Comments for Universal Guest Causes Dangerous Conditions on Velocicoaster After Breaking Rules

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal


  1. Annual Pass Member

    Fights, dirty hotel rooms, and this B.S.?? Making me question renewing my Annual Pass in October. Also, why don’t these people realize there are professional POV videos on YouTube?? 🙄😒

    1. Corey

      I think you’re confusing with Disney. Furthermore, the fact that you’re believing anything of this tabloid site speaks volumes…..

      1. David

        So, did this not happen?

    2. Chris selm

      News flash guy. People have taken phones on coasters since cell phones were invented. THATS gonna make you stop going? Wtf

      1. hdy

        “Annual Pass Member” really doesn’t leave the house much. Forgive them

    3. Blue Aideen

      That’s cool, I’d appreciate it if ya didn’t renew your pass. Makes it more enjoyable going when you don’t have so many people complaining constantly about everything.

    4. Markheldon

      You can see his hands what if its a go pro

  2. Andrew

    Rayban stories sunglasses. Do some research before you keep posting these garbage articles time and time and time and time again.

    1. Bryan

      You can clearly see they have a phone in their hand in the on-ride pic. It is the person in a harry potter shirt looking down.

      1. Go pro bro

        Where are those pics ….?

    2. James

      Exactly! This trash site always sensationalized and/or leave out “key” details to stories.

  3. Chipc3

    It appears that both of the riders hands are in the picture so most likely he’s wearing those Ray Bans with a built in camera and not a phone. They allow riders to wear sunglasses despite the risk of losing them as well.

    1. Bryan

      Looking at the video I saw that only the person next to him had his hands up and also at the end of the video, he shows the on ride photo and he has something(most probably a phone) in his hand, and he his looking down.

    2. Mac and me

      Or a go pro … this sight never has any real facts they’re all about the drama and making stuff up

  4. billnyenotascienceguy

    They should be banned for life. If that was a cell phone and it slipped out of their hand doing 70mph and hit the person behind them….Just saying, ban these morons before the copycats start and someone gets hurt.

    1. Missy

      Ban the fvcker for life. A lot cheaper than paying for a lawsuit.

      1. heldon carm

        Ban you wile there at it for being foul

    2. G

      Well if they were going 70 mph then the phone would also be going 70 mph. The phone may still hit the guy behind him, but not at incredible speed. I think it’s more of a danger to people around the ride or perhaps in another train. They should def be banned though, it’s annoying af when people can’t follow simple rules.

    3. Sheldon

      Its not even in there hands take your xanex and ssshh

  5. I couldn’t see the video cause it said that it was unavailable! 🤷🏻‍♀️ so maybe tiktok took down the video.🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Chris selm

    “As you can see in the video. 😆 there is no video.

  7. Britt

    People consistently viewing articles on a “trash website “ week after week to complain about it being a “trash website”. Makes perfect sense.

  8. Myke TV

    An entire article written to snitch? Snitches get stitches.

    1. Mark s Sheldon

      Drug dealer or user? Thats a crook mantality thuggy

  9. Jim

    I’m glad the 3 coasters have metal detectors (wish all coasters in the world have this system) and if anyone does film while riding they should be escorted out the park. It’s so dangerous if the phone goes airborne.

    1. Mark on

      if someone gets hurt just press charges on them it’s not that tough

  10. Jessica

    Weird cause my watch sets off the metal detector. Regardless, there is always that risk but, I was on it the other day and will go on it again tomorrow.

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