Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Icon Harrison Ford “Disdained” Oscar Isaac on Set

harrison ford (left) and oscar isaac (right) during star wars: the force awakens press tour

Credit: Disney


  1. Mr White

    Jesus you manage to leave out the actual content of the article and literally just made it all your filler

  2. JoeSchmoe

    Can’t even get the link and content right on your own article… Real nice.

  3. Mr. Anderson

    You said Harrison Ford was the most well-known member of the cast, then immediately show a picture with Alex Guiness in it.

    1. EC

      Alec Guinness, not Alex. Sorta disproving you’re own point.

  4. OsgoodsSister

    I lost all respect for Ford because of his attitude toward Star Wars during his press tour for Episode VII. He doesn’t care about Star Wars even though if it weren’t for the original trilogy, he probably wouldn’t have a career.

    1. Caboose

      He doesn’t care due to the fact that it’s all he’s classified with more or less

  5. Rover

    Lol, article doesn’t match the title

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