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All-Star Movies Sorcerer Mickey pool

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  1. Martha

    We first stayed at the Music resort. As a value, you don’t expect much. Our room was painted in the colors I HATE most, “diarrhea” yellow and horrible olive green. I wasn’t keen on having the sink and closet behind a curtain, while the toilet and bathtub were tiny. We didn’t stay there only to sleep, so we got by. The next time we stayed at Movies. MUCH, much better. They were recently renovated, finishes and decor much better. Cleaner and fresher looking. Bathroom was redone and more comfortable. I understand that now Music has been or being redone to match Movies. I definitely would stay there again, but, being a senior, the added parking fee, with no senior discount, makes a better deal if we stay off property and if we do choose to do a park, we just pay the daily parking fee.

  2. Lyndsey Swaffar

    We just got back from our first stay at All Star Movies Resort. We too were pleasantly surprised by the amenities offered especially the 2 pools, arcade, and a good court which was great for a quick meal. Our biggest complaint was our room needed better AC or maybe a ceiling fan. The air was stagnant. Also surprised there were no microwaves in the rooms. Had to trek to food court for one of those.

  3. I don’t remember having a Murphy bed. I have stayed at All-star Music and Movies. Loved them Pop-Century was great too. Port Orleans Riverside was my least favorite. I do love Carabean Beach. Shades of Green is very relaxing and nice. Too. For the most part any where on property is a good choice.

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