Comments for Guests Put in “Disney Jail” After Being Caught by Undercover Officer

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. LAKE

    Considering they generally leave people alone as they carry alcohol in metal containers, it would have to be something like MJ or something else that they are much stricter in enforcing.

    1. The Patriot

      If you are taking care of kids running around for 14 hours in Disneyland, you deserve that Tequila or Vodka, just sayin’

  2. Joy

    Good stay home if you have to do anything illegal

  3. Ruth

    I think Disney has become disgusting and I and my family will not go to the parks any longer , purchase any Disney products at all , watch any Disney shows on T V or elsewhere . I am truly dissapointed and appalled by Disney’s actions and opinions and Walt is turning over in his grave,ESPECIALKY at his Trans relative making a spectacle of itself and the brand. Pure disgust🤮🤬

  4. Jacquiblu2

    Remember the old days when there were no cameras? Now Big Brother watches u 24/7. Just be mindful of whatever u do in a Disney park.

  5. Lori

    Their security is top notch. In 1976 at my grad night my boyfriend decided to smoke a joint against my wishes. Within minutes Security was on him and we were escorted behind scenes to the gate and out. We ended up sitting outside for 4 hours until our school bus arrived to take us all back to San Diego. Needless to say I was furious and it was a long silent night.

  6. Mason

    Does Disney have a secret police at their parks or something?

    1. Dawn

      Yes, there are “undercover” security looking for theft and such. Generally they spot something off and send description to the other security.

  7. Maria

    To think I could of been under surveillance the entire time there. I don’t have anything to hide but the thought of being stalked is creepy lol. I want to know what the substance was(crushed pills or coke yes intentionally spelled? If it was one that unaware guests could inhale that’s dangerous.

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