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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. TR

    Johnny Depp made Pirates, so without him there is no Pirates of CB. I certainly will not be watching any of the new Pirates movies, along with many of my friends and family. It was wrong of Disney to fire Johnny Depp and they will see just how wrong once all the fans of his boycott the up and coming Pirate movies

    1. É o mínimo, que seus fãs podem retribuir pela demissão de Johnny.

      1. Zee

        Get Johnny Depp back on
        Pirates and anything else!
        Shame on that crazy woman who was supposed to be a wife!

        1. Disney blew it without even corroborating the charges against him. They will reap what they sow.

      2. Theresa Moutz

        I really can’t believe you’re going to replace Johnny Depp .. That character is him and no one else.. we aren’t going to watch this in the theater so you’re wasting your money. #JusticeforJohnnyDepp

      3. Will not watch any movies you make until johnny depp comes back.We love Depp!!!!

      4. James

        No Jack, no pirates and no more fans. Shame on disney

    2. NOS

      Same here! None of us are watching any future Pirates of the Caribbean. Not without JD. Also boycotting Aquaman 2, sorry Jason. Amber ruined it for you.

      1. Roxie

        I think she got the ultimate boot!!

    3. Amanda

      You and me to Disney socks Johnny Depp is jack sparrow and no other actor can change that but it is ok he’s better off with out Disney he can make it with out Disney I’m done with Disney Depp will all was be jack sparrow in my book

      1. Wendy

        Nope. Disney should NEVER have taken sides in this. It is “he said she said” and no proof of anything. Shame on you Disney! You’ve lost my support!

      2. Yes speaking of a very horrible business move plus show ther CEO’s have sticks up their behinds even though none of them have been Angels in their lives fire a magnificent actor! No one can replace JACK SPARROW! Johnny Depp made that character a world wide beloved good /bad guy!!! His personal life is his OWN NO MATTER WHAT THEY THINK!!

    4. Richard

      You are exactly right if Johnny Depp isn’t in the movie I don’t want to see it.

      1. fm

        Disney sucks

    5. S. Martin

      You fire the best actor you’ve ever had without giving him the chance to defend himself? Fine. Then, you deserve the same treatment. No Depp … no more Disney.

    6. You

      Yes boycotting for sure. By all means pirates would not be worth watching if it weren’t for Johnny Depp. Its like he created the whole thing. Besides, I so despise Disney at this point. Definitely not watching

      1. KDW

        JD is Jack Sparrow. No other actor or actress can compare. Disney did him dirty by taking the Turds side in this.

    7. Kay

      Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow and if you replace him, there will be no Pirates!!! This has been one of my favorite series from Disney Disney and I’m very disappointed!!! And I do not like Margo Robbie!!! Please think again??!!

      1. S

        Yess! I will not watch the movie if there is a fake captain jack sparrow. Johnny the real one and i would never see someone else play this role! Also i would not watch aquaman 2 if amber is in it. It would ruin the whole movie for me.

      2. Katja

        I also feel Disney has let Johnny Depp and it’s fans down. I will not be watching this new movie and I feel that the other stars in this movie like Orlando Bloom should be supporting him as well. It’s not pirates with out him. So disappointed in Disney what would Walt say if he was alive.

        1. You are exactly right! I love Orlando Bloom too and I hope all of the characters turn Disney down if Depp is not in The Pirates of the Carrib. Novices! Note for Disney: Stay out of private lives of thier actors!!!!

      3. Selin

        If Johnny Depp isn’t on neither r we. I will stop support Disney for ever.

    8. Donna

      As has been the case lately with Disney and all the Woke crap, this is just ridiculous…. I hope Disney goes completely under…poor Walt is turning over in his grave with disgust. Already decided to never go back to Disney at all or buy anything Disney so just added this to my list: no Johnny, no watchee….

    9. Linda

      Not watching any future pirate shows without Johnny Depp. He is the one & only Jack Sparrow. Big mistake for Disney!!

      1. rhonda stack

        No Johnny, No watchy!! Disney you blew it!!!

      2. Celia

        Not watching. Depp build up Captain Jack Sparrow. No Depp, No Pirates of Caribbean 👎

    10. José

      No Johnny?? NO WATCHING!!

    11. Connie

      Didn’t know about the list to bring Johnny back or I would have been on it. There isn’t any way Disney can replace Johnny Depp.
      He is Captain Jack. Without Johnny Depp he doesn’t exist . Johnny Depp created Captain Jack. The movie wouldn’t have been successful with any other version. I will not watch without Johnny Depp. What’s the point? Disney was wrong not backing Johnny. Who’s the dummy who thinks they could replace Johnny.
      Johnny is Captain Jack Sparrow. AND A LWAYS WILL BE
      .Disney made a stupid move when they turned there back on Johnny Depp. I’m very disappointed in Disney. Johnny Depp FOREVER
      YOU SEXY THING..,. ..

      1. LL

        No Depp, no Disney. You are not giving the fans what they want, but doesn’t matter, JD isn’t coming back to Disney anyway!

    12. Tiffany

      Amen! I agree 100000000000000%. It’s utterly rediculas that they fired him. What a disappointment Disney! Not impress! Truly, haven’t been impressed with with Disney lately anyways!

      1. Phil

        Agreed, without Mr. Depp it will probably go to video in a months time !!

    13. Chris

      No Depp, no pirates for me. Maybe no Disney anymore. Im tired of this.
      Guilty until proven innocent. And then still guilty.

      1. Celia


    14. Dez

      I have no idea why they think anyone will watch this without Johnny Depp..

      1. Patti

        No Johnny Depp, has Disney lost its mind! We will not be watching without Johnny!

    15. Kay


    16. Cathy


    17. We need Jonny Deep as Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie Disney and if that doesn’t happen y’all losing money for pirates 6 movie

    18. Chris

      Ich werde keinen PotC Film ohne Johnny Depp sehen. Disney hat einen Riesenfehler gemacht und sie werden es spätestens am Gewinn bzw Verlust sehen. Kapiert es endlich: niemand will Pirates of the Caribbean ohne “Captain ” Jack Sparrow sehen!!!!

    19. Ivo

      I’m not watching either… There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny!!!

      Had big doubts from in the beginning. It’s actually very frightening that these days just an allegation from a woman can get you fired and humiliated worldwide without it even being proved… Strange times… The 60’s must have been great!

    20. Jack sparrow

      Won’t watch pirates nor and movie from depp or heard

      1. Heard is the one who should be blacklisted !! She is a gold digger at best!! She knew who Johnny was when she married
        Him!! Depp is a proven Great Actor!!!


      Disney’s new pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie would flop without Johnny Depp playing role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

      It is evident that even in other films a replacement for a character is identified in the previous film of the whole production i.e. In Avengers Endgame, Captain America(Steve Rogers) leaves his role To Falcon(Sam Wilson).

      Since Jack Sparrow never handed out his role to someone else in the Pirates of CB 5(Dead men tell no tales/Salazar’s Revenge), Replacing him won’t be acceptable.

    22. GrammyP

      Johnny Depp MADE Jack Sparrow!!!!

    23. Laurie Jansen


  2. Linda K Jones

    Big mistake Disney ! You can’t change a movie up in the end it won’t fly . Johnny Depp is captain Jack Sparrow and he made this movie what it is . That old dog just won’t hunt . Big mistake and I won’t be watching it without Johnny to ask “where’s the rum “

    1. Peter Diaz

      Big mistake Disney!😞😞😞

    2. Dd

      Only watched because of Johnny Depp! He is the only “Jack Sparrow “ there could ever be. Will never purchase anything again from them. The Magic is gone!!!

    3. GrammyP


  3. Linda K Jones

    Disney just admit it you made a big mistake. Jumped the gun on this one . She is a liar watch and see. An ungrateful women who has mental issues too many to address . Big mistake Disney. HUGH!!!

    1. Dina

      Well said! I mean Johnny Depp created character. Just goes to show how ruthless corporations are. At the end of the day you’re just a number. They don’t care except for their profits

      1. Disney didn’t have the balls to stand up forJD. No Jack Sparrow, walk the plank ya yellow bellied bilge scum.
        No money from me

      2. Lisa

        Read the room, Disney. Hope you’re prepared to lose a LOT of money. This is doomed to fail.

    2. V. St8

      No Pirates without Johnny Depp. A woman cannot play Captain Jack, no matter who she is. Won’t be seeing the new movie. Disney, you really messed up.

      1. Cheryl

        Unbelievable Disney! You fire Jonny D but continue to make money off of him!!! You have lost all respect I’ve had for Disney in the past. I will not be watching the new Pirates series without Jonny or anything from Disney going forward.

    3. Joann Warhola

      Depp is Jack Sparrow. He is the one and only reason why I saw each movie several times in the theatre (rare for me) and purchased the DVDs! My favorite character ever!

      1. Wren

        As everyone days here. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. End of conversation. End of Disney.

  4. Linda K Jones

    After this man has worked so hard on his career here comes a bimbo to try to tear him down. Been watching him for years ,enjoyed all his movies especially The Ninth Gate. He is a good man . Disney you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Sherry Lynn







    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      obviously you do not know that two actors have played Jim Kirk and a third will be playing him next year. And Star Trek lives on and is more successful than ever.
      David Prowse played Darth Vader 40 years ago, now Hayden Christensen is Darth Vader. And eagerly awaited to be seen on the screen this month.

      1. Richard

        It’s obvious she was saying that no one plays James t Kurt like William shatner sure there are other actors but they’re not James t Cook the way William shatner plays it that’s what she meant so you know you need to stop that.

      2. Cheri

        Johnny Depp made the Pirates of the Caribbean what it is. He is Jack Sparrow. You should be standing behind him, giving him the support he needs while he is going through hard times not firing him. I thought better of you Disney. Well All his Fans are standing behind him. So don’t bother making the movie. It will be a flop if Johnny Depp. “Parlay Disney”

        1. Ayub

          No Jonny I will not watch any furure POTC. BIG mistake for dropping Johnny just because of family internal affairs and he is still not convicted yet.

    2. Right on the SPOT!! I hope someone goes on the search for dirt on the CEO of Disney! Wonder what they’ll find? Put him on the spot for a while!!

  6. Ban

    Disney you suck. You get rid of the man that made jack and now you can him. You guys are sick and I wont watch anything Disney anymore. You lost my support and hope you guys fall from movies and the industry in general.

    1. Temperance

      No Johnny no thanks…bye bye Disney!

    2. Richard

      So much for using the microphone for texting it misspelled James t Kirk.

  7. Palmer

    J. Depp gone !! Fans gone too! Will not be supporting Disney any longer .

  8. KHMS

    I agree and I have thrown out all of Disney stuff in the trash. Johnny Depp made the character of Captain Jack Sparrow come alive. Shame on Disney!!!!!

    1. Connie

      Disney sounds like you pooped in your own bed. Or did Amber Heard do that to you?????
      You should make a doll with Amber Heard with a big turd on top of her head. THAT would sell.

  9. Dorinda

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack. He was the reason for watching. He made POTC what it was. Another mistake by Disney. You have taken away the magic that was Disney. The magic Walt Disney left is gone. No more Disney for us.

  10. Linda

    Not watching.. John Depp made the whole movie . He is an absolute STAR.

  11. Pamela

    No Johnny, No Pirates. I won’t watch. He IS captain Jack Sparrow and can’t be replaced. Bad move. Disney.

  12. Lorelei

    No Johnny Depp, No watching Pirates of the Caribbean 6!!
    Sorry Disney. You really screwed this one up.

  13. An

    Pirates is nothing without Johnny Depp. He was dropped by Disney as soon as the accusations were made, but are they doing anything for him now that it’s coming out in court that HE is the victim in all this and never once dealt the abuse? No. WB dropped him from Fantastic Beasts and even my nephew, who’s just a teen and hasn’t been
    around for Johnny’s whole career (like me and I’m a huge fan) was upset they dropped him. I won’t be seeing FB and I sure as heck will not see another Pirates movie without Johnny Depp. They can recast Jack with whatever actor/actress they want, but Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow and no one can take his place. Let the Pirates franchise die Disney, because without JD, it won’t be anywhere near as successful as you think.

  14. Aria

    Johnny Depp IS PIRATES and he made you BILLIONS. No Johnny no watchee

  15. Atene

    No DEPP…No movie!!
    I will not be seeing this upcoming movie or any others by Disney….Disney can stick their “happiest place on Earth” anywhere they want…I no longer want any involvement with them…guilty before a trial…
    Yet Ms. “Teard” (lol)…is still in Aquaman..ok only 10 minutes…..but that movie is off my list also.

  16. Bob

    I am in an older age bracket and also will not watch the movie without Depp..bad movie disney

  17. Sherri

    Johnny Depp has made Disney MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Yet, before doing an investigation they DUMP Johnny Depp. Not only have you SEVERLY damaged any Franchise and independent movies Johnny Depp stared for you Disney, you lost faith with your audiences. The people that pay their hard earned money to watch and buy movies and merchandise attached to your movies. Johnny Depp is a brilliant character actor. Disney underestimated how much the public CARE. Also you damage anyone stuck by contract associated with the movies you pulled Johnny Depp from. Bad Disney.

  18. Gina

    This cancel culture horrendous. Jonny Depp does not deserve this from Disney. On the strengthen of a women who is possible playing a role. I said possible. This actor worked tirelessly to make Captain Jack REAL.. Fans are disappointed Disney. You may bounce back from this decision, but I won’t support it. Using Margot is a weak move going after a new fan base. If you want promote Margotdo so but not as Captain Jack’s replacement..
    You have lost me as a fan. I am totally against domestic violence but punishing a person before the whole truth is revealed is WRONG. You better hope JD can forgive you. Because thats the only way to get me back. All other’s who drop him are just as disloyal.. When did people on a whole become so expendable.

  19. Julie

    If Disney insists on more films, they should write Margot Robbie as a whole new pirate.. You simply cannot replace Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow! I refuse to see any future films if they do.

  20. De

    …and one better…to the best of my ability (and I can be one stubborn effin’ biotch) I’ll be boycotting everything Disney (Warner Bros. too for that matter).
    He’s apparently not good enough to remain a main star in the franchise, but he IS good enough for them to keep his likeness for the express purpose making money. Sounds like the makings of a good lawsuit to me.

  21. Rose

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow and that’s final!! Huge mistake Disney!! The fans are angry.

  22. Amaisner

    There’s no way I’ll be watching it POTC without Johnny Depp in it, Disney doesn’t deserve my money or my time. I’m considering cancelling my Disney+ subscription, because they really don’t deserve my money if this is how they treat people before they are proven guilty or innocent. I’ve been a diehard Disney fan my whole life and I’m angry that this is what they chose to do. Bad decision Disney, you should have treated Johnny Depp better.

    1. Mary

      I’m with everyone else, no Johnny, no watch. I’ve been watching him since 21 Jump Street. Love his movies

  23. Judith

    Without Johnny Depp acting as Captain Sparrow on Pirates of the Caribbean part six, will be a downfall. I will, definitely, not watch it.

  24. JR

    No Disney for our family including Disney parks.

  25. MercyMe

    Canceled my Disney + subscription and will be purging Disney DVD’s and anything else Disney from my home. Will not watch any further Pirates sequels or any other Disney shows/movies. Disney has gotten way too “big for their britches” recently and this was the last straw for me.

  26. Becky

    Johnny IS Jack Sparrow! Disney, you are no longer a Movie maker that makes films that people want You are now a judge and jury. You are wrong!

  27. Christina

    No one can replace, Johnny Depp ! I thought Disney was smarter than that!! Goes to show, Disney only cares about Disney!! I won’t be watching ANYTHING from Disney!!!

  28. Kathleen Munday

    I will never, ever watch anything Disney makes from here on out. They fired the wrong person! They should have fired Amber heard. I actually canceled Hulu because they attached Disney to their package and you are stuck with it! I will also not watch or listen to Will Smith. Hollywood has done this from the beginning of time. Well I’m sick of Hollywood! When Jason Momoa added Johnny Depp to his friends list on Twitter that shows just how credible amber heard is. #BoycottAmberHeard #BoycottDisney

  29. Deborah Robinson

    I am 68 years old with many children and grandchildren. To usJohnny Depp IS POTC!! We will not be watching. We own all the other movies, next one? Not on a bet. Besides the fact that he visits children’s hospitals everywhere. Little cancer patients and others just light up when they see he. This is just disgustingly sick! DONE DISNEY 😡

  30. I’m sorry, but Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow! He brought that character to life BRILLIANTLY!!! If Depp isn’t in it, then I’m not watching it!!!

  31. I will never watch any movies with out the REAL JACK SPARROW!!! No actor can replace Johnny Depp…NOO,OOOPNE

  32. Vic

    An absolute joke, no more Disney subscription for me! Disney your sacked!

  33. BarbD

    Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. I’m out. Not because whoever they’re replacing him with cant imitate Johnny Deep as JS. Because it is fickle, disloyal, and completely disrespectful of the actor that gave them Jack. Screw you disney

  34. PL

    The whole case is crazy. Right or wrong the film should be shelved until the courts finalize the judgements. Bollywood was much better at shelving projects in court proceedings.

    It is like Disney doesn’t have other projects to work on until this case gets settled? lol

  35. Sunshine

    I just canceled my Disney+ subscription. This is not the disney I love. They have gone to far into woke culture for me now they dump Johnny Depp over one article that isn’t proven. My family is over them. No more Disney anything here. I’m not even interested in Marvel after the buyout. It’s all gone downhill

    1. Gayle

      Good for you‼️‼️‼️‼️

  36. Paul

    I just canceled my and my family’s week stay at Disney world! That’s 5 rooms 16 children 8 adults so yeah would have loved going but if they can replace a main actor an character over 1 his personal life and not even waiting for the outcome of a trail then I feel that Disney loses even without a trial!! Disney you are quilty of judgements against Johnny Depp and I hope after he’s done with Amber he goes after you!

  37. Chuck

    No Depp, no Disney anything.

    1. Tiffany


  38. Moni

    Disnry didn’t even wait for him to prove his innocence through the American justice system. Amber LIES repeatedly under oath and is getting caught again and again! Johnny Depp created Jack Sparrow and his charming, wacky swagger that we’ve all grown to love!
    Shame on you Disney! You’re supposed to represent the innocence of America and didn’t even wait for him to prove HIS!!
    I’m surprised you didn’t cast Amber as well!
    Doesn’t matter, no one will be there to see it flop anyway.

  39. Tiffany

    Disney, how stupid have you guys/girls gotten? How ignorant! Can’t you see she is lying? Well I guess we can see who supports Heard! Just watch when she loses! And I guess Disney will be loosing too…. Lots of money with this new movie. Hope it don’t cost them to much to do, cuz they are not getting any profit from me or my fam. What a total disappointment and such a let down. Yes Disney has lost the magic. Not happy.

  40. SLD

    HUGE mistake Disney!! Without Johnny Depp you have nothing! His life has been ruined over marrying that horrible person! I, for one, support him!

  41. Linda

    I hope this ruins disney

  42. Demille Brandon

    I really can’t believe all that money he made for that back stabbing rat , And you would think that alone would have had them hold there acorns a little, Plus with all the me too-ing going on ,she gets up there and uses it to her advantage, It’s just slaps in the face all the way around, Don’t get me wrong I love women in every role possible , but when you’re constantly shoving them in roles to push certain agendas and the actors nor roles fit them , it undermines them as you use them for something they probably didn’t sign up for, I mean who wants to star in a movie based on gibberish that they have to push to sell and it flops because it wasn’t for them in the first place, 🤔

    1. Teresa

      Great comment!! I agree 1000%!

  43. Don

    No other leading male actors should take the role as Capt Jack Sparrow no matter what type of paycheck Disney offers them and need to take a stand!!!

  44. Sherry

    I think Disney really have screwed up with this decision. I won’t watch any pirates of the Caribbean movies, no Johnny no watching!!!!

  45. Teresa

    Johnny Depp IS Pirates of the Caribbean. Without him, the movie won’t be worth watching. Disney should have stood by him. Innocent until proven guilty, remember??! And I will never watch anything that Amber Heard is in! Sorry Jason Momoa. You’re one of my faves (as well as Johnny), but my dislike for Amber & her lies far outweighs my like for you. I hope Karma teaches her a lesson!

    1. Lannie

      Johnny is jack sparrow you can’t replace him he is the movie no Johnny no Disney I will never watch another thing put out by Disney and will never buy anything Disney ever again

  46. Jordan

    I’ll definitely be going to the theatres and boycotting any new pirates of the Caribbean movie with out JD

  47. Asylmar

    He was hired to do a job got paid very well. Did a great job earned all of you as fans. One person acting does not make another person/man less of an actor. We chose what we watch, adore, enjoy and even love the actor in character. That’s what he is a great actor paid to entertain. However, this is about a man who has changed as a Human being and disrespected another human. Lost a court battle in another country. The current court seems he alone creates are not so good. Chewing gum in court, writing constant sticky notes and. Making his team look as if they’re all laughing in a court room, where the laws should be respected. We are all free to make choices and Sydney has already proved for many years their commitment to having shows and entertainers/actors; that inspire our children and it’s audiences to good old fashioned Goodness and Greatness. Cheer or block out !! What do we want our children to see and hear. It’s your choice.

  48. Dior did not give up on Johnny, maybe they can buy out the Pirates of the Carribean movie rights and do their own!!! That would be a movie to see with other hunky Pirates or cast I’d go see it!!! Lol, 😉

  49. Marla

    No Johnny Depp, I won’t watch the next POTC. It’s nothing without Johnny Depp.

  50. Will not see unless it’s Johnny Depp he is the perfect character for that role and always has been

  51. It will make a lot of money give him one last chance he deserves it

  52. Connie

    Disney is making a mistake if they go ahead without Johnny. It will be a disaster as Jack Sparrow is Pirates and JD fans will NOT be watching.

  53. Connie

    Saw this coming….so glad we sold DVC,didn’t renew AP and have removed all Disney from our home. Done. The memories of Walt Disney the man will live on!

  54. Carol Beatrice Kalman

    Totally understandable as a Mother and Grandmother and Aunt and Greataunt to be concerned with the children’s relationship wth their hero Jack Sparrow. However, Disney may also want to be concerned with the truth. Also use this issue as a learning tool to show that even a hero is Human. Humans have Human Rights. Humans are not pergect and thaat is ok. It’s not pk to injure another person physically or mentally. All hmans are innocent unril proven guilty. A teaching moment for adult worshipper as well. I will see hoe this plays out. I am once a fan from a young age and I plan on being a Johnny Depp fan until I am no more.I will keep the faith.

  55. Paula Sue Lowery

    I think there is a petition on change.org for Johnny Depp. I just removed Disney from my streaming. BIG MISTAKE DISNEY! You cancel Johnny Depp, you get cancelled yourself, Disney!

  56. Crystal

    That’s so wrong! He is a great actor and he is the anchor for those movies I’m really getting tired of the politics of Disney, Poor Walt is turning in his grave right now! I won’t watch a pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp!

    1. Nancy

      Totally agree! Johnny Depp is an awesome actor. Love all of his movies, especially Pirates of the Caribbean. Excellent movies only with Johnny Depp as Jack
      Sparrow! Will not watch without Johnny Depp.

  57. Gina

    It’s so funny that you Disney would believe a nobody like Amber Turd…. If it wasn’t for Johnny those movies would not have made it. He made Captain Jack Sparrow!! I have nothing against Margot Robbie…loved her as Harley Quinn….but if she is replacing our Captain Jack there is no way in hell I will see that movie.

  58. Anthony Martinez

    Let me make it very clear for everyone, NO INSURANCE COMPANY WILL TOUCH HIM. Without insurance no movie studio can afford to take the risk of any actor getting injured and halting production. He chose to sue and put his drug and alcohol use on full display. If you were an insurance company would you take the multi million dollar risk? We tend to forget this is a dangerous business not just entertainment. Actors get injured and sometimes killed making movies. It isn’t always about how good of an actor you are but how big of a liability you are. Imagine putting all of your personal issues on tv for the world to see. How would you fare?

    1. George M. Kadinger, Jr.

      I will boycott all movies where Mr. Depp is replaced by another actor. It is nonsense that no insurance company will insure him. Mr. Depp’s drug use and other idiosyncrasies have been under public scrutiny for decades.

  59. Vic

    I will not watch another Disney movie of any sort! Won’t visit a theme park owned by Disney! Disney is dead to me. Johnny is Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates movies will suck without him. Best of luck Johnny! You don’t need Disney!

  60. Mike

    No Johnny? I’m out. Ot will be a flop.

  61. vlk

    Once again, Disney has made a move without forethought. My Disney stock keeps plummeting and the only choice I have is sell it and take a BIG hit, or wait it out and hope for a return at some point so the loss is not as big. POTC is nothing without Jack Sparrow and this will be another loss at the box office.

  62. Digvijay patole

    Disney is going crazy, Jonny made “Captain Jack Sparrow’s role more epic. There is no replace for Jonny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

  63. Digvijay

    Disney is going crazy, Jonny made “Captain Jack Sparrow’s role more epic. There is no replace for Jonny Depp as Jack Sparrow. ” No Jonny No Caribbean “

  64. alan vincent

    count me in i will NOT be watching either! Disney has made some terrible mastakes lately that will certainly hurt their brand! thier personal life is not ours or disneys to partake in we watch disney characters not living people… are you going to take Goofy away for being stupid???


    Jerry Buttmuncher would not have a career without Johnnys Capt. Jack. He SUCKS turning his back on JD.

  66. Michael

    Screw Disney, they just made a seriously stupid decision, I definitely won’t be watching any future POTC. Disney, you’d do well to remember, we the people who give you our money are your bosses you idiots

  67. Alice

    I love the Pirates movies and Johnny’s character. I’m not interested in it if he’s not in it.

  68. If anyone thinks any of these giant woke companies cares anything about them they are wrong. They don’t even care about their actors. I don’t watch any of these movies and neither does my family, they’re not getting our money. If everyone did this these companies wouldn’t be acting the way they are.

  69. If anyone thinks any of these giant woke companies cares anything about them they are wrong. They don’t even care about their actors. I don’t watch any of these movies and neither does my family, they’re not getting our money. If everyone did this these companies wouldn’t be acting the way they are.

  70. Ann

    Bye,Bye, Disney we canceled our Disney Channels, no vacation and we protest the firing of Mr. DEPP. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I’m 72, and totally loves these movies. You think Johnny is the only actor that has had court issues. Really? One crazy woman makes comments and you jump ship. Well I hope more people jump your ship and shut you down. Really.

  71. Mason

    Captain Jack Sparrow escaped Davy Jones’ Locker , escaped the British Royal Navy, escaped an island twice , escaped the undead, escaped cannibals , escaped killer mermaids, and escaped the East Indian Trading Company. Who knew that he would end up being a victim of cancel culture. #boycottdisney

  72. Ray

    Supposedly in America, your innocent until proven guilty. But Disney apparently castrates men, beforehand. Another nail in Disney’s Coffin of Titanic drowning.

  73. Cheri Albanese

    There should be a global boycott to not watch any more pirates of the Caribbean, no one else could play jack Sparrow but Johnny Depp.

  74. Michael

    I’m through with Disney. No Johnny No Pirates

  75. George M. Kadinger, Jr.

    I will boycott all movies where Mr. Depp is replaced by another actor.

  76. NicWir

    No Johnny = No Watching


    I’m 70 and have watched every Depp movie but especially loved the Pirates movies and so do my kids and their kids. We were booking a trip to Disney World with the family but will not support a business that counts Depp as guilty before the trial ends and after watching this trial, I can say that he should thank God he has an ex-wife. All brilliant men have a black side. It doesn’t take away from their greatness. Screw Disney.

  78. Darth Vader


  79. Hulk


  80. Dave

    There gonna have to cancel it forever and ever. That is the real choice the only one’s fault was Keira Knightley with her Elizabeth Swann character left him to die to the Kraken who took everything away from Johnny with his character Jack Sparrow’s whole life & Gore Verbinski who was fired and doesn’t make sense directing Pirates 1-3 like that and couldn’t focus on Jack Sparrow correctly.

    1. dave

      A trader who left him to the kraken landing under Davy Jones’s locker then decides to rescue him without letting anybody know what she did to Jack when Elizabeth didn’t tell anyone. What an idiot Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann really is she doesn’t focus on her own mind doesn’t know what she’s saying Keira Knightley should be fired for destroying Jack Sparrow and doesn’t see him anymore doesn’t sing pirate songs and no longer speaks. she should be in the court that goes for Gore Verbinski too for not making any sense between 3 pirate picture movies, Penelope Cruz who played Anjelica Teach for setting Jack Sparrow himself up when she dresses like him, & Geoffrey Rush’s Hector Barbossa for stealing the Pearl ship telling a lie and thinks he’s a Captain of the Black Pearl without laying off when he think’s truth is overrated.

  81. Toni

    What a bunch of crap!!! All kinds of people go through things..good or bad..his life and anyone in public view is no ones business..what he has accomplished in his career speaks for itself!! NO ONE I MESN NO ONE COULD EVER TAKE HIS ACE..EVER!!! What he has done with that character is the character.. Disney has let everyone down!! Have you seen some of the crap they are putting on tv!!! CRAP!! DON’T LET US DOWN!! HE IS JACK SPARROW!!!

  82. Ivy Bible

    Without Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise there is no Pirates of the Caribbean because Johnny Depp made the Pirates of the Caribbean. He made that role, he is that role, if you take him out then that whole franchise is gone, nobody’s going to watch that other woman because Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s what made the Pirates of the Caribbean as good as it is because of who he is and his character is just so crismatic and Johnny Depp just made him pop. Disney needs to go shove it because they don’t even give Johnny Depp the time of day to defend himself against this lying backstabbing little winch who don’t have two legs to stand on without taking everything all she wants is his damn money because she’s a little w****. If Disney doesn’t change they’re going to lose a lot more than Johnny Depp fans. Disney needs to step up and back Johnny Depps’ back because Johnny Depp has been there through thick and thin, no matter how bad his life is going and Johnny Depp is a good person and y’all going to believe a lying little backstabbing w**** over Johnny Depp. She just wants his money and wants to ruin him just because she’s unhappy with her own life y’all need to just look at this a little bit closer and let him defend himself Disney should have his back no matter what because he’s had Disney’s back through thick and thin through everything he’s put his life on the line an shoved everything else to the side and was out there to make all of these shows and movies the best that they can be. I mean he already messed up one relationship by making the Pirates of the Caribbean series and now just cuz this stupid little girl is unhappy with her life and wants to ruin Johnny Depp everybody’s going to jump just so she can have the spotlight and get some money. Then he gets blacklisted for nothing that’s stupid it’s retarded and Disney better watch their self because y’all think y’all doing good right now making movies and selling good movies but then you blacklisted Johnny Depp for stupidity reasons now because you don’t even know if any of this allegations are even true you guys just want to jump. All because of a stupid female saying one little thing about being abused or mistreated so now y’all want to Blacklist him. If it was a guy or if it was him saying something y’all would have just shrugged it off. Without Johnny Depp there is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp Disney’s going down.

  83. Darlene

    No Johnny Depp no watching you might as well take and cancel all the new movies of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp was one that made the movie and trying to replace him is crazy. It was like them trying to replace John Wayne and Rooster Cogburn it didn’t work. So if you want to spend all that money on a movie that’s going to flop then go ahead in fact a lot of people will definitely boycott the movie. So just throw your money down the drain I know everyone that I know will not be watching it or going to see it because it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp has Jack Sparrow.

  84. Javs

    With out Johnny !! I’m not watching any of the future movies 😝

  85. Jennifer Monhollen

    This really stinks. I love watching the pirate’s movie series, however, with no Johnny Depp I will no longer watch the movies going forward that won’t have him in them. I’m sorry but he is and will always be the star of these movie’s and no one can or will ever be able to replace him.

  86. Nendy

    I think JD is really perfect for this role as a JS of the Pirate
    of Carribian, no one would ever replace him for this role, he has a unique and gifted character.

  87. DJ

    I agree.. Depp IS Pirates… PERIOD….

    Hey DISNEY.. You’re on quite the roll this year.. Decimating your former fanbase…
    IF… There’s anyone left on the board with any actual balls, may I suggest it’s time to make a stand, vote, and strip the powers of the Eunuch currently in charge, before future financial damages become permanently Irreversible…

  88. Lori

    This is a big mistake

  89. I will not be watching the new movie as NO ONE can or will EVER replace Jonny Depp he is truly one of a kind and the new movie is just simply not going to be the same without him. Sorry Margot, I love you but I don’t think you THAT good to be able to replace a male lead especially Jack sparrow’s role played by Mr. Depp. I will just simply not watch it due to him being fired.

  90. C&A

    I hope Disney is reading these post. I am not watching any pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp in it. The only reason I watch these movies is to watch Johnny Depp on the big screen. I say we all make a stand against Disney don’t buy any Disney products, boycott all things Disney cancel all your subscriptions or put them on hold Disney Plus, ESPN, ABC, Marvel, Star Wars, even buying something small like a Mickey shirt from dollar tree. Don’t just stop at pirates of the Caribbea. Hurt Disney where it hurts in their wallets. Disney won’t do something until they start losing money big time. Make this multi-million dollar company fall.

  91. Debbie Nicholas

    Well BYE Then I own them all BUT I’m Done Bye Disney good luck no more Disney Store Presents either ✌️

  92. Elias azhimi

    Pirates would be nothing without Johnny Depp. And why is Disney standing with the witch Amber. And not giving Johnny a chance to clear his name.

  93. Chhanda mondal

    I am not going to watch it

  94. Tonya Wallace

    Without Johnny Depp there is NO Pirates of the Caribbean. You majorly screwed up because I was a big Fan of Disney and now I don’t want anything to do with Disney World nor any of the movies. You should wait on the factor before ruining a man life plus the fun this fan especially got from the movie. If any movie was man for one man Jack Sparrow was meant for Johnny Depp. I think if funny to that Aqua Man is standing behind an support Amber in her role and than says alots about Disney. You should rethink your actions and rehire Johnny and hopefully keep most of your fan base.

  95. Rcl

    If there is not Jonny on pirates I’m not watching and I’m not even watching aquaman if amber is there because that’s b sh**t

  96. Mike

    I was a huge pirates fan, but no Johnny Depp, I won’t watch it!!!

  97. Love Disney, BUT POTC is nothing without JD and I won’t waste my time to see it. It’s like watching Jaws without a shark or Dirty Dancing with no dance scenes….it’s garbage just like Amber Turd.

  98. Pam

    Johnny should move to Europe where he’ll be appreciated…Disney hasn’t been right since they lost Walt….they’ve killed the magic …J D as Jack Sparrow was their last hope

  99. Tammy Mason

    I will not watch Pirates 6 or any other P.C with out Johnny Depp! Disney you did Johnny very wrong!

  100. Carole Hastie

    Go ahead Disney, waste millions on POTC6, a movie no one will see. Enjoy the backlash as millions of Johnny Depp supporters will make it clear who they support. I, myself, am never spending a cent on anything Disney until they acknowledge the mistake they made and apologize to Mr. Depp. Our money speaks loudly, Disney are you listening?

  101. Chris L.

    Nope. I, as well as anyone I know will NOT be spending any money towards the new POTC movie.

  102. Chris L.

    For Disney to fire Jonny Depp over ACCUSATIONS, but then turn right around and KEEP Amber Turd on under the same circumstances, -BAD MOVE! It will DEFINITELY hit them where it hurts most.

  103. Chris L.


  104. Cosmas

    Disney can get stuffed for what they did to Johnny Depp
    Disgusting decision
    No more Disney in my house
    My mates say to hell with Disney

  105. Kelly Matthias

    Shame on Disney to get rid of Johnny wen they are the most corrupt. I definitely won’t watch pirates of carribien without Johnny . He made the show

  106. Jennifer Aday

    Are you serious! No one will ever watch pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp! He literally MADE the character from the bottom up! Anyone who tries to replace him is just plain disrespectful!

  107. Robert Wallace

    I don’t see movies at theaters anymore, I just stream, buy, or rent them. And as for the new pirates I will refuse to watch that movie at all. Disney I hate to say it but you fuc***up and you’ll sow what you reaped. Have fun losing money because that’s all your ever going to do from now on. And just so you know Johnny will never ever play Captain Jack Sparrow ever again no matter how much money and 1 million alpacas you propose to him…lol

  108. Chantene De Hart

    Unbelievable, Disney! Has no other actor/actress had marital issues or anyone for that matter?! Stuff happens…that’s his personal life and shouldn’t affect his professional life! why should he suffer, why should his fans? Wrong move, big mistake on your part, Disney!

  109. Nestor Aldaba

    With my family we also join this protest 100%, no Johnny Depp means no Pirates of the CB for us, same with many relatives living in Latin America, nobody will watch anything coming from this Disney Franchise unless Johnny Depp is back, not in theaters, not in streaming, not even in cable channels, and much less buying any merchandise related to those movies. Period.!

  110. Brandy

    Without Johnny!!!! Noway will anyone enjoy Pirates, he makes the movie!! His personal life shouldn’t have anything to do with his career.

  111. Julie Barwick

    We will never watch the next Pirates movie if Johnny is not Jack Sparrow. Shame on you Disney for treating johnny Depp who made you millions the way you chose to. Utterly discusted with Disney for doing so. Team Johnny 10000000 % Wish we all could give Johnny a bear hug… He truly is one of a kind… We love ❤️ you Johnny!

  112. Yvonne

    No Depp no Disney!!
    Shame on you Disney…

  113. Lynn

    Johnny depp is the movie. Without him as jack sparrow wont be the same. Why change something that already works? I wont be watching the new one and I know alot of other people that aren’t either. Sorry disney but you are making a BIG mistake

  114. Without Johnny Depp, pirate’s of the Caribbean will be garbage.

  115. Kay Blake

    I only watched the pirate movies because of Johnny Depp and his awesome talent in the role of Jack Sparrow. So I definitely will not be watching any installments without him. Replacing him was a stupid decision, and the person/people behind that stupid decision should be replaced.

  116. Sherry

    I disagree with these people. Everyone has something going on in their lives. Johnny Depp is a wonderful caring person. He didn’t deserve this and he deserved to have a chance to clear his name before Disney dumped him. Men get abused a lot and don’t speak out. It was time for someone to speak up and make it to where men can be heard when women abuse them.
    I am on Johnny’s side due to the fact that I know women can abuse guys. I did it when I was past my breaking points. And I know what it is like to be in the other person’s shoes too. I was there when I was a kid.
    So if you don’t give someone a chance to prove their innocent before you judge them then you are no better then the person that accused them.
    # justice for Johnny Depp
    # Captain Sparrow belongs to Johnny

  117. Michelle

    No Johnny. No Pirate 🦜 of Caribbean

    Dwayne Johnson Will NEVER Replace Johnny Depp— Not for the Fans that pay to watch it!

  118. Jack fan

    No Capt. Jack, none of my money!!!!! If it’s a large enough cameo, maybe. Bottom line no Jack no me.

  119. Bruce Western

    Putting the rock as sparrow is a disgrace, why would you decimate the whole franchise instead of just shut it down. You people discust me with putting WWWennie Dwain as a replacement for the great Depp. I will never watch this crap, and I’ll openly mock anyone who even mentions seeing it

  120. Jerry Bruckheimers announcement of Johnny Depp not being in the upcoming POTC6 should have been titled “Disney stands to lose hundreds of millions of Dollars in upcoming POTC6”! Whatever they wanna do I guess but no Jack Sparrow is the same as making a Goonies 2 WITHOUT the Goonies,….. stupidity!!!!!

  121. Lisa

    No Johnny, no woke Disney ever!!!
    I won’t let my dog watch Disney.

  122. Alex gomez

    No longer supporting Disney products. What ever happened to innocent until prevent guilty! You are horrible for replacing Depp. You should have backed him up considering all the money he made for you!

  123. Wendy

    Disney you convicted one of your biggest money makers and fired him over allegations not proven. You jumped on a sinking ship by firing Johnny Depp. Johnny developed an unforgettable character who cannot or ever be replaced. Now you have put Margo in the line of fire through no fault of her own. Depp has proclaimed he will never work with Disney again, so Disney if you do make another POTC it will fail and many Depp fans and their families will boycott the film. I would be pretty red faced if I was Disney as they continue to sell Jack Sparrow merch.
    I have lost so much respect for your brand.

  124. Jana Shelton

    Very unhappy! No one can replace Jack Sparrow. Will not go see the new Pirate 6 movie

  125. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow cannot be replaced by anyone. It’s ‘not like Batman where so many different actors have played that part. There’s only one Jack Sparrow. I won’t be watching if he’s not in it.

  126. Maribel

    Yes boycotting for sure.
    Will not be watching pirates of CB

  127. Tis

    If Johnny Depp is not in any more Disney movies or just some movies in general y’all could go to hell because that’s wrong that man is amazing and I will no longer deal with any more Disney movies I was a Disney subscriber for years and I got pretty much every movie made but I will never look at your movies again you are really messing up this time and I’m going to just cancel my Disney subscription.

  128. bev

    You screwed over Johnny, big time. Any future POTC will flop because of your stupidity. In fact, any FB movies as well. You will not recover from this.

  129. Ash

    I won’t support Disney anymore. Johnny Depp deserved so much more than what they did to him. But I’m sure he’s glad to be done with a pedophile company.

  130. Tabatha

    My family will no longer watch anything Disney puts out! Especially when everyone has a back story that isn’t made for public eye, aside from that allowing AH to have this control just feeds her narcissistic behavior & let’s her know it’s fine to continue doing this to men, woman- anyone! The lies kept coming but he put his career on the line by being honest and not hiding anything, she too admitted to drug use, yet she hasn’t been pulled from Aqua man 3- I’m from Texas- born & raised, my sister actually went through legit physical abuse as well as mental & you don’t act the way she did if you were abused!
    No support for Disney or her

  131. Alane Green

    No Johnny I will not be watching this on the big screen

  132. Joanne Stinson

    No Depp….No Disney!

  133. Crystal Cahill

    No Depp? Seriously? What is wrong with Disney?! Depp made that show. I will not be watching any Pirates of the CB that doesn’t include Depp. What a disgrace!!

  134. I will not watch Disney no more for not letting Johnny Depp in movies if it wasn’t for him the movie wouldn’t be such a best movie plus all the other best shows he did Alice in wonderland and the others you suck disney

  135. Pattie

    With out hom it’s not worth watching!!
    That’s like eating a ham sandwich with out the ham!!! It doesn’t work 😕

  136. Beckt

    Will NOT EVER watch if Johnny Depp is not in it ….NOBODY WILL!!

  137. Diana Moore

    No way in hell will I ever watch it without him!!

  138. After they chose Amber Heard’s side and let Johnny go, I removed my subscription from disney+ and is no longer supporting Pirates of the Caribbeans or any other Disney project. I will watch other movies and tv shows involving Johnny Depp and will sell my mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and any other Disney plushie or item.

  139. Bryn Dornan

    For one I despise the fact Disney have binned an innocent man instead of standing by him considering the trillions they’ve profited from him and his character rolls… even the parks still utilise him as Jack Sparrow..so their dumping him is somewhat disgraceful as they continue to profit ..simply because he cannot be replaced… i read Margot Robbie who I think is an awesome actress…. but I cannot for the life of me envisage her replacing the Jack Sparrow character in any way shape or form so the NEw movie would be a “back to the drawing board” effort at best. On another point I recently watched the Tv series “The Boys” and I instantly recognised MANY characteristics in the “Billy Butcher” Character potraid by NewZealand actor Karl Urban… so I would love to know WHY he hasn’t even been looked at as a realisitic and somewhat identifiable replacement for the Beloved Johnny Depp… I end with my options being BRING BACK JOHNNY get on your knees and BEG for his forgiveness for treating him with such distain… alternatively if cowardice means you lack the spine to apologise for any wrongdoing… then go speak to Karl Urban!

    Just a disabled nobody and movie fan of many years left about to lose my home to corrupt already long convicted authorities recommitting their endless 58 years of crimes

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