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Johnny Deppa as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Mae

    He did not deserve to be pulled from any movie offer , whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty ?? I will never watch pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny isn’t in it , or any Disney film again …. He’s a very kind soul and loved by many .. I support Johnny Depp 100% ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Roberta

      Me too. Their choice of a replacement is laughable!

    2. I will not watch the movie without Depp. He made the role!

  2. Jhoane

    Disney needs to give him 100 million alpacas and 300 million dollars to keep playing Captain Jack Sparrow even on Disney Plus like Ewan Mcgregor. DISNEY WAKE UP! 4.5 million people signed to take off AmberTurd from Aquaman – more than 5 million people will watch more Pirates of the Carribean in the USA and even more around the world! Because we know he’s innocent!!!

  3. Johnny Depp Should have apologies from Disney, and Hollywood Executives that Blacklisted Him. He DESERVES Respect because Mr.Depp Has Earned it through the American Court System.

    1. Penny

      He should never had been removed from anything and Disney will be sorry for doing this! I totally agree he should be given 100 alpacas and 300 million dollars to continue with Pirates of the Caribbean! He is a wonderful and giving man and doesn’t deserve to be treated this way! #istandwithjohnnydepp

  4. Ann Snider

    Johnny Depp is the best actor in Hollywood. I won’t watch any Disney again. They should apologize to him.

  5. DP

    How many lies must Amber Heard be caught in before Johnny Depp’s name is cleared? Disney’s actions don’t surprise me in the least. They fear controversy and never admit they were wrong. I hope that Pirates 6 is a massive failure. Justice for Johnny.

    1. Beverly Long

      I want to buy the Pirates movies, but don’t want Disney to get the money. I just purchased the Lone Ranger movie, my favorite movie of his.

  6. Margaret

    I am 70 and disabled but have watched all of Johnny Depps films but what has happened to him is a total disgrace. One just has to look at Amber Herds face to see she is not a genuine person.

    1. marina ma

      no Johnny Depp, no jack sparrow. Disney should hang there heads in shame. you owe Johnny an apology.

  7. Rox

    If Disney claims to stand for American values, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Perhaps the movie-going, or movie-NOT-going, public will remind them.

  8. Andrea Conti

    Disney and Hollywood owe JD an apology. Iam happy he is getting a roll in Beetlejuice 2. I will see that movie! As far movies made by Disney, they lost me as a fan. They should have believed he is innocent. I hope DeSantis takes away their rights.

  9. Karen Gigeous

    Johnny Depp is owed an apology and should be able to play what ever role he is offered! He is the best ! I will not watch anything Amber Heard is in I think she should not be in any movies for her actions she has taken against Johnny. She does not deserve the role she is playing now. I am for Johnny all the way . Innocent till proven guilty and he already showed in court he was abused by Amber Heard.

  10. Greg

    I will not be watching Pirates of the Caribbean six because of Disney removing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack sparrow. He is with his made pirates success that it has been. DisneyLearn from your mistakes bring JD back .

  11. Annie

    My Johnny is Innocent and AmberTurd needs to be flushed out of Hollywood she isnt a good Actress never heard of her B4 Johnny and now she thinks her lies are going to get her ahead in the game I think Not never seen any movies by her and Dont plan on it Ever!!!! Ihage Always been TEAM JOHNNY since 21 Jump street Im 62 but I Love Johnny and his career needs to blossom back again- He will Never fall from grace in my eyes or heart He is Simply the Best !!!!!

    1. Abdul

      Why y’all are posting rumors, there was a recent interview of jerry bruckheimer, where he said option to return depp as jack sparrow is on the table alongside Margo as the red female pirate . He said nothing is final yet

    2. Penny

      Also Amber heard needs never to get another movie role in Hollywood again! I know I will never and I know lots of others that have said they will never watch her movies again after this. What she did was unbelievable and she has set women back so far in this world for what she has done. She did more harm to women than we have ever had done before! She deserves NOTHING !!!!!!

  12. Jennifer

    Disney and Hollywood owe Johny Depp A public apology for the way they treated him. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I will not watch the new Pirates Movie he is what made the movies good. There is no pirate movie without him in it. As for Amber Heard karma always catches up. She is A disgrace to women and humanity. The ones of us who have truely survived domestic violence she has hurt with her lies. She is an abuser and her lies have hurt not only Johny and his family, but also all of us women who truely were abused. The ones of us who have survived domestic violence can see right thru your lies. Your actions and words tell you were not abused or scared.

  13. No Johnnie, no Pirates for me! Disney needs a formal apology. They were wrong to do this to him. If they can’t show a shred of compassion and decency for him. I’m done. Amber hasn’t lost her job in Aquama. Doesn’t seem fair. I love these movies, bit I won’t be watching without Johnnie or with Amber. Fair is fair.

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