Comments for Petition to Tear Down ICON Park Ride After Teen’s Tragic Death Gains Traction

The Wheel at ICON Park

Credit: internationaldriveorlando.com


  1. Melissa wickliff

    I feel that it’s not necessarily the ride fault it’s the human being that operates it but I also feel that they shouldn’t have the ability to operate any rides that goes for all of them it’s like if someone kill’s someone driving u think there gonna let them get behind another vehicle if they was proven neglect with ride then why on earth should they be trusted operating any rides not just free fall they should lose there ride licenses to operate any rides in my opinion. Stop all icon rides including Farris wheel and swing shut them all not just free fall they don’t and shouldn’t have the right to make money off of any rides keep it a market place with indoor stuff. If rides keep operating and we trust them this will happen again.

  2. Jon Fathauer

    If that is the case-Get rid of cars -Studies have shown more are killed driving to an amusement park than at a park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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