHNNY DEPP Can Still get an OSCAR for Another MOVIE Role. HE Can PLAY Another CHARACTER. HE has POTENTIAL. AMBER HEARD Should be ASHAMED of HERSELF the THINGS She’s TESTIFYING to. It makes HER LOOK NUTS. From SamuraiQueen. 🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮🤐🤐🤐

  3. Jo

    Hey Walt Disney, if you don’t keep Johnny Depp in Pirates (and other movies) I and millions more pp will NOT purchase your movie .. if Johnny is captain Jack sparrow I have NO USE FOR ANY FUTURE PIRATES. JOHNNY IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW, HE MAKES THE SHOW SPECTACULAR AND HUMOROUS. I REFUSE FUTURE PURCHASE IF YOU DONT HAVE JOHNNY.

  4. JS

    Congrats on being apart of the real media! Like most of the media you sound like also don’t care for him. That’s okay, they’ve been trying to dig up dirt on him since before he even met Amber. They never really liked him for some reason.

    1. Donna

      Johnny Depp made the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, no one else can breathe the life into it and has the moves as he does, if Disney is stupid enough to try and use someone else, the picture will go down in flames, people will stay away from the theater in droves.
      You cannot replace someone who has molded a character so much that it has become part of his persona. I am truly saddened by all of this.
      And amazed at the Oscar-worthy performance that Amber Heard is displaying in court. She has elevated lying to an art form.

  5. Beth

    I have watched some of the Trial. The one question I have is: Are there any reasons for him allegedly attacking her ? I have NOT heard what the fights were about. Usually there is something that starts a argument. Did he just start attacking her out of the blue all these times ?
    Pictures of all staged environment but no injury pics when a camera is in her hand taking pics of damage. Any reasonable person would take pics if their injuries. The tale of the bottle incident makes me cringe at the thought but, it did not happen to her. No Treatment, No Way.!!! She has no injuries. I’m not buying her story.

  6. Beth

    I hope she is a better actor on screen than in court. SHAME of the “Obvious” Lies. How does a person do that to someone they “supposedly” Love/Loved? They can’t and Don’t.
    She is a LIAR.

  7. Debra Rae Steinman

    I do too!

  8. Debra Rae Steinman

    I am a survivor of false accusations of crimes I did not commit. I was lucky enough not to be under the proverbial microscope as I worked alone to prove my innocence. Eventually, I was able to prove myself innocent thanks to a thorough investigation by law enforcement. The damage to my reputation however…was done. Needless to say; I am team Depp. No one should be deemed “Guilty..until proven..innocent”.

  9. Astarling

    As a survivor I find this a must. Depp was proven innocent of assaulting her. Yet her career is still intact while is in blackballed at this time. It is people like her that made it hard for people like me to get help. And permanent restraining orders. She makes me sick as she is just a bad as my Ex. If she can’t be in control she will destroy him. Disney should really bring Depp back. They showed that they stand against domestic violence by letting him go but they show less than good character by letting the allegation be his down fall. I had to prove my ex abusive just to get a protective order. Because she’s a Hollywood actress in the heat of all the scandals from men that has come about all she has to do is accuse. Which makes those survivors stories diluted down to he said she said. And real people like me get stuck with the repercussions of her lie. Now what law is going to change on domestic violence thanks to her lies. What actress is going to tell her story and people wonder if it’s true because all we have to do is accuse. I wish it were that easy but unfortunately I had to prove the bruises came from my ex.

  10. Sarah

    Shame on amber heard. Johnny will win. Johnny is Jack sparrow,

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