Comments for Thousands of Guests Unable to Experience Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind on Opening Day

EPCOT cosmic rewind with spaceship earth

Credit: Disney


  1. You can pay $17 per person for lightning/guaranteed spot. Disney’s greed cannot be satisfied.

    1. Robyn Cash

      Apparently neither can demand for GtG.

    2. Zara

      There a business? Why shouldn’t they….stop moaning and don’t ride that option if it bothers you so much

  2. Vanessa

    I did!!! I’m an annual passholder and I tried for the preview (thinking it would be more time to decide or needed to select a day). And I also tried today at 7 am like everybody. No luck. But then I went to the park and try again at 1 pm. I got a spot in group 219. Closer to my time, it seems the may have had some issues and it took some time, but overall I did everything I wanted at the park including riding this ride.

    P.S I LOVEEEEED IT! I just can’t wait to go again

  3. Goofy

    Enough with preshow crap already. It’s boring after seeing it once and it slows down the line.

    1. Lawl

      The point of preshow is to board the group in front of you so it makes you feel like you are next

  4. D

    I got to ride it last week, it was amazing. The only thing is that as you are riding, you are pushing down harder the seat bar which results more of a more nausea feeling as you ride the ride. Once the ride stops and you are in the waiting Que to get off, they should open the seat bar at least a half an inch since sitting there with the pressure on your stomach made me feel worse and it hurt! Because of this, I won’t be riding it again but it was the smoothest ride ever.

    1. ConnieWms

      I totally agree with you “D”! As a cast member I rode this a few weeks ago and felt it is one of the; if not THE smoothest rides I have ridden in my 58 years (so probably only 50 years of riding roller coaster type rides). I rarely ever have gotten that nauseas feeling on anything (except ferris wheels for some odd reason) this ride did have me very nauseas for about two hours after I got off. But to experience it at least one time is a must when you visit Epcot. Just not sure I will go through it again. I was on an empty stomach so possible reason as well as the tightening of the lap bar.

  5. M

    I rode it during the preview invitation
    It exceeded my expectations
    The greatest!

  6. Peggie

    I got into the virtual queue at 1 pm yesterday. I was in boarding group 229, at with an expected wait time of 475 minutes. Divide that by 60 9:30. I rode and left the building at 10:45

  7. Jarvis

    Millions of normies obsessing over a stupid ride. The gay, Ukraine flags with black boxes and blue check marks.

  8. Rickey Mouse

    All of the Genie+, Lightening Lane stuff is ridiculous. It makes Bob Chapek happier but makes Disney guests disgruntled. Let’s see Chapek try to be happy and get a LL at 7:00a. He wouldn’t be happy. Well multiply that x 10s of thousands. Then make him wait 400 minutes for something you’ve promised your young kids could do “this morning”. Go back to the old FastPass system or no system at all. Disney Parks worked out great before these systems came to being. And families knew what the day had in store before getting to the parks.

  9. ConnieWms

    When the Flight of Passage ride opened in Animal Kingdom for the first year wait times, and there are no virtual ques (I think those are ridiculous myself) but wait times were still reaching 10 hours, when the park is barely opened that long. Unfortunately that is something that happens. I wish all parks kept to a more strict lower attendance number that would fix a lot of issues.

    1. No it wouldn’t!!

      1. LL

        The 408 wait time on the screenshot is completely false narrative. The time stamp on thr screen shot is 7 am when the park is not even open. The 408 is not a wait time on actual line it’s how long before your group is called to go on the ride. Wait times are typically max 30 mins potentially longer as the day goes on because as long as your group has been called you can go anytime and ride. Poorly written article. A lot of sensationalism at its best.

        The ride however is AMAZING

  10. Bob (not Chapek)

    Some people are just really salty… If you can get a boarding group and a lightning lane, good for you. I have no problem with that, just using the system Disney put in place. And honestly, if you are spending that much money to go anyway, another 20 bucks to ride a new ride probably isn’t the end of the world.

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