Comments for Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Comments on “Don’t Say Gay” Controversy

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Credit: ABC


  1. Matthew Muir

    Somebody HAS to see this BEFORE commenting

    We should all cancel our Disney+ subscriptions, stop going to the parks and stop buying ANY Disney merchandise. IF…………IF……………enough of us do that, and the stock tanks low enough, Disney shareholders JUST MIGHT vote Chapek out………..along with the current Chairman, and vote a NEW one in

    We ALL have to save what we truly love. The Walt Disney Company must be saved

    And MOST importantly, we all have to PERSUADE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME, and WARN Disney of the impending boycott to REALLY get Chapek SCARED.

    And I will be seriously disappointed if I see ANYONE, and I mean just ONE PERSON commenting WITHOUT vowing to do ANY ONE OF THESE THINGS. We must both BOYCOTT Disney AND encourage others to do the same.

    I hope everyone understands

  2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    The bias in this article is amazing. I only have to refer to “his so-called attack on The Walt Disney Company”. This “so-called” attack is clearly demonstrated by DeSantis own comments.
    “Maybe this will be the wakeup call that they need to get back on track.”
    “In Florida, our policies got to be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations”

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