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amber heard (left) and johnny depp (right) on red carpet

Credit: ABC


  1. Walt

    I’m pretty sure I commented on that one too…

  2. suz

    Wow I have never seen a more biased article… To use the movie Corpse Bride against Depp which is hilarious btw because if I remember it correctly his character is clearly not at all as evil as the title makes it appear. You should have used sweeney todd demon barber of fleet street at least in that movie he’s a serial killer. Nice try in helping your girl Amber out of the pit she put herself into but I doubt your blog will help her.

    1. Mary

      Agree with everything you said!

      1. Sil Jenkins

        Team Johnny all the way !!

  3. Me

    Some random blogger who has no inside info. #trash

  4. JD

    Yeah I just watched this part of the trial and the witness who was asked about it basically said “some random website with no inside information or access to Disney executives said…”

    Not to hate on your Disney site but you know Amber’s lawyers are in trouble when they are quoting things random bloggers on the internet have said.

    1. Amy

      Exactly! Well put!

  5. Do not associate your approval of supporting Amber Heard with the cover of the Walt Disney Legacy. In the last twelve days the Johnny Depp defamation trial has shown undisputed fact finding evidence and witness testimony that Heard is the perpetrator. Disney is already under attack due to careless and criminal behavior surrounding associates and employees behavior in other alarming areas. You are just as reckless in your misrepresentation of Disney when it comes to your published opinion today protecting Amber Heard who now is a proven Domestic Violence perpetrator in this current trial, by creating a narrative seemingly being that you are an author represented by Disney. I do not believe Walt Disney would ever create a fantasy that girls can ruthlessly beat up boys without consequence and that it is an experience he would promote as a new normal. None the less, you should be ashamed.

  6. Leslie Farris

    Honestly you should write another article covering the revelations regarding Amber’s ability to be a perpetrator of domestic violence and at the same time fabricate evidence alluding that she is the victim. And now there are articles claiming that her attorneys will request to have JD’s suit dismissed. I speculate it’s bc they absolutely do not want her to take the stand and have to testify to all the allegations and evidence brought forth by JD’s legal team. I’m sure they feel she will no doubt crack under pressure and reveal her anger and temper that boils just beneath the surface.

  7. Who cares

    This blog/website is trash. A lot of the articles seem like they were conceptualized by children. Depp is innocent.

    1. JS

      Got give some credit to these bloggers and the media who keep doubling down and won’t give up despite about 90 some percent of people being on his side. However, I think everyone has made up their minds and are nothing is going to change that so they need to start accepting that and move on. Amber has made her bed and now she has to lie in it (poo and all).

  8. Ashley

    I think comparing the two is apples to oranges as far as saying Heard was “almost” cancelled. Warner Bros.(WB) and Disney are two different execs. WB clearly gives zero “f’s” as they have continued to hire Heard and continued to produce “The Flash” starring Ezra Miller who has continued to sully his own reputation. Johnny had a much higher platform to fall from as well with decades of stardom under his belt, while I did not even know the name “Amber Heard” until the divorce scandal. I think the plaintiff side has brought forth very good evidence that Heard was the aggressor and instigator in the relationship. I hope Johnny does win, but unfortunately I don’t foresee it happening.

  9. LISTEN UP….JOHNNY DEPP Could Have LOST More than HIS Fingertip if HE had STAYED with AMBER HEARD. Do NOT Stay in a BAD RELATIONSHIP if there is NO HOPE. Get OUT Before it is TOO LATE. From SamuraiQueen. 🤔🤔🤔😄😄😄😣😣😣

  10. Tina S

    I wonder if Johnny wears the rings at all times. If so, there is no way he could have hit Amber and left only bruises with no cuts or scars. Also, if reports are correct, isn’t he almost blind? That would make it difficult to abuse someone who can just move out of the way. Team Johnny all the way.

  11. Avia

    Sure, we have seen he has some rough times when drinking and partying, but Amber Heard is an instigator and manipulator! Team Johnny all the way!

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